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Right after work tonight, I hit the road and head for Saskatoon to board a plane to Calgary then drive again to Canmore. I hope to make it to my hotel there by 10:30 or so. We’ll see. Last time I estimated the time it would take to get up to Kingsfold, I underestimated by a good hour. Of course I got lost and it was snowing and raining so hard it was easy to miss my turn off.

So, I guess we will see. I will get there when I get there.

I am attending Alive,an adult retreat (which usually means over 50, you young things that do not fit the description) Ruth Hill is speaking and since we did time together in the Congo, we always have lots to talk about.

And I am now waiting for the School Dental Program people to arrive so that I can finish a job that ended up being a bit too complicated for them. I do not want to have to speed too fast on the way to Saskatoon and my meeting scheduled for there at 6 before my plane leaves.

Such a hectic life I lead. Sometimes it seems as if the crazyiness comes totally unbidden and unplanned putting an end to all my nicely timed out schedule.

Life. Is Too Full Some Days.

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It’s hard to describe

…what made this weekend so special.  Maybe I am simply different.


Maybe it was the beauty and quiet and the presence of God’s Spirit with us as we met and talked and shared stories of our journey along the paths of faith we are walking.

I think I am a bit different from having been there. 


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Up into the mountains again

In about an hour I leave for Calgary.  Then I will head up north west to a beautiful retreat centre – Kingsfold.

  Retreat 016

The Covenant is having a leadership retreat there and I have been invited along to do some spiritual direction. 

I have enjoyed doing this the last few years.  I’ve only been at Kingsfold once but it is beautiful and the sort of place where God can be sensed in both the beauty of the location and in the hospitality of those who run the centre.

It will be good.  I am not sure if I am attending out of a sense of fulfillment I get from sitting and talking about growing relationships with God or if I need this kind of quiet place for some healing of my own soul.

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Grandmother stuff


Last week, as I spent time with Kieran and Nea, my understanding of a most wonderful truth about being a grandmother grew. It is OK to play. It is more than OK actually – it is almost a requirement and in fact it is fun.

This kind of playing belongs mostly to grandparents I think. I suppose a really silly parent can get by doing the same things but most parents take the importance of their high role too seriously. A grandparent can get away with being really silly or simple and no one is likely to judge you for being a poor grandparent because of it. They will probably watch you down on the ground picking up stones, examining them carefully with a five year old and marvel at the joy you still find in life.

This summer, as I drove out to Vancouver, I gathered a few treasures along the way. Rocks.


My excuse was that they were for Kieran. But maybe it is the repressed child in me. I always gathered rocks on my summer vacations as a child. Why not do it again now? This will perhaps be the last period of my life when I will be able to gather them. And a grandmother needs no better reason than that I will be able to sit with my grandson and admire their shapes and colour.

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More Pictures

Tonight I took some time to add some more pictures to our set of vacation photos.  The ones added are from our time in Skagway.  Its an interesting old gold rush town that now lives for the tourist rush in the summer.  The railway trip up to Fraser, BC was beautiful as well as fun.  You can check them  out on Flikr here.




This is one of my favourites – the old wooden trestle bridge.


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One of my goals for today was to upload some of my pictures to Flikr and get some sets of my vacation and on my newest granddaughter.  This stuff seems to take a lot of time but some of the pictures are up and can be seen here (Kadyn) IMG_1407


and here (vacation). 


The vacation set will see some additions as the week goes on.  I have a  lot of pictures to go through. 

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At Sea

At Sea

Ploughing great grey green waves
Salt spray in my face
Fog on the endless horizon.

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