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A bit ago the people who make these interactive maps asked if I would consider allowing them to shortlist a phot I took last summer when Leo and visited The Field Museum in Chicago.

The museum is a fascinating place holding a collection of archeological finds to insects and natural science displays. It holds something that will entrance people of all and almost any interest. My photo looks down into the open main floor and entrance hall. It really requires more than a day to explore. Only problem is sensory overload – there is so much to see.


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I’m In!

I think most of you who are around me know that I have applied for the MDiv program at North Park Theological Seminary.


The application process is way more involved than just sending in transcripts and an application. There are several references, a couple of essays to write and then telephone interviews. I started the process back in late November so all those things have been happening over the past couple of months.

On Monday, I had a telephone interview.

When I checked my messages last night, I had a message to call them.

This morning, I called and was congratulated on being accepted to the MDiv program.

So now it starts. I’m going to be busy but it will be good. Well, it is underway with my Greek class already but this is sort of official and serious…..and a bit scarey. It will mean some hard work study wise. Hope my brain doesn’t turn to mush!


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