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It is our last full day in Costa Rica.  We will take the kids on a short nature walk in the jungle this morning and then go off to the hot springs – Tabacon- for the afternoon.


This is the view from the hotel window.  A stunning view over the lake.The road to Tabacon from here is very slow – about 10K ph slowing for the many rocks – but the hot springs resort is so nice.


The water in that stream is about 30 C – like a hot bath.  Tomorrow back to winter.

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Been in Costa Rica a week

This is crazy.  I am relaxing too hard to have time to post any of the pictures I’ve taken.

Actually, when I did have some time the internet was down.  So, I will see if I can squeeze it into my busy schedule in the next couple of days.

We drove about 5 hours today on some of the windiest narrow and rough roads up to the volcano at Arenal.  This resort is no 5 star job.  No coffee pots in rooms.  No clocks in rooms.  Only 2 towels for 4 people.  Pool frigid.  Most items on the menu were not available. 

The saving grace of the place is the exquisite beauty.  We look over Lake Arenal to the volcano.

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It’s been a bit of a long day

and now it seems as if  sleep eludes me.  So here I sit at the computer fiddling with my header and such.

First news this morning was that oldest son had rolled his vehicle on his way to a town about 4 hours from PA.  Made me very concerned for him as well as for my own travels home from Alberta. 

But he is OK, spending the night in hospital though.  I guess it is prudent for a hospital to make sure the young lawyer is adequately observed so as to avoid any pesky questions later.  He does have a broken collarbone and I guess is pretty sore. 

My trip home was uneventful.  There were some slippery sections along the way but nothing my trusty tires couldn’t handle.  And I really did not want to put them to the test so I was careful.

Made it back in good time for tonight’s council meeting.  Maybe that is what left me sleepless – not that it wasn’t good but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed at the things there are that must be done.  Oh, volunteers, where are you?

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Morning colour

There really is nothing better than visiting friends in the field.  I am always refreshed – body and soul.


The first morning I woke up to a beautiful display of colour.  I think God must live in the area.

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Pictures of PEI trip

I didn’t take nearly so many pictures as in Europe and the weather was not nearly as warm.  I did manage to head out into the country on the last day we spent in PEI, rented a car and spent the morning driving north to the St Laurence coast, up to Naufrage (Shipwreck Point)


and then across the island to the south coast which is on the Atlantic. 

A set has been made and you are welcome to enjoy the view and the fall colours simply by clicking here.

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We arrived on this quaint island last night.  It took four flights to get here.  All day.  About half the time flying and half the time waiting in airports.  The last leg of the trip was in a Dash 8.  My first time and it was kind of fun to fly close enough to the ground to see the terrain as we flew over, although it was getting almost too dark to see much.

Today Leo has been in his conference all day.  And I have been doing what any good wife does while her husband is busy in meetings.  I shopped.  I found myself some wide and comfy shoes, some used books, a new purse to replace the one that ripped on the way here (how convenient eh?  :)) and a cute little red sweater to wear over my black dress to the banquet tomorrow night.  I also found a place that serves the most wonderful breakfasts – Cora’s.  I had seven different kinds of fruit besides the eggs Benedict and homemade hash browns. 

Now my feet are sore and we are supposed to be meeting the CSAM crew at some pub or other for “supper”. 

I have only one picture to eventually display but tomorrow is another day and I do not dare shop for anything else!  Except a flash drive for Leo’s friend.  Trouble is that I may see something else that calls to me as I am out. 

I think I must resist or I will have to go back to work full time again. 

And I do have that essay to finish. 


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Wrapping it up – mostly

Today I spent my down time at the office labelling and arranging the photos of the last city we visited in Europe.  Barcelona, Spain.  This is a place I wanted to visit specifically to experience some of Gaudi’s architecture.  It could have justified spending a few more days in Spain but… that’s how it goes.  There is never quite enough time to see all the wonders of the world.

So if you want to see some more beautiful architecture, you might want to checkout the latest sets that I have put together on Flikr.  La Pedrada and La Sagrada Familia.  I would go back to see La Sagrada Familia again.  In that place one experiences a sense of awe and wonder and can read some of the story of God in the stones.


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