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Still working on the photos.

I’ve uploaded a bunch more to Flikr so enjoy if you feel so inclined.  Here’s one I like from Carn Brea in Cornwall.


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Packing up

We’ve been just relaxing today, visiting, packing our bags.  Doing all those last minute exchanging of internet addresses and such and thinking that it sure would be great to do this again in a few years.


This place has become our second home, a place of real welcome and we are going to miss the people here.  Even if we re-visit this place in a few years, many of these fathers will no longer be here. 

Belgium this week is cool and a relief from the heat of Spain.  I think we have begun our climate accommodation for the weather at home.  That is OK.  Hot weather is nice for a holiday but two weeks has been adequate.  I do think I have the best tan I’ve ever had though!

So, this week will bring us back to the realities of life in Prince Albert.  There is going to be a lot of pictures to sort through.  But that will have to wait.  I don’t want to spend all of my last afternoon sitting in front of the computer. 


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More pictures up

We finally are in a hotel with a good and free wifi connection.  so last night I took some time and uploaded more pictures from Belgium and some from Bath.  There will be more to add later but these give you some idea of where we have been and what we have been up to this past week.

More than places though, we have been visiting old friends and it has been so good. 

So here are pictures from Leuven and from Bath.


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Region of Zonhoven

This is the area where our friend Marcel grew up.  He used to come and play  in these woods.  At the top of the hill is a hermitage DSCN2643

which has been restored.  The chapel is open to anyone.  A fellow lives here in the other part and keeps an eye on the place.  He is also a Psychiatrist.  Must be a loner too.  Beautiful spot if you enjoy quiet and nature but a good hike back to the road. 

More pictures here.

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It is hard to know where to begin

There are new things to see and photograph every day.  So much so that its hard to find time to deal with posting. 


Our first trip out from Leuven where we are based was to the north where we took some time to visit Ypres and the huge cemetery close to Pashendale.  Here are some of the photos – enjoy the set I have begun at Flikr.

Ypres was the place where my grandfather was wounded in 1916.  He ended up losing a leg but also ended up in hospital in England where he met and married my grandmother.  Good can come of bad things.

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Work day at church

Last weekend we were busy as could be getting the church and yard into good shape.  Some of the work was inside, some outside.  I spent a couple of hours disinfecting toys in the nursery.  Everything is looking pretty ship shape now. 

Some of the guys were a long way up doing their thing.



More pictures here.

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Since it is so beautiful out today I am convinced that Spring is here for real.  Therefore it was time to get rid of the snow on the header.

And truthfully, the pussy willows are filling out and getting fuzzy.

Linea spring coming 001

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