The first Seven Kilos

I bought our Christmas turkey today.  The flyer advertized the price at $0.99 a pound.  The fine print says the turkeys weigh 5 to 7 Kilos.

5 to 7 Kilos.  At seven kgs I would have had to buy at least two.  There was also a whopping big bird in the chest.  Almost 12 kgs.  About the right size for the hordes that will descend on our home Christmas Eve – especially since I supplement it with a ham and tourtiere. 

I will not have room to cook two birds in my oven at once.  Definitely not.  So, I put the big bird in the cart and proceeded to finish my shopping.  The price at the till was not what I expected – closer to $5 a kilo!  But it will feed us all so I looked on the bright side and pay the birds weight in gold.  I think that to be fair they should at least discount the first 7 kilos of the bird.  Or maybe I should read the fine print in the flyer more closely before I go shopping.

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A Pretty Good Shepherd

Kim at Connexions offers a story – and a pretty interesting one – that is timely at Advent.

How like this shepherd we are.  More like this one than we are like the Good Shepherd.

Food for thought. Enjoy.

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Today we celebrated

It was a great day.  We celebrated paying off the mortgage on our church building.  Thirty years or so.  It started in 1980 with only $5000 raised.  We are not a big congregation and we are not wealthy.  We did it by keeping at it and by the grace of God.

I’ve put up a set of photos from today on Flikr.  You can check them out here.

We shared in a banquet today and had a great time. 

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I’m a small fish, really

Tonight I took a leap into the dark.  At least that is what it feels like.  I became president of a board.  I’ve never thought of myself as president material.  I’m more comfortable  being just a worker drone – doing what needs to get done, anything I can do to help. Not a leader.

Please not “the leader.”

But it seems to be. 

At least it is a board I am passionate about being on.


Here is a little blurb from a promotional publication: “We seek to alleviate the hardships of homelessness and poverty and reduce the numbers of those who struggle in these hardships.”

Someone wise told me that if Christ is with us in any endeavour, we can do it.  So that is who I am counting on. 

And maybe that is a cry for help but that’s OK I think.

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Sorry about that

I just haven’t been around here much lately.  Who would have thought that semi-retirement from dentistry would leave me so busy!  Today will be another day jam-packed with things to do.

Yesterday I sat surrounded by old albums, newspaper clippings, photos, etc and began to put together a presentation for our upcoming celebration at our church.  We have finished paying the mortgage and that is something to celebrate.  Since I wasn’t around in the days when the building was being built, I had some research to do.  MJ has been a wonder at digging up the info I needed.

But the building was built before the days of digital photography. Now we take pictures of everything.  Not so 30 years ago.  I’ve had to dig hard for stuff to use in a powerpoint show! 


But it will be ready.

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Of KFC and Sunday School Curriculum

Today has been full of busy work.  Good stuff to do but the day seems too short by the end – Bread ministry, staff meeting, School volunteering, picking up grandkids, another meeting tonight. 

The longest part of the day may have been the half hour wait to pick up some KFC.  I had the kids with me and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Till we had waited over half an hour by the time we got to the window to pay and pick up food only to be informed that if we wanted to we could wait another 15 minutes and then our order might be ready.  Seemed a bit much so I declined and headed over to another chicken joint where we got our chicken and were home within 15 minutes.  May be the last time I line up at KFC.  Meanwhile the kids were super about the long wait in the car and were happily playing with each other.  They were very hungry though when we did sit down to eat.  Cleaned up their plates in no time.

At the meeting tonight we took on cleaning out a cupboard at the church.  Sent a lot of really outdated Sunday School material to the recycle bin.  Chucked a few vinyl records of someone telling stories and singing the choruses to go with the lessons.  Really dated stuff.  But there is some good stuff there too.  We just do not have the number of kids of all ages to use the material but if anyone could use it – I would love to pack it up and ship it off to someone who would use it.  We have some stuff by Groups, Hands on Bible Curriculum. 1997 that is still very usable.  Curriculum plus learning labs full of active things to do.  From toddler to Grades 5/6.  Say the word, give me an address to ship it to and it is yours!  It is not getting any younger!

We also have a couple of sets of curriculum for use with mentally challenged adults – very good stuff.  We don’t have a need for this right now and would love to share it with anyone who needs this.

And that has been my day.  Tomorrow I will be trying to put together a power point presentation to use at our church’s mortgage burning banquet on Dec. 5.  Why didn’t people take more pictures back then?   I may have to get creative and take random pictures of construction sites!


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It’s been a bit of a long day

and now it seems as if  sleep eludes me.  So here I sit at the computer fiddling with my header and such.

First news this morning was that oldest son had rolled his vehicle on his way to a town about 4 hours from PA.  Made me very concerned for him as well as for my own travels home from Alberta. 

But he is OK, spending the night in hospital though.  I guess it is prudent for a hospital to make sure the young lawyer is adequately observed so as to avoid any pesky questions later.  He does have a broken collarbone and I guess is pretty sore. 

My trip home was uneventful.  There were some slippery sections along the way but nothing my trusty tires couldn’t handle.  And I really did not want to put them to the test so I was careful.

Made it back in good time for tonight’s council meeting.  Maybe that is what left me sleepless – not that it wasn’t good but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed at the things there are that must be done.  Oh, volunteers, where are you?

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