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Let the Holidays Begin

I have just uploaded my final paper for the New Testament class I have been taking.  This last assignment was a doozy – an exegesis of Heb.6:1-8.  Now even my computer thinks it is supposed to write in Greek!  I keep having to correct it and remind it that its default is English – Please. 

Anyway, it is done.  Now I am free to do all the preparations I need to do before Christmas.  Tomorrow we go buy a tree and set that up.  I must take out my pork and get it ready for tourtiere.  There are many items on the grocery list to go shopping for.  And then I must sort out the gifts and see what I am still missing.  Leo’s arrived yesterday.  I do love on-line shopping.

Yesterday was a particularly good day at our house.  Rachelle called – she was promoted to manager of her store.  Sara got her acceptance letter to SAIT for Respiratory Therapy. Zaka came over for a sleep over and got to play Wii mini-golf with Grandpa and Nan.  Nan made his first ever foray into the world of haute cuisine – Brownies for his class potluck.  And I was putting the finishing touches on my paper.

Today, I am indulging in some of the many treats at the office as I write this.  Too many of those by far.  I hope I don’t gain too many pounds over the next two weeks.  I plan to enjoy those two weeks anyway.

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Life is good

Here I am in the “great”city of Winnipeg enjoying the weather.  It is actually a couple of degrees warmer than PA was when I left and they don’t have the beauty of our snow either.  So far the boots have been unnecessary. (In winter, I think the baggage allowance on airlines should increase – it takes a lot of room to pack along boots,winter coats, scarves and mitts.)

The Church planter conference that I am at – re:CALL – is as good as I expected.  Maybe better.  You can check out what is going on here.   I’ve been to workshops by Karen Wilk: Learning to Live in the Neighbourhood for Transformation and Shari Russell: First Nations and today I think I will attend the one by Christine Pohl: Recovering Hospitality as Christian Tradition.  Good stuff.

It been a really busy couple of days.  All the Covenant folks kind of hang out together too and that is great.  I do sort of feel a bit like the grandmother to this group – not that they make me feel old or anything.  It is really great to be with so many young leaders of the church.  Getting together with Marc and Dixie, LT(well he’s not Cov. but we like him) new folks from Ontario as well as the Winnipeg gang and other pastors from across Canada is always fun.  Jamie obligingly signed a copy of his book, The Cost of Community which I brought along  for that very reason.  I just wish I had more time to read the fun stuff they were selling on the table outside the meeting place!

I am anticipating enjoying the rest of my week as well.  I will be in ECCC board meetings for the next few days, then a committee meeting Saturday, will worship with the folks at Faith Covenant Sunday morning, at Little Flowers Sunday evening, run out to Otterburne to get the inside story on the trailer life of a seminary student.  I have to find some time to shop for a gift for my 4 year old grandaughter too since I miss her big party on Saturday.  In between all, I have to keep up with my class and start work on my exegesis paper. 

Life is good.  No shortage of things to do.


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This week is crammed with stuff to get done. 

Half way there. 

So far: Sunday – the usual worship practice church and Sunday School class.
Monday – Halloween.  Took Nan for his road test and YEAH he got his licence!  The evening was spent getting up and down and going to the door to hand out treats, then back to the computer to finish posting for my class.
Tuesday – Grandson’s 6th birthday.  No party this day but I did cram in a shopping trip to pick up his Wii.  Then worship practice following a full day of Bread ministry, staff meeting, school volunteering and choosing some songs for Sunday.  I am the leader this week.  Prep for the Kids Klub craft.
Wednesday – a meeting and lunch for the School Dental Programme with the Saskatoon program in Rosthern, prep for kids Klub, hair appointment, then Kids Klub itself.  Got home, took out the garbage and here I am at the computer trying to think worshipful thoughts and put together Sunday’s service. 

The rest of the week won’t be less busy I’m afraid.  Work at the dental office tomorrow and Friday.  Soup on Saturday and I will be helping make soup.  Somewhere in here I am supposed to be studying, reading on Ephesians and Colossians and thinking some thoughtful thoughts on those two books. 

I wish I could say that next week will be better.   But Monday is already full of chores to do plus the delayed Birthday party.

Meanwhile, I carry on.

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The plan. What plan?

Some days I think I am losing it.  Not sure what “it” is but I think it is my mind.  For sure it is my sense of organization.

Last week I missed a deadline for a class paper.

Today I discovered that I booked myself out of the office for the next two weeks.  Totally forgot about it.  So I now have two weeks to let my brain catch up with the rest of me.

I really do wonder what that says about my brain.  It’s not like it has to move fast – just wish it would move in an orderly fashion.  A non-administrative out of control spinning brain.  Quite a scary picture.

So I will attempt to stop the spinning, prepare for the marriage ceremony I’ll be  performing in two weeks, catch up on my class work and spend some serious reflection time with God. 

Sounds like a plan. 

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Jet Lag

This afternoon I returned from our church AGM in Sarnia, ON.  It was a great conference but way too far to go for two days.  I thought my nap this afternoon would let me catch up on sleep but it seems as if my body is telling me that it is late at night and I should be in bed. 

So, since I just sent off my Old Testament paper for the week, that is exactly where I am heading.  Jet lag – in Canada.

Good night. all.

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This will never do

I have been ignoring this space far too much.  I am not sure why. Perhaps it is just that I don’t have the energy – or the will to give it what it needs.  I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm for it that I once had.  Maybe I should just leave it but I hang on to it anyway.

I have been pouring myself into my studies and they are not particularly conducive to interesting posts.  Well, maybe they would be but that would take almost as much effort as writing one of my weekly responses required for my classes.  And simply posting them would be to present material which no one else has done any research on so could hardly know where I am coming from.

Right now I have been working through “Just War”, Pacifism, and “Just Peacemaking” in my ethics class.  I find the material extremely interesting and productive in the sense that it has helped me to formulate and articulate my views on this.  Our text Love Your Enemies: Discipleship, Pacifism, and Just War Theory by Lisa Sowle Cahill is excellent.   I find myself leaning towards pacifism but think that “Just Peacemaking” is probably closer to where I am philosophically.  There is lots of good material on this concept, which is a rather new one, on Glen Stassen’s Fuller Seminary site

It is challenging to consider how just peacemaking could be put into practical application in some of the worlds hot spots these days.  Thing is, I believe that we need to start working far ahead of time in all potential areas of conflict to promote peace and not just react to a crisis, having ignored conditions which led up to it.

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Spring ? Break



This has been the week of Spring Break in my seminary schedule. Not that it is spring up here. It is 10 below C at this moment.

This week I have not had the pressure of replying to on-line questions, reading pages and pages of information in books or posted on-line. It has felt a bit strange in some ways to have time to do other things, to watch TV, to have lunch out. It has in general been a good week.

In fact, this morning as I was in the shower getting ready for work (at the dental office) a song I had written a few years ago popped into my head – words of poetry that I never did complete. That got me to thinking; maybe this is one of the things I miss most about being engrossed in studies – being able to write poetry, to do photography as a way of recording my own sense of wonder at God’s creation. If I completely abandon these things, will I be able to take them up again?

Then I thought – it is past time for my winter retreat. Wonder if I can squeeze it in to my weekend?


Maybe I will take off to a more northern place to just spend some time with God and my camera tomorrow.

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