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And the Band Plays On

It has been a day. 

The Veritas Seminar has been well worth our precious Saturday morning time.  Gerald Froese led us through the process of assessing where we are as a church – Healthy Missional, Stable, Critical Moment, or At Risk.  That was very interesting.  Seems the general feeling is that we are somewhere between a Critical state and Stable with a strong desire to move towards healthy and missional. 

Now may God give us strength to follow his lead.  There seem to be some things we are working at that definitely are getting us out into the community around us. 

I, personally have been fighting off some sort of illness.  I thought that I had simply picked up a cold and that yesterday it was pretty much over.  Then last night and today the aching started.  So after getting home from the seminar, I headed straight to bed.  Only got up to go for a practice drive with Nan, who drives his driver’s test on Monday. Parallel parked at least six times.  If he keeps his wits about him I think he will pass. 

Then home, grilled a few smokies for supper and went to bed again.

And then the band showed up.  Makeshift Innocence.  Playing at one of the local pubs tonight and then at On The Rocks in Edmonton  on Sunday night.  They will all find some corner to sleep tonight.  And the rest of the smokies are history.

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More photos

I have finally made it to our visit to our friends Maria and Cipriano Almeida’s home, farm and vineyard in a little town near Seia in Portugal.  The set can be found here on Flikr.  There will be more photos to add later.

Visiting my auntie is taking up much of my spare time.  It is well used.  I don’t now how much longer we’ll have her to visit.  Mostly I just sit with her but last night I found that she still enjoys music so I plugged her ear in to my i-pod and she listened to some classical stuff I have on there.  Think I’ll upload some old hymn favourites for her.

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So it ends

I made a decision last night to end my participation in the local orchestra.

“End my participation” sounds so much better than “drop out of”, eh?

We were playing last night at one of the care homes; what Dean calls an open rehearsal. I have been trying very hard to find some practicing time over the past two weeks and thought I was not doing too badly but last night it was just too obvious that if I can’t practice more, I can’t contribute much to the orchestra. I’m still an early stage learner not an accomplished bassist who can take the simple songs we have and play them well without a lot of practice. I came home very frustrated and disappointed with myself after our rehearsal since even for the songs I thought I had prepared fairly well, I played way too slow to keep up.

So, I guess that’s it for now. For this year. For the bass.

I now will use the practice and orchestra time to work a bit harder on my Greek and see if that extra time helps me out there. Christmas is always a busy time for family so the extra freedom to enjoy the kids and grandkids will be good too. And then in January I go to Chicago for another class and start an online class in February. So, I will not be bored with nothing to do.

I’m the kind of person who adds things to my schedule with enthusiasm but lets go of things with reluctance. But there comes a point when reason prevails.

I will miss playing my bass with the orchestra. Very much.

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I have a lot of respect…

for anyone who can grow and maintain a perfect ‘fro. And sing his heart out to boot.

That was Alex Cuba. Really was worth the trip to Saskatoon and the late night which will catch up with me today, I am sure. He sang all his songs in Spanish which very few in the audience understood. His passion for music and life was unmistakable and came across to all os us.


Music – what a way for people to connect. I think God gave us a truly wonderful gift in our ability to make and appreciate music.

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And tomorrow

I’ve been invited by Christian to go with him to Saskatoon to the Jazz Bassment to hear Alex Cuba.  It may be a late night but should be fun.  And it is kind of cool that Christian thinks his mother likes the right kind of music enough to merit being invited.  I asked if we would be sure to get in, would there just be a cover charge or what and I was informed that we’d be on the guest list.  Super cool.  Can’t say I’ve ever been on any musicians guest list.

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Birthdays and such

Today my youngest granddaughter became one year old. Kimia is getting to be a girl with some character. And mobility. And size – over 27 lbs last I heard. Tomorrow we are going to her house to celebrate this significant milestone.

But tonight, I was participating with the Prince Albert Strings inour local music festival. We did fairly well – 87 and 89 in our catagory. I think we did well for a group that went from a fairly experienced group last year to a group of near novices. These songs were simpler than what we attempted last year but I think Dean, our conductor, was pleased.

Kimia has her big party tomorrow but my big day is approaching. Saturday. 60 years.

It has occurred to me that this is a fairly long time. As the span of life goes it is likely at least 2/3 of my allotted days.

So, maybe to keep me thinking I am young, my hubby bought me this nice new little computer. At least it has given me a new toy to play with and try to get all up to date and get files transferred over and all those little chores. I have no pictures on this baby yet. So bear with me. They will come.

And this one is little. I chose a little one for ease of transport – a 13 inch screen and only 4.6 lbs. I think it will fit nicely into my purse actually. Another Toshiba because I like their durability.

So, life goes on. Birthdays or no birthdays.

I wonder if it will take all my life to figure it all out and come to terms with who I am and what I really need to be about. I think that maybe now and then I see shadowy glimpses of the person I might be becoming but then I stumble back to the reality of me and everyday life. Sometimes I just get lost and lonely even at 60. But I know that overall, I have been blessed and am glad that my life has, for the most part, been full of interesting challenges and opportunities.


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I can tick that one off my to do list.

Last night I was part of an orchestra.  It was so much fun playing and having drums and trumpets and a choir behind us. 

It covered up for all the parts I did not play well.  And, besides, I was not carrying the bass part all by myself.  There were 5 basses all together – four of them a whole lot better at it than I.

I struck up a conversation with the 11 year old young man standing beside me.  He said something to the effect of, “I like your bass style when we are playing the jazz parts.”  And I thought to myself, “Wow, I like your style when you are just playing anything.”  How wonderful to be 11 and already so good. 

I didn’t talk much to the other bass player.  They were teenagers and – well maybe that says it all.

I guess I have a long standing acquaintance with the conductor.  His wife and I sang together in our high school years.  He came over and talked to me during one of the practice breaks.  I had kind of lost track of Judy and so, although his name was so familiar and it triggered that feeling of “he knows me and I should be able to place him,”  I could not be sure.  Now I know and Judy and I will have to reconnect. 


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