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See Amid the Winter’s Snow…

We got a good bit of the white stuff overnight and even though the sun is shining it seems to be falling out of the blue. I suppose it is blowing off the roof.

This morning saw me outside early shoveling the front deck at about 6 am.

Today we are supposed to be having delivered a new bed for our spare room downstairs in the basement. And I would really like it for this weekend when a few of my offspring are arriving with babies in tow. You see I want them to sleep well enough so that thye will decide to come back again soon. And they will all be here for Christmas. I want to be ready.

So the delivery people have to be able to get to the door.

We have a long driveway and one of those pie shaped lots that is wider in the back then at the front. As I was shoveling snow off the steps and deck, I had to throw it way over the snow piled up already. We do not have much room to dispose of snow. It is only the first week in December. I suspect we’ll have more snow one of these days. Not sure where we will put it.

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Its prayer week around here

It is quiet in the church at 7:15. Most mornings this week I have come alone and prayed alone. Well, one is never all alone when one comes aside for a bit to meet with God. And it doesn’t take a prayer week for God to show up since he is always with me – as our prayers for this week remind me – Christ above me and below me, on my left and on my right.

Most people probably think that they can just stay at home on these cold early mornings and that will just be peachy keen with God. And it will be. God is gracious but he does like to talk to us and he apparently loves for us to tell him our stuff. So, if they have been reminded of this and taken time to spend in quiet with God this week, our goal of calling the members of our congregation to prayer this week will have been accomplished.

But I am afraid most people have not taken much time. We can ignore God quite successfully when we are not in some distressing situation that stops us in our usual busy tracks.

What most people do not realize is that it is good to pray. Not just morally good in the sense that we call ourselves Christian and therefore should pray. It is just good. It is like sitting down on the couch beside a loving parent and having a good talk. It is like laying your head on the shoulder of your mother when you need to talk or cry or when you have a special joy to share.

When I pray I experience the reality of God and I together, sometimes talking, sometimes just sitting together. It is good.

On Prayer

What creates in me this need

To be alone in silence

Before You, to raise my eyes

To see if You are here, to

Let my ears become attuned,

Attend the almost silent

Whisper of Your voice?

Only Your living love can

Woo my soul like this. You

Alone, You are God.

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I must correct the name – Nea Leah-Marie Lanoie – is the correct version.

And here she is; fresh and new and beautiful.

Nea Leah-Marie

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And we have news!

Neah Marie Lanoie was born just a little while ago. David called with the news. 7lbs7oz. I have no idea how long.

I have a grand daughter!!

And to tell you the truth she has the nickname I had as an itty bitty thing. Dad always called me “Neah” (as in nay-ah). I guess one of my verbally challenged siblings couldn’t handle the Lin part of my name.

So please God – give me a safe trip as I go down to see this new marvel that has just entered our lives.

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Waiting for news

This morning I made it to work through the snow and arrived at the office to find that the parking lot had not been cleared. We have lots of snow! It needs to be cleared.

I made a note to myself to phone and find out what is going on about the snow removal. Before I got a chance to call, I got a call. My first assumption was that it had something to do with the snow.

Surprise! My son was calling to let me know that they were on their way to the hospital. Annette decided to go into labour on her own but still needs that c-section I believe. Her last trial at labour was not successful and since her c-section was scheduled for Thursday, I can’t imagine them letting her do another trial of labour. I can’t imagine her wanting to actually.

So I believe we will have another grandchild by the end of the day.

I hope the roads are clear ’cause I am on the road to Saskatoon as soon as I am done here at the office.

Oh, yeah. Dave has the Bobcat down in S’toon. His partner may have some heavy shoveling to do today.

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Remembering Dad

It has been two years since Dad died. It is longer since he could interact with us all like the dad we grew up knowing so in some ways it seems longer than two years. But, I have been remembering him this week. His going – so quiet and slow. Being there, loving him as well as one can in the last days and hours. Hearing the last “I love you” from him a couple of weeks before he was done this life.
Today we get together as a family to remember him and to keep alive those connections we have to each other as a family.
It is good to remember.

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Stopped at a red light

Stopped at a red light.
In the oncoming turning lane, a little red car was also stopped. The driver was deeply involved in some music. Her head was bobbing up and down and even her hands were in on the movement. As the light changed, I drove on and passed her car waiting to turn. She had to have been in her mid forties.

And I thought, whoa mama! Either you really like your music or you are wishing you still rocked.
Reminder to self – when singing in the car keep it down. It looks a bit weird from the outside.

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