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Evening Prayers

Today, in my spare moments, I have been pulling together some of the resources I’ve collected and trying to finalize the Evening Prayers we will use at the woman’s retreat. I love doing this. I have no idea if I am good at it though. That assessment is always so subjective.

I hope that the prayers I collected will be a blessing to all of us as we pray together in the quiet of the evening before we head off to bed for the night.

Of course at a women’s retreat there is no guarantee that having said Evening Prayers, we will go straight to bed. There is always visiting to do, and sometimes that goes on into the wee hours of the night.

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I am thinking

I really am. I am sure there are some thoughts in this brain somewhere.

There is just a lot of other stuff going on around me these days. Starting to set up plans for vacation. Hope to take Kieran with us on our cruise up to Alaska. Arranging that.

Tax stuff which has to be worked on soon. Starting to gather together my stuff.

Studies. Hope to hear about midterm marks.

Tomorrow is free. It feels as if the day is a gift but it is not without its limits as far as getting things done. And I have to go by the Bison for coffee. Laura was asking where I am. Lots of other little odds and ends to tie up tomorrow too.

What I would like to do is have time to put together some thoughts I have had as I’ve been reading Joan Chittister’s book Wisdom From The Daily. Daily life for me is full of work; good work and useful work but sometimes hard to see past the humdrum steadiness of it to appreciate it as God’s gift to me and to others through me. So maybe I will get some time to sketch that out this weekend too.

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Thinking about theology

Just looking at this blog and thinking…

That I haven’t had any real profound thoughts in a long while. Not that what follows is in any way close to profound.

Although tonight we had fun discussing Mary and some of the differences between Catholic and Protestant beliefs about her. And I brought along my great big heavy book of excerpts from Karl Rahner’s writings. The bit about the immaculate conception was a bit obscure in its discussion of this but I could understand the part where he states something to the effect that Mary was unique in that from the beginning God willed her to be perfectly obedient so that his plans for our salvation would take place.

But there are times when these deep theological matters really don’t seem to matter. I doubt we understand the half of it. How can we. We look at things after the fact and try to make sense of things that are too big for us to ever understand. And so we set up barriers to communication between different branches of the church and between people.

I wonder who pleases God more – theologians developing arguments or some poor soul out there handing out a blanket to some unknown street person who knows no theology other than love.


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A Push From The Almighty

It was a beautiful morning as I left home just before sunrise this morning.  The sky was one of those amazing shades of pinky orange and I had a few extra minutes before I was due at the church for worship music practice.  I had my camera in my purse and on the spur of the moment decided to take a short detour in order to get a better picture of the sky.

You know what that means – short detours have a way of taking you  places you had NO intention of ending up. 

I thought that the road leading down to the sewage treatment plant, just on the edge of town, a few minutes from the street I take to get to church anyway, would give me the view I wanted – lots of sky and trees on one side, river on the other.

I didn’t think I was driving that close to the side of the road.  But it was way softer than I anticipated and my front right wheel got caught in the soft snow on the shoulder.  It was as if an irresistible force took hold of that wheel and pulled me right down there into the ditch. 

So, there I was.  At the bottom of a deep ditch in soft snow.  My spare minutes for photography were all of a sudden used up and I was not exactly at the church. 

I think I got a good dose of my father’s stubbornness.  I flashed back to one of those times when we, the whole family in the car, were hopelessly stuck in some mud hole on a dirt road that he had thought worthy of exploration.  We would all end up having to push or walk to the nearest farm to get help.  I swore I would never be like that! 

At least, I was alone.  Stupid maybe, but alone with my stupidity.  My stubbornness showed up about then and I decided that I would just drive out.  After all, I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Well, maybe not meant for off-roading but 4 wheel drive should be good for something.  And, I was not stuck.  I mean the vehicle could move – parallel to the road in the ditch – quite freely. 

We did it, that CRV and me.  And maybe the Almighty gave me a small push between his guffaws of laughter at this silly woman who he loves too much to imagine, this daughter of another one of his beloved children.  Maybe they both had a good laugh.

I was only ten minutes late for practice.  It was a particularly good and joyful morning as I had a good laugh at myself too.

No pictures though.  The orange of the sky had disappeared.

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Some days I just wish I could stay at home. I think I need time to let parts of me (that are always busy and rushing to something coming up next) settle down and let me catch up with myself.

My heart does not always seem to be where my body is required to be for reasons of work or home needs. It leaves me feeling weirdly disjointed and unsettled.

There are days – like today – when it would be fun to have no demands, when it would be fun to invite Zaka over so we could watch Treehouse or look at a book or go for a walk in the cold and snow. I’d like to pull him in our improvised sleigh and swing him around and watch his eyes sparkle. Or play a game of hockey on my kitchen floor or crash cars with him for awhile.

With no unfinished quizzes to be concerned about, no bills to pay, no deadlines for anything, just the day to spend enjoying him.


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This morning during my private talk with God in the quiet of my living room, I told him about this patient that I was dreading. Last time he was so arrogant, called me “girl” as if I was of no importance at all. The world revolved around him after all and I was just a female figure that he would use to get what he wanted – which was a new crown for his broken one – at my expense, I think. I believe he was trying to intimidate and manipulate me so that if I responded out of sympathy for his situation, he could then disappear and have his crown for free.

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What will change Africa?

A friend from my missionary days in the Congo posted this link on Facebook.  Very insightful, considering the writer professes to be an atheist.  I think he recognized the heart of what we believe, what we hope shows in spite of our failures – that following Christ makes a difference. 

I would contend that this may be more visible to him in Africa but it should be no less true here, in North America.

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