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For Spring

Just a bit of a new look.

The geese are back.   The river ice is beginning to look mushy.

Sunrise service is planned on the riverbank by our house.  It is suposed to be +8 tomorrow and if it actually is, we will be able to have it without shoveling snow.

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Every Now and Then

For my sanity, I have to get away by myself.  I need solitude in order to regain my balance.

Solitude plus nature is just about pure bliss.

So – this weekend was a treat for me.  It was needed for many reasons and it was good.  Here is where I stayed.


But now, I’m back and this week will hold many things, including my midterm in Greek.  I spent a lot of good time studying this weekend and I guess that  is what every spare minute this week will be composed of.  It seems as if every time I go back over the paradigms, there is something not quite remembered, so I repeat it again, write it out, read it out, look at it, listen to it.  I have learned a lot but there is so much more to remember perfectly.

Well, I don’t suppose I will do perfectly, but I will do my best.

Anyway, I have put a few of the pictures I took this weekend up over at Flikr if you want to check them out.  I’ll also be posting some of them this week on my Click blog.

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Happy New Year!

It feels as if I should be posting a picture of fireworks or something very celebratory – but alas no pictures.  Slept in nicely this morning after a fun time at the Loseth’s.

Did you know that Dixie is amazing at MadGab?

Fortunately, I was on her team.

We got snow yesterday all evening and into the night but this morning the sun is shining and it is beautiful.  Massa and I got the snowblower started and he is clearing our driveway.  For someone fromthe Congo only a couple years ago – he is amazing.  He told me when I asked him how cold it was out, “Not too bad.”

And for a Saskatchewanian he is right on.

Now for a lazy day of sermon finishing, Greek studies and bass practice.   I think I must be feeling better.  I’m looking forward to the day.

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