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Leftovers and hanging around

Today was like the birthday party hangover around. The kids showed up at church – for the most part. (Except for P and A. And there was much speculation as to what kept them in bed on a Sunday morning by their siblings.) So, everyone headed over to our house for spaghetti and fixings and left overs for lunch.

It is good to have the kids around, the grandkids crawling all over and wanting to play with each other and with me. I love it that the boys are old enough to just crawl up on my lap and ask if they can cuddle. I missed Ronin today because I expect he would have been right in there like the proverbial dirty shirt.

Last night, one of our invited guests gave me a huge compliment. He said that some houses he has gone into are cold and uninviting and others are warm. “You can tell there is a lot of love in this home,” he said.

That is the sort of remark that makes giving and giving and giving love again and again to a family worth all the work and self sacrifice that being a mother calls for.

I think love tends to expand and grow as it is practiced and given away. My children have given me lots of opportunities to practice. Those bumps and difficult times of family life are sometimes where love grows especially strong.

Interesting how God grows love in me at times – both towards himself as I’ve learned to see his goodness through the hard times life sent and towards my children who often took me to those hard places of life.

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The Best Birthday Ever

The party which my family and friends threw for me last night was honestly one of the best parties I have ever been at and certainly the best one ever held in my honor. It was just so much fun.

I think having Dale Nikkel and Kimbal Siebert do their house concert at our house was brilliant. They were so good. I’d do that again any day. And I would recommend it to anyone as well.

Now, I must get to church for practice. The family is getting up and moving and will be coming later.


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The day begins

Started out by sleeping in. Then Leo got a call on his cellphone. We figured it was Ronin using his mom’s phone with it’s speed dial numbers because the sounds on the other end were Roninish.

Then coffee in bed and my first present.

No, no. What are you thinking! It is my birthday not Leo’s. He bought me a little cross necklace which I think is beautiful. And I think the little shimmery stones in it are not cubic zirconium.

Then my first real phone call from Rachelle. We had a good talk.

I think the day is going to be a good one.


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Birthdays and such

Today my youngest granddaughter became one year old. Kimia is getting to be a girl with some character. And mobility. And size – over 27 lbs last I heard. Tomorrow we are going to her house to celebrate this significant milestone.

But tonight, I was participating with the Prince Albert Strings inour local music festival. We did fairly well – 87 and 89 in our catagory. I think we did well for a group that went from a fairly experienced group last year to a group of near novices. These songs were simpler than what we attempted last year but I think Dean, our conductor, was pleased.

Kimia has her big party tomorrow but my big day is approaching. Saturday. 60 years.

It has occurred to me that this is a fairly long time. As the span of life goes it is likely at least 2/3 of my allotted days.

So, maybe to keep me thinking I am young, my hubby bought me this nice new little computer. At least it has given me a new toy to play with and try to get all up to date and get files transferred over and all those little chores. I have no pictures on this baby yet. So bear with me. They will come.

And this one is little. I chose a little one for ease of transport – a 13 inch screen and only 4.6 lbs. I think it will fit nicely into my purse actually. Another Toshiba because I like their durability.

So, life goes on. Birthdays or no birthdays.

I wonder if it will take all my life to figure it all out and come to terms with who I am and what I really need to be about. I think that maybe now and then I see shadowy glimpses of the person I might be becoming but then I stumble back to the reality of me and everyday life. Sometimes I just get lost and lonely even at 60. But I know that overall, I have been blessed and am glad that my life has, for the most part, been full of interesting challenges and opportunities.


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