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An Interrupted Life

I was introduced to the life and writings of Etty Hillesum today.  She did not survive the Holocaust but she did learn to live her short life with God. 

On prayer she says, " Half an hour of meditation can set the tone for the whole day but its not so simple.  It has to be learnt." 

And, " Somewhere deep inside all of us carry a vast and fruitful loneliness wherever we go."

I think it is that loneliness that calls us to a relationship with God. 

It was a good day.  Ad now at the end of a rainy day the sun is out and I will walk a bit and enjoy the peacefulness of the grounds and the trees that always take me closer to God.

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O taste and see…

Seems I used to have a lot more time to reflect on life.  I am anxiously awaiting my week of retreat.  Only one week to go! 

Life still teaches me lessons but I learn them only if I stop and take some time to reflect on their meaning. 

Zaka’s response to the delicious taste of the cherry was so much like my own reaction to the new experiences life offers me.   God may be offering me the very best that he has for me but it does not look like the familiar fruit, the one that I’ve learned to relish.  I take a taste and find only the pit, rejecting the good fruit around it.  So I miss out on what God has to offer for the moment.  My tastes are too immature and I don’t hear him saying, "Linea, taste the fruit around that hard pit that you just spit out in disgust"  I think he has to re-introduce me to those tastes he offers again and again, patiently waiting for my taste buds to mature so that I can appreciate the succulent goodness of what he offers me.

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