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He’s awake

I’ve spent all afternoon over at the hospital. Leo came back to his room at about 12 noon local time. They moved him into his bed and he and I spoke a bit, I hooked him up to his CPAP machine and let him go to sleep again. He has just spent a lovely sunny afternoon, temperatures in the 20″s, sun shining brightly, just about the most perfect weather a Saskatchewanian could wish for – sleeping. Ah – drugs!

Me, who am not on drugs has managed to finish a book and take several catnaps in the warm sun coming in through the hospital window. I decided finally that Leo’s company was just too stimulating! So, I hopped in a taxi and came back to the hotel for a bit. I’ll probably grab some supper before going back. I think Leo will be allowed to drink some clear fluids tonight.

Anyway, he seems to be doing fine. The surgery apparently went “perfectly” if one can believe this as literal truth from a wonderful but quite passionate Latino physician. He is sweet and his patients love him. And I trust that he is right in Leo’s case. The rest of the work of losing weight will be largely up to Leo and he is as determined about this as I’ve ever seen him determined about anything.

Thanks to those of you who have prayed for us during this time.

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And off we go

Down to Saskatoon – leaving in a few minutes.

Tomorrow am early flying to SanDiego via Minneapolis. Retrace our steps on Monday.

An adventure of sorts, if you can think of surgery in those terms!

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My new word

Solipsistic – adj.

one who believes in self as only reality: the belief that the only thing somebody can be sure of is that he or she exists, and that true knowledge of anything else is impossible

And just where will I use this wonderful new word that I had to stop and look up while I was deep in my reading?

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Don’t you just love it when a reader called”Payday Advance” comments on how nice the last blog entry was. So personal!

Am I cynical? Who sends those things?

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Back at it

Tonight the music lessons resumed. We played through one page of the Brandenberg Concerto. Twice.

One hour.

I’m so good.


Honestly, this is great progress. The crazy thing is that I am still at it. And still am enjoying it.

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Surgery is done

Thanks to all of you who were thinnking of Rachelle. We are in from the lake and on our way up to see her at the hospital. Asen is holding down the fort, so to speak, bottle feeding Ronin till she can take up her usual place as prime food source again.

Maybe she will get a few hours at the lake if all goes well.

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The Attack of the Inflammed Gall Bladder

About 3 am Rachelle had an acute gall bladder attack. Horrible pain. So her day has not been the greatest and our plans for going out to the lake have shifted a bit. We’ll be back and forth I’m sure but she will probably not get to enjoy this at all. She will have surgery either tonight or tomorrow – most likely tomorrow. We have been waiting all day at the hospital and she is on heavy pain killers and antispasmodics.
She is a tad disappointed since this was her big idea – some family time at the lake. So upon her insistence, the rest of us are going out and will try to have a good time remembering where she is.

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