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And Back Again

And very tired.

Conference was very good in so many ways – in connections with people; in inspirational speaking; in challenging stories; in new ideas for old programs. Oh, yeah, and the food was terrific.

My sister was there and I love being with her. She amazes me with her energy and passion for the Sudanese families she has befriended, for the children she teaches and with her interest in helping other cultures. I think I absorb energy just by being around her and come away inspired myself. She gave me a new book called Sex and Money produced by The Voice for The Voiceless. It is gut wrenching to read and look at. It is pretty hard to stay untouched by the women’s stories and the photography.

It was also good to do some spiritual direction. Listening and attending to the movement of God in people’s stories also nourishes my soul as does the privilege of praying with and for others. God is good.

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Nouwen on Children

This just came in my e-mail from the Henri Nouwen Society. It seems to fit what has happened between me and my children. They are my friends. In many ways they have become my equals and yet are still, and always will be, my children.

Becoming Friends of Our Children

Can fathers and mothers become friends of their children? Many children leave their parents to find freedom and independence and return to them only occasionally. When they return they often feel like children again and therefore do not want to stay long. Many parents worry about children’s well-being after they have left home. When their children visit they want to be caring parents again.

But a mother can also become the daughter of her daughter and a father the son of his son. A mother can become the daughter of her son and a father the son of his daughter. Father and mother become brother and sister of their own children, and they all can become friends. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does happen it is as beautiful to watch as the dawn of a new day.


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Interesting quote

“How much do you have to hate somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible, and not tell them that?”

Apparently made by well known performer and atheist, Penn Jillette.

via http://hotair.com/archives/2009/02/24/nuance-white-house-vetting-prayers-said-before-obama-events/


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Evening Prayers

Today, in my spare moments, I have been pulling together some of the resources I’ve collected and trying to finalize the Evening Prayers we will use at the woman’s retreat. I love doing this. I have no idea if I am good at it though. That assessment is always so subjective.

I hope that the prayers I collected will be a blessing to all of us as we pray together in the quiet of the evening before we head off to bed for the night.

Of course at a women’s retreat there is no guarantee that having said Evening Prayers, we will go straight to bed. There is always visiting to do, and sometimes that goes on into the wee hours of the night.

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Heading north

Well, in a few minutes I am heading upt o a cabin at Waskesiu for one of my solitude weekends. Things will be quiet here since there is no internet out there. But that will probably be good. More space for God to speak into the quiet. It’s funny maybe but going away for a weekend of quiet and prayer is so inviting to me – like going away to have an intimate visit with my best friend. And I can hardly wait to be on the way. Just a couple of errands to do on my way out of town.

I do regret that I chose this weekend to be away since it is communion Sunday and it has been too long. but I need this weekend.

I will also be studying for my mid-term in Greek which happens next Saturday. And reading some other good stuff that is packed away in my bag. Snowshoes and camera are in there too. The weather should be perfect temperature wise although it is very grey and overcast. Maybe some snow in the forcast? We’ll see, I guess.

Now I’m off. Back Sunday night. Have a good weekend all.

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Week of Prayer


The week of prayer at our church has become an important marker in our church year. We usually do this just before Advent starts although our denomination marks the month of January for this emphasis. This year things were just too full of events, besides just getting used to functionning without a pastor, to arrange a week for it so we chose the first week in January to set up our stations of prayer.

They went up on Sunday Jan 4 and came down on the 10th. Pictures of what we did at those stations can be seen and followed on Flikr and on Resonate Stories.

This is some of the work I love to do most in the church – hoping that others will experience some of the relationship with God that is so good. Walking around the church with the best friend who loves me and doesn’t mind if I come back and walk this path many times, telling him my same old stories, listening to my concerns and sometimes letting me catch glimpses of what he is like. It is a good week no matter what time of the year we set it up.

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