Goodbye Tijuana

Sunrise over Tijuana

We leave this morning to catch our flight from San Diego. Miguel will, hopefully get us back over the border in plenty of time but we are going prepared for a longish wait with water bottles and apple juice for Leo. (He already hates apple juice – this post-surgical care will put it on his do not drink list for a long time)

Then off we fly up to the frozen North. It may be a fatal shock to our systems. I am beginning to feel more sympathetic towards those snowbirds who go south every year.

The beauty of a clear day in the south

The water in the pool looks deceptively inviting. It was cold enough that not a single person attempted it while we were there. But the sun was warm and good.

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Oh – Bargaining!

This afternoon I tagged along with another family from PA to go shopping. They have been down here before and this time dared to rent a car.

Down to Revolution Boulevard.

During the day it is lined with shops – the little shops common to third world tourist shopping. At the entrance to each is a salesman/con man offering you the most special price of the day – 80% off just for us since we are from Canada and so friendly. And no tax. Boy they know their lines! Each shop sells pretty much the same thing, same quality. Shopping becomes a whole new source of entertainment and we are the sideshow.

I got the required gifts for children and grandchildren and a good long walk in for exercise.

At night this same street becomes a place to buy other wares. Women are lined up along the buildings in the thousands I am told. I don’t think I care to see that. I personally find that kind of spectacle too hard to stomach.

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He’s awake

I’ve spent all afternoon over at the hospital. Leo came back to his room at about 12 noon local time. They moved him into his bed and he and I spoke a bit, I hooked him up to his CPAP machine and let him go to sleep again. He has just spent a lovely sunny afternoon, temperatures in the 20″s, sun shining brightly, just about the most perfect weather a Saskatchewanian could wish for – sleeping. Ah – drugs!

Me, who am not on drugs has managed to finish a book and take several catnaps in the warm sun coming in through the hospital window. I decided finally that Leo’s company was just too stimulating! So, I hopped in a taxi and came back to the hotel for a bit. I’ll probably grab some supper before going back. I think Leo will be allowed to drink some clear fluids tonight.

Anyway, he seems to be doing fine. The surgery apparently went “perfectly” if one can believe this as literal truth from a wonderful but quite passionate Latino physician. He is sweet and his patients love him. And I trust that he is right in Leo’s case. The rest of the work of losing weight will be largely up to Leo and he is as determined about this as I’ve ever seen him determined about anything.

Thanks to those of you who have prayed for us during this time.

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Its 16 C and Sunny

And sitting in the sun at the airport in San Diego waiting for our ride it felt very hot. And it was.

Driving down here over the border to Mexico was absolutely no problem. There were no passport checks, barely a slowing to a stop by our driver.

On the other side of the border, the line up of cars to get into the states went on and on for miles and miles. On Monday I guess we leave very early and will wait our turn in that long line-up.

So, does that mean that Mexico is a friendlier place to be – more welcoming? Or is everyone here trying to go north? Seems to me that the weather here is just fine.

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And off we go

Down to Saskatoon – leaving in a few minutes.

Tomorrow am early flying to SanDiego via Minneapolis. Retrace our steps on Monday.

An adventure of sorts, if you can think of surgery in those terms!

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The luxury of extra time

By yesterday afternoon I knew that I had a big cancellation this morning. My staff tried their darndest but – well, it remained an empty slot in the schedule. So instead of stressing about sitting in the office with no patient, I decided to use this time to start packing for our trip to Mexico on Thursday.

So, I am still at home at the late hour of 9 am! And I am mostly packed except that somehow I have misplaced my bathing suit. It was used last at the cabin over the Christmas break to go hot tubbing – and not by me – so it is around somewhere.

The weather in Tijuana is supposed to be warm – about 20C and for us northerners that is warm enough to sit by the pool.

Leo has been anticipating this trip for over 6 months. Lap band surgery will be done and he will spend time with the doctor there picking up some skills on filling these bands for others from these parts that have had this procedure in the past – and future.

I will lug along my laptop and books and get work done on the essay that is due shortly for my course. To me that will also be relaxing – a bit at least. Reading is one of my favorite ways to relax. Writing essays ranks a bit lower on the pleasure scale.

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Transfiguration Sunday

A quote from the book by Edith M. Humphrey, Ecstasy and Intimacy: Where the Holy Spirit Meets the Human Spirit, p. 89

In Luke 9:28-36, we watch another rabbi taking his inner group of disciples to a holy place to pray. They call him “Master” but through this event he will be revealed as greater than any mystical rabbi, indeed, greater than both the law-giver and the prophets….Their master enters into significant communion with Moses and Elijah, both of whom had, in their lifetimes, powerful revelations of God’s power, and poignant moments of intimacy. Moses, we remember, spoke with God “mouth to mouth”; Elijah was visited by God’s still, small voice in a time of despair. These two great servants of God talk with Jesus about his death to come, in terms that clearly recall God’s delivering power in past times – Jesus is being strengthened in order to accomplish his “departure” (literally his “Exodus”, 9:31) his redemption of the people, in Jerusalem. The disciples, though they do not understand all this, are themselves embraced by the glory of the scene. Though they are afraid, the cloud of glory, the numinous presence of God, envelopes them, too, and they are left with the sound of the Father’s voice ringing in their ears: “This is my beloved Son, my chosen, listen to him!”

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