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From Cordoba

Greetings from one of those VERY HOT places of the earth.  At least it sure felt like it to us.  It was somewhere between 37 and 40 depending on which weather report you chose.  It felt hotter!


You can see the Hotel Maimonides on the left, the Mosquita/Cathedral on the right.  The Cathedral was amazing.  And cooler by far than it was outside. Tomorrow begins the last Spanish leg of the journey.  Then a couple of days in Belgium and then home.  It has gone amazingly fast.

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More pictures up

We finally are in a hotel with a good and free wifi connection.  so last night I took some time and uploaded more pictures from Belgium and some from Bath.  There will be more to add later but these give you some idea of where we have been and what we have been up to this past week.

More than places though, we have been visiting old friends and it has been so good. 

So here are pictures from Leuven and from Bath.


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More pictures

I’ve managed to upload some more of the pictures from Belgium on Flikr.  You will find some of Antwerp and of Leuven.

Haven’t gotten to the ones of England yet.


And there will be more added to the Belgian sets as I get around to them. 

And I did have to get a new little camera – was relatively cheap.  It does not do to have no handy little camera on a trip like this one.


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We are still travelling

Now we are in Oxford.  Sorry for the delay in getting back on the internet.  There have been other things to do.

Yesterday we arrived in Oxford.  It is a long train ride across the country from Falmouth where we were over the weekend. 

We have moved along from a visit to Nigel and Kate to a visit with Toni and Chris.  This trip is all about visiting friends and it has been great.  but we see amazing things along the way.  Like this abbey in Bath.


Today we are going out to Blenheim Palace. 

Must go soon. 

So much work needs to be done on uploading pictures.  And I seem to have worn out my little hand held camera so we may be purchasing a new one here today. 

Until later.

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Finding time

It has been hard to find time to process photos and post them on Flikr but I intend to get some new ones up there from the past few days.  We have gone to a new place each day.  Each day a new set of sights but also a new round of visits with old friends.

Yesterday was strictly sightseeing in Brugge, often called the Venice of the North.


We had a guide of the best sort – one of the fathers from this house that has taken many groups to Brugge. 


He has served as a missionary in Japan for years. Now he is retired spending his time helping to drive sick fathers to the hospital, take care of the daily prayer and help to  show visitors like us around.  He was a great guide and we had lots of fun. 

Today we spent up in Antwerp.  Met some more friends – Barb and Steve Swanson.  Barb was with us for awhile in the Congo and now is serving with the Mosaics project with marginalized peoples in Europe and Steve is the pastor of the English speaking International Church in Antwerp.

The photo is, by the way, not the international church.  They haven’t been around enough centuries!  This is the Cathedral in which there is presently an amazing display of the old masters.  Many of the paintings by Reubens are part of the permanent art that hangs in the church.


We walked and saw sights, ate lunch together, stopped to buy chocolates, people watched and talked.  It was a great day.  There were street musicians busking and we stopped to watch this group.  They had the most interesting instruments.


Now, I have a few tasks to do before turning in for the night.  Tomorrow we meet another friend and see yet another city.  Then we will be off for England on Friday.

Time is passing too quickly.


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A Celebration

Today was the 40th Anniversary of our marriage. It was quite a day of celebration. You might wonder about spending a wedding anniversary with a bunch of celibate missionaries. But we are just a bit crazy anyway from those years in the Congo I guess.

This morning they said a special prayer for us during the mass, went out of their way to recognize our big day at every opportunity and just have been so great to be with. We even had a special dessert presented to everyone on the occasion – so beautiful to look at that it was almost too good to eat. Plus special bottles of wine- including a white wine for me who is allergic to red.

This afternoon we walked over to the neighboring convent to meet another Congo friend and she welcomed us with open arms and then presented us with a bottle of Brandy. While we were sitting there along came another sister who had been in our part of the Congo and she recounted how she had come to see me to have a tooth removed and then we had invited her to our home for lunch.

It was a day of amazing memories. Fellowship so sweet like heaven!


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Region of Zonhoven

This is the area where our friend Marcel grew up.  He used to come and play  in these woods.  At the top of the hill is a hermitage DSCN2643

which has been restored.  The chapel is open to anyone.  A fellow lives here in the other part and keeps an eye on the place.  He is also a Psychiatrist.  Must be a loner too.  Beautiful spot if you enjoy quiet and nature but a good hike back to the road. 

More pictures here.

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