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And Back Again

And very tired.

Conference was very good in so many ways – in connections with people; in inspirational speaking; in challenging stories; in new ideas for old programs. Oh, yeah, and the food was terrific.

My sister was there and I love being with her. She amazes me with her energy and passion for the Sudanese families she has befriended, for the children she teaches and with her interest in helping other cultures. I think I absorb energy just by being around her and come away inspired myself. She gave me a new book called Sex and Money produced by The Voice for The Voiceless. It is gut wrenching to read and look at. It is pretty hard to stay untouched by the women’s stories and the photography.

It was also good to do some spiritual direction. Listening and attending to the movement of God in people’s stories also nourishes my soul as does the privilege of praying with and for others. God is good.

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Now, if the weather had been warmer it would have been better, but …

This was one of the best days I have had for a long time. I had a day off. There was no school so my work at the School Dental Program was on hold.

To start with, I slept in. You may not consider 7:15 am as sleeping in but I do. Its the best longest sleep in I’ve had in months. Leo, who has been away a good part of the week woke me up by calling from Saskatoon. Of course he thought for sure I’d be up. But I’ll forgive him. It is good to have him home.

Then, I spent a good part of the day talking with people. One on one visiting has got to be one of my favorite things to do. And one was my own spiritual direction appointment and it was so good to go and talk with someone today. Needless to say, she commented on my obvious excitement as I told her I’d been accepted to seminary.

I came home to make a yummy supper. Otherwise, I didn’t get as many errands accomplished as I had hoped.

But I did finish Grammer Quiz #4. One to go before my midterm. It feels good to have that done for the weekend.

Now, off to bed – with my hubby. I do love that old guy!

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