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I have one high stress week coming up.  Next Saturday morning I am writing my final exam in Greek. 

I wrote my last quiz this morning.  As I was writing it, I could recognise the way I react to stress.  My mind sort of shuts down.  It simply goes blank.  I have studied and studied and I should know the answers but my brain searches the database and give me one of those “page not found” messages.

So, this morning I was dealing with this reaction of mine, sort of watching it happen and then having to decide that my mind is giving me a false message.  To do this I have to sit and regurgitate some of the facts that I know I know instead of looking at the question being asked.  Once I do that, once I write out one verbal declension, it all sort of falls back into place – mostly anyway. 

But there is much to review and so I doubt that I will post much this  coming week.  Of course, sometimes it is good to get away from the books and see what is going on in the world with my friends.

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Friends are so great

Today I was planning so many things to do.  Our turn for serving soup was here and I wanted to help.  However, I have a sermon to preach tomorrow and a LOT of studying to do to finish up my Greek course.  (It seems as if the closer I get to the final, the more stuff is filling up my evenings and keeping me from studying.)

Anyway, last night I went out.  My friend, A, was involved in a show with some of her art and I really wanted to go both to support her and to see her latest works.  So I did.  The glass of wine was a nice way to relax as I walked around with other friends and we took in the show.  I was so tired last night having spent a good part of the day in the OR.  And other friends were there and told me that I would only be needed for a part of the day to help in the soup kitchen.  That bit of news was such a relief. 

Then this morning I got a call and was told that so many other folks from church had come to help that they would not need me at all. 

There was another load lifted away!  I love to help and so I miss being there but this time studying and sermon prep did need to take priority.  I see this as one of the little ways that God watches out for me.  It might just look like luck to you but whatever, I see God in this.

So, I have been studying  pretty much all day, except for a trip up to Canadian Tire to pick up a few necessities. 

Now, since it is finally warm again, I might just take the bike out for a few minutes.

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My day has been quiet.  I had very few obligations today and even some of the things I intended to get done, I didn’t even attempt. (In other words I’ve sort of been lazy)

The day got off to a leisurely start at 6 am and for me this means I slept in a bit.  My biological alarm clock has a loud and persistent ring and I just wake up.  Made some very good strong coffee and sat and talked to God with no time constraints.  That was good. 

I did study.  I sat and wrote out vocabulary words and know enough to know I need to do that again.  So I will.  Till I think I know them.  Then I’ll do the quiz and realize that there are a lot of words I still don’t know. 

And the day held a few other things.  Reading for the summer course; looking up scripture passages for the Bible test I have to take.  I never was good at remembering chapter and verse. (I blame it on the fact there is a number to remember) It seems as if repetition is my destiny for the next few years.  Maybe it will do my brain some good. 

Then I sat and went over some issues I needed to discuss with a friend.  That took a couple of hours.  Stuff I need to deal with that will be a challenge for me. 

What a way to spend a lovely spring day!  Actually it was very windy most of the day.  I did manage to squeeze in a bike ride and in spite of the wind which made for hard pedalling on the way home, I was out in the sun and fresh air and remembered again why I love to ride my bike.

Then I re-potted some plants.  That was as close to gardening as I got today.  It is still way too cold to even think of putting plants outside.  But in the sun and the songs of the birds in the back yard there was the promise of warmer days ahead. 

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Off to Conference

So, in a day, I should be in Surrey for our church annual meeting and conference.  I haven’t gone as a delegate for – longer than I can remember. 

I am looking forward to this one.  There are people I want to see again, especially Randall and Lauralea and another of my former pastors, Keith Fullerton and his wife.  And I suspect there will be many others that I have come to know over the years.  That is the main attraction of these events for me – reconnecting with people, seeing where our separate paths have taken us. 

I sure do wish, though, that I had not come down with this stupid cold. 

Anyway, I’ll be taking off tomorrow at about noon and won’t be back till late Sunday night.  I’m hauling along my books so that hopefully I will get some studying done, maybe write one of the last two quizzes when I get back.  It will be nice to finish up the Greek course and get on with the reading for my summer course. 

And I want to be able to simply take a week or so to enjoy the spring and early summer that will happen so suddenly in the next three weeks.  I have a night at the lake courtesy of my staff that I need and want so badly to take advantage of.


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Wa- Hoo!!!

I got my mid-term and my graded workbook exercises back today.  Sorry if this sounds boastful.  I don’t mean it to be but I have got to tell someone and you guys are it.


I got 95.5% on the Greek mid-term.  And the other work was also good. 

My brain still works. 

This is a great relief and encouragement and thanks be to


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Enjoying life

The Mid-term is done and I think was good. Now, of course, I have to wait to hear how I did and all but I feel good and the translations we were asked to do were no way as difficult as the ones in the workbook.

That was the first mid-term I have written in about 36 years. All week I’ve been just a bit anxious. Last night as Leo and I returned from a retirement party I confessed to him that I was a bit anxious. He replied to that understatement with, “You think? I’ve noticed it for the whole week.”

So, today after the exam, we went out snow shoeing, had a few glasses of wine with friends, had some of her gourmet appetizers that were more like a twelve course meal than appetizers and had a very relaxing time visiting.

Now, we have just finished watching Gran Torino from a friends copy. Great movie. We may have to go to confession for watching a copied movie – and I honestly do not know where he got it from or who Leo’s friend is. But I am so glad we got to watch it. It left the cinema before my midterm – when I was still in the too anxious to go to a movie stage.

Today was about enjoying life, even enjoying the course I wrote the mid-term for, and enjoying love with the man I’ve spent the past 381/2 years with.

And I did not even eat one piece of chocolate. Such restraint.

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This week the quiet around here means that I really am studying and have no time to think deep or even shallow thoughts.

Oh yeah and in spite of trying to study have obligatory meetings or activities scheduled 3 out of 5 nights. I sit nervously thinking of all I should be studying during the evening, hoping my brain remembers the right stuff.

See you after the mid-term.

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