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Its a bit like recovering a lost coin

It feels good to have the computer back.  Nothing lost.  The wizard who does these things failed to find a real problem, couldn’t make it give that dastardly message about hardware fatalities at all.    So, my means of expression is back in order, tuned up, backed up and we are back in business.

Hmmm – wonder if I lost my spell checker?   Nope it picked up the Hmmm just fine. But is underlining words that it shouldn’t.  It does not like contractions for some reason.

So, I guess we see what happens from here on in.

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There are many tasks I need to buckle down and work on the rest of this week.  The sermon is coming but it has not come easily.  The quiet in my house now that everyone has gone home is good but it is easy to procrastinate and otherwise find ways to waste time.
The computer is a great tool and also a great distraction.

I have a set of photos taken over Christmas posted at Flikr

Now back to work.

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