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Congo Kids

At the evening service last night here at the ECC Annual Meeting the speaker spoke of how we must respond to the needs in the Congo.  The Covenant has launched a project called Congo Kids powered by World Vision.   Hoping to make an impact on the lives of kids in the area of the Congo known as the Nord Ubangi – the area I used to live in. 

all the neighborhood kids

The needs of this extremely poor country are huge.  This could make an impact.  They are hoping to have water points in Gemena within 500 M of every home.  No more walking all the way to Bokonzo to get drinking water for Pascaline, who did this for Willadeen and myself while we stayed there.

Bokonzo water tower Water towers at Bokonzo.

The Canada Covenant is launching its own part of this project.  This will happen in October so watch for it and think seriously about sponsoring a child from this project through World Vision.  The money you give for support will go to development of the whole community in which the child lives.

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This week I’m back

I don’t know, it has been almost two months since I posted.  It is not as if I have nothing to say, just that saying it publicly seems to have lost its urgency.  But since I do want to share some of my experience in the Congo, this does seem a good place to do it.

young boy

The kids out there are great.  As you can see they are not camera shy and they loved getting their pictures taken and then seeing them on the digital screen. This is one of the boys from the neighbourhood in Gemena where I spent a week.  Every day when we returned from class, the kids would come running to greet us.

World Vision is starting up a project in this area of the Congo.  More on this another post.

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What’s Going On Here?


I did not expect to wake up to this!


It is a good day for a Sabbath. 

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Blogging hiatus

It has been over a month.

Something about blogging just does not call to me like it used to. I guess that is just the way things go. I still enjoy reading the blogs of the friends I know here but even that I am not so faithful at. Forgive me.

Life has just gotten in the way and it has become less important to write about it than to spend time just doing it.

But still there is something about writing out the thoughts of my heart that I want to do. It is good for me to do too. So I will try and return here.

The focus may change. That is, you may get more contemplative thoughts. If I have them.

Less activities. Maybe I will get back to photos again since they record things I feel in a visual way.


Talk to you later – hopefully not a month from now. I’ll try and do better than that.

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Red Sky


Yesterday I made a trip to Saskatoon for the White Coat Ceremony for the 2nd year students at the College of Dentistry.  This is basically a time before they begin treating live patients when they vow to practice their new profession ethically.  This year the first class of the college was invited to cloak the students since this is our 40th anniversary since graduating. 

As I pointed out to the other 6 of my classmates who were there, we left behind our own legacy, notably the “Boot Play” trophy which is still passed on to the student who makes the biggest gaff of the year.  Like we did – to the student who left us to join the Med students.  We had other disasters we celebrated later with much laughter – the gold crown getting its final polish that was sucked up into the vacuum system and the long hair that got entangled in the old belt driven slow speed handpiece.  Those were the days!

Our class were the pioneers, making do in temporary quarters, learning to improvise when we lacked some tool.  Good training.  As Jim said we were a “first class” first class.  Yesterday seven of us were there for the ceremony but all ten of us are living and the seven of us that were there still are practicing to some degree. 

I spent the rest of the day applying for a new passport, had supper with Sara and saw her new lodging – way out on the south end of Saskatoon – a place that did not exist the last time I drove south of town.  Then decided to spend the evening with Dave, Annette and kids; watched a movie and slept over. 

Which is why I was up and driving home when the sun came up.  I took advantage of a day with no fixed agenda to drive off the beaten track and snap the red sky as the sun came over the fields and forest.

IMGP0966 second rev

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Cool days ahead


Today, being a “day off”, I took some of my class readings outside, sat in the lawn chair and read for awhile.  It looks like a day of mixed cloud and sun but there is a certain nip in the air that forebodes cooler days to come.  The sun is not as hot as it was last week.  Will we see temperatures in the 30’s again this year?  I doubt it.  The leaves are already beginning to turn and I saw a prediction for frost this week.  I like the cooler weather but  it also brings the promise of winter.  Which is long. 

I think I will enjoy these last days when I can sit outside in Capri’s and sandals -  with no mittens on. 

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The End of Vacation

It really is too bad such good things have to come to an end. 

Banff was lovely and Leo does make reservations at the classiest hotels – king sized comfort.  Not quite the Fairmont Banff Springs but close enough for our budget.  Leo was on educational leave and of course that helps.  And keeps him busy so there is small chance of boredom setting in.  IMGP0621

We had a fair amount of rain to deal with but that didn’t stop us from venturing out on a raft trip.

  IMGP0492 IMGP0481

And I went for a hike with my sisters – my younger sisters – and we hiked to the top of Sulphur Mountain.  Took 2.5 hours and I just about died!  If I did that every day I would either die younger or be in much better shape.

We travelled up to Jasper and through Edmonton on the way home.  I think I liked the Maligne River Canyon most for its beauty and for the marvelous force of the water which has carved a canyon for itself.




Now today, I have been back at the computer.  Working on an article, reading, starting to gear up for a full week to come.


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