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Quiet Evening

Leo and I are just sort of chilling out.  We have walked miles over the past week and seen so much.  Tonight we just need to rest.  We head back to Belgium tomorrow on the EuroStar so are getting our suitcases repacked, trying to make room for the extras we picked up here.  Everywhere one goes they offer such wonderful pictorial guides with the accompanying history – hard to pass those by.

Today we saw the Churchill Museum and the Cabinet War rooms in the morning and then were off to St Paul’s Cathedral.  We looked around a bit and then were able to attend evensong.  That was the perfect way to experience St Paul’s. 

Flikr is very sluggish tonight but I have finished uploading the pictures from Bath if you want to have a look.


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At the Baths

We crossed under the channel yesterday by train then caught a train to Bath. We walked at least a Km I’m sure between stations and then hauled the suitcases up and down too many stairs but we mad it to Bath. The Roman ruins are amazing and the museum is very, very interesting. Photos will be posted at the next stop along the way.

FYI – Jane Austen began her writing with a story about Bath. Also William Wilberforce was married in this town and stayed here with friends to recuperate.

More when I have time. Must catch a train soon.


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Tuesday – It will be Brugge

Had a great sleep last night. Jet lag is finally over. And today we are up early so that we can catch the train to Brugge for a day of sightseeing. we are taking along a tour guide.
In a place full of septa and octa generians there is a wealth of knowledge stored up. We are going to be accompanied by a man who was a missionary in Japan for – I don ‘t know how many years. He has lots of energy left and a love for Brugge and history. It should be another incredible day.

I will post some more pictures if I have any energy left myself!

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Well, obviously that didn’t work. Will try again when I have more time.


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Work day at church

Last weekend we were busy as could be getting the church and yard into good shape.  Some of the work was inside, some outside.  I spent a couple of hours disinfecting toys in the nursery.  Everything is looking pretty ship shape now. 

Some of the guys were a long way up doing their thing.



More pictures here.

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Serving Soup, Moving, Studying and a Glass of Wine

Not sure how they are really related but it makes for a good long title.

I drove down to Saskatoon today with a vehicle full of stuff for Sara who is moving into a new place. She has a sweet little suite. Its in an older? Or renovated? Or built to fit the style of the area? Home. Gorgeous home – and her suite is almost new. Has her own private entrance.

It was time for her to move out of the condo she was sharing with a friend. They have become less of friends over the past year. Sara is relatively serious about studying and her friend was not. And the latest idea of her friend to invite a guy that she hardly knows to move in made Sara feel rather uncomfortable.

It was a quick trip. I helped with the soup kitchen till noon then took off. Tonight I am back at my desk and should be studying for a final in Old Testament on Monday night.

So, I guess I’d better get to work.

Leo just brought me a glass of Mateus. Not sure that will help me to remember the kings that ruled Israel!


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Maybe wait a while

This has got to be one of the craziest things to do.

I understand the reasons for switching to be more like neighbouring countries but wow!  I don’t think I’d want to be driving anywhere on that island soon.  Maybe give it a couple of months. 

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