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Paul Brand Dies at 89.

For those who have been involved in the treatment and prevention of Leprosy, as Leo was and as Jacques, the father of Patrick and Christian is, the death of Paul Brand is significant. A pioneer in medicine/ surgery and a man who followed God. A good example of someone who gave their most excellent work to God.

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Michael Coren – on Gay Marriages

In my wandersings around cyberspace I found a link to this interesting article on Gay marriage by MICHAEL COREN, a Sun Media columnist. There has been so much in the news and it is hard to know if one should even express an opinion. This guy says a lot of reasonable sounding stuff – honest and loving at the same time.

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Beyond Magazine led me to a fantastic piece of reporting on the Congo done by David McLaughlin and others at the CBC. Take a look. You need time but if this sort of thing interests you it is time well spent.

Just had an e-mail this am from our boys dad in the Congo. He was bit by a cat. He is worried. We are worried. Rabies is prevelant there. Vaccines and immune globulin are not so easy to come by. Bring Jacques before God today.

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