Pretty Easy Really.

This morning – my first day back at work after vacation – I got a rather desperate call from another dentist in town. He had been called by one of the pediatricians to see a baby with “natal” teeth. That is what teeth are called when a baby is born with them. These teeth are usually really loose. The roots haven’t developed yet so there is only a bit of skin holding them in and they wiggle all around. It makes nursing difficult and the doctors are always afraid that the baby will aspirate on of them and get into real trouble.

So this dentist is on call and the doctor calls him.

I could hear shades of panic in his voice as he talked.

This seems to have been the first time he had ever heard of babies being born with teeth. Wonder where he was during that lesson in school!

He had all sorts of concerns:

  • that if he tried to take the teeth out at the hospital without all his equipment that he might be putting the baby at risk.
  • that he might be putting himself at risk legally
  • that this was not something which an ordinary dentist should be doing
  • that he didn’t know if he could give a baby local anesthetic
  • that he had never done this before and had never heard of it (this was repeated a few times)

Well, we just happen to have a student in the office this summer who I am sure will love to see a case of natal teeth. The parents will bring this tiny little newborn to our office, I will inject a couple drops of freezing and pop the little tiny teeth out. Very, very simple really. It is not as if this child will run away! In fact, when a baby is so small, they are pretty easy to get to sit still. We just wrap them up tightly like a little papoose. They don’t actually know what is coming till it is pretty much over.

And I have done this before. Pretty easy really.

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Frost family reunion

DSCN1492 I arrived back at home by about 4pm local time.  Zaka traveled so well.  Seven and a half hours of traveling is long for an adult, let alone an almost 3 year old.  The DVD player sure did help make his trip easier.  I think he must have the cars movie pretty well memorized by now!  Its his favourite and the fact that he received a gift of two little cars from the movie while he was at the reunion made his day – made his whole weekend, I think. 

The reunion was fantastic.DSCN1500 

It was very relaxing.  Nobody got too stressed over the glitches in the schedule – although the cinnamon buns which were a couple of hours late – well.  If they hadn’t been ssooo good when they arrived we might have been upset.  Instead they simply became brunch and we didn’t eat lunch.






There was no hectic schedule.  The only event that has a time attached to it that had to be respected was the golf game.  I hear that everyone that golfed had a good time.  I enjoyed babysitting so that Michelle could golf and Kimia was a perfect angel for me – really. 

I think Zaka’s favourite activity was blowing bubbles and he made some great ones.  We all had fun with that.  He met a couple young cousins that he had great fun with. DSCN1516 And Trent was so good with him and the other little kids!  And then there was Glen – he has grand fathering in his blood!  




I think I am blessed to have this kind of family in my heritage. 

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Family reunion coming up

Tomorrow I will head out east to Manitoba, along with Zaka, to the Frost family reunion.  The family place is Minnedosa but there aren’t many Frost’s around that neck of the woods these days.  And it is not as if one can book a Hotel there and use some sort of conference facilities – there is only one rather small and basic hotel in town.  Well, I suppose there are some rooms in town over the local bar but we are not really the boozing type and well – I have heard from reliable sources that there are occasionally creatures in such places that make one itch.  Not good.

So this year we are all going up to Covenant Heights Bible Camp for a few days.  The weather should be nice and that lake is beautiful.  The beds I imagine will be campish – bunk beds I suspect.  Since there is a fair to good chance that there will be no romantic encounters in a bunk bed, I figured this would be a good time to take Zaka along for a little outing with Grandma and Grandpa. 

So I am packed.  Batch of cookies made.  Snacks packed for the road.  DVD player.  Bathing suits.  Insect repellent.  Books and computer to work on my talk for next Sunday. 

Won’t likely do much blogging.  I can’t imagine that there is any wifi up in the bush.  It will be a good break.

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In defiance of this nasty cold I caught somewhere on the way back from Chicago, I managed to get my photos from my camera to the computer.  I’ve uploaded the best to a Flikr set titled Chicago 2008. 

And I did a few of the ones Leo and I stopped and took on the way back from a couple of art shows on Sunday – these are found in my set of Water Birds

And finally Saying Goodbye has some recent photos of Rachelle and Ronin just before they left for Toronto.

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Ambition – the lack of it

Since yesterday afternoon I have been struggling with tiredness, a scratchy throat, runny nose and sore head.  Seems as if I picked up a bug of some sort on my travels. 

Nice of them to call a provincial holiday so I can recuperate!

There are all sorts of things waiting for some action on my part – raspberries to pick, weeds to pull, talk to prepare for church in a couple of weeks, supper to prepare for guests – that I have very little energy for. 


And I slept a good 12 hours last night.  A medicated sleep – thanks to cold and sinus pills.  Still it is easier to sit here wasting time on the computer than to move and do something else. 


Ambition, where have you gone?

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So this is crazy

This is coming to you from Winnipeg – where we are stranded tonight.  A storm delayed the departure of our flight out of Chicago on United Airlines by three hours.  We had a two hour layover in Winnipeg so, needless to say, we did not make it. 

And the airlines have a great little policy that of course no one is aware of – except the airlines, that if the delay is caused by weather, they are not responsible for the delay and do NOT provide accommodation to make up for the fact that we missed the only flight to Saskatoon this evening. 

Oh, yeah, they don’t even give a voucher for food.

Of course, that is maybe more expected since they don’t exactly feed you on their flight anyway.

At least we have seats on tomorrow morning’s flight.  So, barring any more "acts of God" we should be home tomorrow. 

So, please God, no more acts!  Leo needs to get home.  I can’t deal with another day of having an uptight workaholic getting stressed out! 

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Twice in one day

We visited the Olive Garden yesterday – twice. The first time was after a shopping trip to a local mall.

It is good that I do not have any extra room in my suitcase or I would have been tempted to spend a lot more money. I don’t know that it is stuff I can’t get at home, really, but the variety to choose from is huge. Anyway, Leo brought just a tiny little bag so no extra room there. Too bad. I could have done a lot more shopping. We did spend enough time in a big bookstore to satisfy the bookaholic tendencies we both have.

And last night we re-visited the same restaurant with different friends. We pulled together a gathering of old missionaries and sat around a table sharing old stories, new stories and laughing like we used to in the good old days.

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