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Riding and thinking along the way

Yesterday by the time supper was over and I had sat down for a bit, the sun came out and I decided that I had better go for a ride. If I slack off on the bike riding, it takes more motivation to do it the next day. Funny how it is that way with good things – or at least with things that are potentially good for me; it takes absolutely no effort to sit in front of the computer and play mindless games.

I really do enjoy the rides. And the sky is usually gorgeous with an orange sum settling below the tree line on the horizon as I make my way home again. Also, there is now a path that takes me down the hill behind the houses in Riverview back to the river path. I ride up the road to the church then go left on the path – The Rotary Trail as it is officially known – the path takes me now past a new housing development and then down the hill. The hill is very steep. It is exciting to let go and take off at great speed. Probably crazy for a 60 yr old woman. But fun. I like it.

Last night when I was riding, I took a slightly different path. I was just a bit too tired to pedal up the hill by the church so I cut in behind Berezowsky School and took a back path that took me about halfway up the hill. A bit less of a thrill but still enough of a descent to let me go fast.

On my way back home last night, I got to thinking. I am reading NT Wright’s book Surprised By Hope. This is some of the fun reading that I can do now that my classes are done for the summer. I really like the way books like this stimulate me to think. As I was riding, I could not help but wonder at all the things that I do not understand. Maybe that is partly why I am in seminary. There is so much to delve into, so much more than I will ever understand but so much that I will enjoy trying to learn. I have some sort of need to spend my time asking questions and then when I do, up pop some more. It seems as if I have an endless ability to ask and such a limited ability to know.

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Under the blue sky

I was sitting outside reading through my almost done paper listening to the cries of the gulls and the loud caws of a flock of crows.  They seemed to be doing battle of some kind.

Then far overhead I noticed an eagle soaring high up in the clear blue sky between two pure white clouds.


I need to be outside more!

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A day off

This is the first day that I have been home on a weekday for ages.  I was going to say that it is the first day I’ve had with no preset agenda but I had to withdraw that thought.  In a few minutes I am off to a hair appointment and then I have some errands to run.  I must work on the paper for my class today as well.  So, I guess in reality my agenda is already pretty full.

But today I will also plant the last of my flower baskets – a chance for me to be out in the sun working in the dirt, planting some beautiful things. 

I will also go for a ride, hopefully for an hour or so, on the Rotary trail which is close to completion at our end of the city. 

Maybe I will get to spend some time talking over coffee with a friend – we’ll see.

So, I’d better get going.  

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You have no idea how good it feels!

Leo and I are going out to celebrate tonight. I got the results from my Greek course and they are worth celebrating over. Especially since I was pretty sure that I had failed the final.

Maybe it was a miracle!

So, one more class done. Sent off the next to last paper for this summer’s class so am on the home stretch there too.

Yep, I’m going to celebrate tonight.

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Last week in Chicago

Trying to sum up the last week. I wasn’t just ignoring this space. It is always a bit harder to post from a strange computer especially when there really is no time for writing – other than working on my papers for class.

It is an intense experience completing a full university 3 credit class in one week. Of course there is the pre course work and the post course papers so it does take more than just the one week. The next paper due – by the end of this week – is basically a case study to which we apply principles we learned in our readings and class work. Then a bigger 10 page paper due in a month. No rest for me.

Chicago was cold and wet. It rained almost every day except for Saturday afternoon and Sunday – when it was time to leave. There was no time for seeing any sights but we did spend time with friends every evening. That was good. And no shopping time saved me a bunch of money I’m sure.

The course content was challenging and the class sessions stimulating. As I was telling someone, it felt by the end of each day as if my brain had swollen from all that it had soaked up like a sponge. By Thursday we were a quieter group. I think we all were a bit overloaded. The course however, was excellent. It gave me a new and more profound understanding of caring practices and the theological and philosophical language which helps one to give words to why we need to be caring people.

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Off to Chicago

I am up early this morning that we leave for Chicago. I rarely seem to sleep in anymore. I probably need a long holiday to let myself totally relax. Sort of need to reset the old biological clock with a long rest and no alarms.

But today we leave for Chicago and a week long course at our denominational seminary, North Park.

The course will be good; right down our alley, so to speak. The Theology of Caring and Health. And since the paper I needed to have completed before the course is done, I am beginning to anticipate this week eagerly.

We also will get to spend time with old friends from the Congo as well as see friends from my spiritual direction course. And then on our way back Rachelle and Ronin will come out to see us for a couple of hours at the airport in Toronto.

So, now I’d better go and do all those last minute packing things and close up the suitcase. You may hear from me in Chicago. I guess that depends on computer availability but I will try.

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Lets see now,

Why was I taking this Greek class again?

I just wrote my final.  It was long.  And hard. 

The Mid-term was only about 3 pages and I had two hours to do it.  The Final was about 8 pages and I only had two hours to do it. 

Needless to say, there were parts that I did not complete.

I really do not know if I passed this exam.  I hope my good marks throughout the year will help me pass but I have no idea.

But its done and now on with the next course.  I have 2 books to read this week and a paper to write.  So I probably won’t blog much till after we get back from Chicago. 

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