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Off to Chicago

I am up early this morning that we leave for Chicago. I rarely seem to sleep in anymore. I probably need a long holiday to let myself totally relax. Sort of need to reset the old biological clock with a long rest and no alarms.

But today we leave for Chicago and a week long course at our denominational seminary, North Park.

The course will be good; right down our alley, so to speak. The Theology of Caring and Health. And since the paper I needed to have completed before the course is done, I am beginning to anticipate this week eagerly.

We also will get to spend time with old friends from the Congo as well as see friends from my spiritual direction course. And then on our way back Rachelle and Ronin will come out to see us for a couple of hours at the airport in Toronto.

So, now I’d better go and do all those last minute packing things and close up the suitcase. You may hear from me in Chicago. I guess that depends on computer availability but I will try.


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And Back Again

And very tired.

Conference was very good in so many ways – in connections with people; in inspirational speaking; in challenging stories; in new ideas for old programs. Oh, yeah, and the food was terrific.

My sister was there and I love being with her. She amazes me with her energy and passion for the Sudanese families she has befriended, for the children she teaches and with her interest in helping other cultures. I think I absorb energy just by being around her and come away inspired myself. She gave me a new book called Sex and Money produced by The Voice for The Voiceless. It is gut wrenching to read and look at. It is pretty hard to stay untouched by the women’s stories and the photography.

It was also good to do some spiritual direction. Listening and attending to the movement of God in people’s stories also nourishes my soul as does the privilege of praying with and for others. God is good.

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Off to Conference

So, in a day, I should be in Surrey for our church annual meeting and conference.  I haven’t gone as a delegate for – longer than I can remember. 

I am looking forward to this one.  There are people I want to see again, especially Randall and Lauralea and another of my former pastors, Keith Fullerton and his wife.  And I suspect there will be many others that I have come to know over the years.  That is the main attraction of these events for me – reconnecting with people, seeing where our separate paths have taken us. 

I sure do wish, though, that I had not come down with this stupid cold. 

Anyway, I’ll be taking off tomorrow at about noon and won’t be back till late Sunday night.  I’m hauling along my books so that hopefully I will get some studying done, maybe write one of the last two quizzes when I get back.  It will be nice to finish up the Greek course and get on with the reading for my summer course. 

And I want to be able to simply take a week or so to enjoy the spring and early summer that will happen so suddenly in the next three weeks.  I have a night at the lake courtesy of my staff that I need and want so badly to take advantage of.


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Heading north

Well, in a few minutes I am heading upt o a cabin at Waskesiu for one of my solitude weekends. Things will be quiet here since there is no internet out there. But that will probably be good. More space for God to speak into the quiet. It’s funny maybe but going away for a weekend of quiet and prayer is so inviting to me – like going away to have an intimate visit with my best friend. And I can hardly wait to be on the way. Just a couple of errands to do on my way out of town.

I do regret that I chose this weekend to be away since it is communion Sunday and it has been too long. but I need this weekend.

I will also be studying for my mid-term in Greek which happens next Saturday. And reading some other good stuff that is packed away in my bag. Snowshoes and camera are in there too. The weather should be perfect temperature wise although it is very grey and overcast. Maybe some snow in the forcast? We’ll see, I guess.

Now I’m off. Back Sunday night. Have a good weekend all.

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A bit ago the people who make these interactive maps asked if I would consider allowing them to shortlist a phot I took last summer when Leo and visited The Field Museum in Chicago.

The museum is a fascinating place holding a collection of archeological finds to insects and natural science displays. It holds something that will entrance people of all and almost any interest. My photo looks down into the open main floor and entrance hall. It really requires more than a day to explore. Only problem is sensory overload – there is so much to see.


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Slipping in some work on this weeks sermon in between cases today.  This week has come so quickly and I have been so busy the last few weeks that it seems as if time has simply vanished.

Today has been good though.  I was really tired yesterday.  I do have a quiz due in Greek but I think I can do it either tonight or tomorrow.  Then I will take a bit of a break from that subject over the holidays – just will need to review the vocabulary from time to time so it doesn’t disappear from my memory.

Today has also been cold and has felt really cold and wintery all day.  I just heard the radio folks say it is -21 with the windchill.  I think this is about as cold as it has gotten so far this winter.

Tonight, Rachelle and Ronin should arrive in Saskatoon.  They will visit a friend there tonight and then come up her tomorrow evening.  I can hardly wait to see Ronin – it has been almost 4 months since they moved to Toronto.

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And back again

This weekend I traveled out to Calgary to a retreat centre called Entheos where the Canada Covenant was holding a leadership retreat to help with Spiritual Direction.

Entheos2008 001

The weekend was rewarding in many ways. I met new friends, was able to do some spiritual direction and heard some phenomenal speakers. Entheos2008 004

And for me it was great to get out into nature again. There were some great walking paths and so I’ll post some more pictures on Flikr. That will probably happen tomorrow since I am tired from the long drive home and have a full day of work tomorrow.

Update: you can see more photos here

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