The latest beauty to join the Lanoie ranks.  Kimia.   For those of you non-Lingala speakers, Kimia means peace.  Kimia 008

Kimia 016 Sara thought that she had Eric’s brow.  I think her face is a bit puffy from the way she was sitting in utero and it is too soon to really admire how beautiful she is and how much she must look like her mother.

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Another Grandchild

is on the way!


We have another granddaughter! Kimia Valerie Violet Lanoie. This is a long name for a little bundle – 6lbs 9oz. Born by c-section(a face presentation) at about 8 tonight. All the grandparents were present and got to hold her for a bit.

I think Dad is pretty proud. Michelle is probably glad this is done. She was still in recovery when I left to take care of their dogs and cats for them.

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Arioso and the Jazz Guise

Yesterday I received an early birthday gift – a pair of tickets to attend a concert. So I called up a friend and we went. It was a great evening out. And it is good to have friends whose taste in music extends beyond Country (like my dear husband – I blame it on his being a-tonal)

Arioso is a local trio of women who sing a variety of light music – including jazz. They have voices that blend nicely and obviously enjoy singing together.

The Jazz Guise is a quartet – piano, bass guitar, upright bass and drums. They are very good and I would certainly go hear them again. I like their style and Mike has a good jazz voice. Our city actually has an amazing amount of talent and there is good stuff happening here in the arts and music. I wish we had a venue that offered jazz – maybe a nice coffee house or restaurant or pub. I wonder if we are large enough to sustain such a venture?

The purpose of the evening was to raise money for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers organization who will send monies raised on to the Steven Lewis Foundation. A good cause. It’s an organization that has sort of captured my interest since I heard Steven Lewis speak last year. Maybe something I will join if I have more time in the next few years.

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Music Festival

Wow! We got awarded a 90% from the adjudicator at the local music festival. Of course we were the only entry in our catagory. But he commented on our good tone and said some other nice things too.

He thought we should have played the third movement faster. I thought “Oh yeah – I only hit about every third note as it is”. But it is sure getting easier and I guess next year will be better. I just need more time to practice I guess.

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I have been stressed and I have survived. The doctor says there seems to be nothing to worry about but that, just in case my heart really does fibrillate every now and then, I should take 81mg of ASA a day. That is a whole lot better than a heart attack.

I think we may have to invest in a treadmill. The short workout on that one today was a better work out than 30 minutes on the exercise bike. Plus no sore butt from a rigid plastic seat. I think if I want to have a fun older age that I need to make sure I exercise and keep reasonably fit.

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This morning I head up to the Stress lab for a stress test. All this is due to the funny heart flutters I had a while back.

I still have occasional flutters but, aside from noticing, the funny feeling, they do not provoke a lot of concern on my part. I guess I will see if they are significant or just passing flutters.

So they are going to stress my heart this morning. Maybe yesterday holding crying squirming fighting children while trying to do fillings would have been a better stress test than walking on a tread mill in calm surroundings.

Ah, well. I guess my stresses would be difficult to duplicate in a lab.

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Keeping my balance

Life seems to be rolling along at a steady fast pace. If there is one thing I could ask for these days it would be time for quiet and solitude. I try to plan for it but it is easy to let the days slip by till it is too late to arrange a weekend away, or I find that the weekend I thought I could take is the one where all my kids are planning to visit. I can’t go running off on them!

Now spring is approaching. Easter is so close and then we will be in the run up till summer.

At the church we have set up some prayer stations. This space often becomes the haven I seek for a few moments in quiet with God. I grab a few moments of quiet when I can get them. Life just does not seem to slow down otherwise to let me take days of time for this. So I will take the moments I have and try to watch for places in my sometimes hectic schedule where I can see God’s presence making itself known. Sometimes it is just a few minutes talking with a staff member going through tough times, a friend who wants to go for coffee or being able to give some help with an essay my daughter is struggling to write. Sometimes it is the wide open loving eyes of my grandson who comes for a visit – love freely given and joyfully accepted.

Right now my quiet is waiting for a patient to get numb, writing this and reflecting on life. This helps me keep my balance too.


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