So, the time has come…

Sometimes we get to see a person demonstrating obedience to God.  The places He takes us aren’t very often what we would have dreamed up – but there you go – God’s ways sure are not like ours. 

Randall resigned this morning.  He’ll be off to a new place soon.  In a field.  We may have to write a new version of "The Church in the Wildwood"  if you are old enough to know how that one goes.  At least his neighbors will be quiet – or far enough away that they can party and he’ll never know.

We have learned so much from God as he has pastored our church.  Now, I guess, God needs him somewhere else for a bit.  We send him off with blessings and prayers and a lot of tears.  But it will be good.  If God is in it, it will be good.

But it is hard saying farewell to someone who has been a good friend.  Oh, we don’t have to stop being friends – we’ll keep our connections in this blog world.  But things won’t be quite the same and we will miss the presence of Randall and Lauralea

We love you, Randall and Lauralea, and that will not end here.

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From Henri Nouwen this morning

Choosing Words Wisely

Words are very important. When we say to someone: "You are an ugly, useless, despicable person," we might have ruined the possibility for a relationship with that person for life. Words can continue to do harm for many years.
It is so important to choose our words wisely. When we are boiling with anger and eager to throw bitter words at our opponents, it is better to remain silent. Words spoken in rage will make reconciliation very hard. Choosing life and not death, blessings and not curses often starts by choosing to remain silent or choosing carefully the words that open the way to healing.

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The day begins

Got a stupid phone call in the middle of the night – 2:30 am – from someone who must have been drunk as a skunk. 

Lost about two hours sleep after that. 

And today is going to be busy.

Give me energy for the day
Help me to see clearly
Make my hands steady.

Though I am tired,
Give me an alert mind
Words that reflect your wisdom
And your love.

I am going to need you near me today, God,
And you promised.

For the honor of your Name
Help me live up to the name I have chosen as mine
To follow. 

Today, Lord, just one moment of grace at a time,
Till rest comes at its end.

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That was a long day

Began with prayer – for our church at our church at 7ish.  Ending with prayer for a hurting daughter just minutes ago.

Lots of work and busyness in between.  One assistant still quite sick so extra busy at work.  Work day ending with a meeting. 

Then straight up to Mama Mia.  A good old popcorn supper that cost as much as a good sitdown meal.  Lots of fun with good friends.

Now bed.  I am needing some good sleep.

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Now she is packed

And the baking begins.  It always seems a bit strange to me to begin making banana chocolate chip muffins at 9:30 pm.  Maybe that is to guarantee that a few are left for breakfast?

I think she may let us eat one each but she insists that these ones are to take to Saskatoon. 

Not only the muffins but also the apple crisp. 


She’s taking our goodies and then she is up and leaving too.


Life is not fair!

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Challenging stories

Jamie tells a couple of stories over at his site.  They are reflections of the life he and his wife have chosen to live.  Stories that come out of their experiences as they share the streets and neighborhood with the people in north Winnipeg. 

Read them.  They may challenge you to rethink some things about your own life and what God wants from you.

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Makes me wonder

This afternoon I had to run to the closest shopping centre to pick up a bit of stuff for supper.  As I was driving away from the grocery store, two police cruisers passed by in front of me.  Unusual to have tow in a row I thought.

They pulled over a few feet ahead.  On the bench "sat" a guy looking a bit passed out.  The officer went over, picked up the remains of his twelve pack of beer and put it into his open trunk.  Then he turned and was joined by the second officer.  They were trying to rouse the fellow as I drove by.

It always makes me wonder when I happen upon an incident like this.  I wonder – did something traumatic happen to him to make him turn to alcohol for solace?  Did he spend his last money on such a short lived solace?  Is he just another guy from a northern community that couldn’t resist the readily available booze available here?  Is he really just another alcoholic?  No way out of his addictions? 

It is sad to see stuff like this.  And yet there is so much more I don’t see on a regular basis that exists every day.

God have mercy.

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