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Thinking about theology

Just looking at this blog and thinking…

That I haven’t had any real profound thoughts in a long while. Not that what follows is in any way close to profound.

Although tonight we had fun discussing Mary and some of the differences between Catholic and Protestant beliefs about her. And I brought along my great big heavy book of excerpts from Karl Rahner’s writings. The bit about the immaculate conception was a bit obscure in its discussion of this but I could understand the part where he states something to the effect that Mary was unique in that from the beginning God willed her to be perfectly obedient so that his plans for our salvation would take place.

But there are times when these deep theological matters really don’t seem to matter. I doubt we understand the half of it. How can we. We look at things after the fact and try to make sense of things that are too big for us to ever understand. And so we set up barriers to communication between different branches of the church and between people.

I wonder who pleases God more – theologians developing arguments or some poor soul out there handing out a blanket to some unknown street person who knows no theology other than love.


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