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Enjoying life

The Mid-term is done and I think was good. Now, of course, I have to wait to hear how I did and all but I feel good and the translations we were asked to do were no way as difficult as the ones in the workbook.

That was the first mid-term I have written in about 36 years. All week I’ve been just a bit anxious. Last night as Leo and I returned from a retirement party I confessed to him that I was a bit anxious. He replied to that understatement with, “You think? I’ve noticed it for the whole week.”

So, today after the exam, we went out snow shoeing, had a few glasses of wine with friends, had some of her gourmet appetizers that were more like a twelve course meal than appetizers and had a very relaxing time visiting.

Now, we have just finished watching Gran Torino from a friends copy. Great movie. We may have to go to confession for watching a copied movie – and I honestly do not know where he got it from or who Leo’s friend is. But I am so glad we got to watch it. It left the cinema before my midterm – when I was still in the too anxious to go to a movie stage.

Today was about enjoying life, even enjoying the course I wrote the mid-term for, and enjoying love with the man I’ve spent the past 381/2 years with.

And I did not even eat one piece of chocolate. Such restraint.

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The folks from the lab presented me and my partner each with a big tray of home made Chilean empanadas and some home made fresh salsa.


We had about half of them for supper tonight. MMmmn they were good.

Mind you I did have to go and brush my teeth before leaving for practice – the onion breath may just have been a bit much to breath on my friends at practice.

A wonderful change from the usual chocolates and cookies we get as treats.

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