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We learned the news tonight that a good friend died suddenly on Sunday night. Keith Fullerton was a spiritual father to Leo and I.  He was our pastor in Saskatoon when we were students learning about life and faith and he was the pastor that sent us off to the Congo.  You can read more about him here.

It has been good to keep in touch over the years, visiting when the occasion permitted.  I guess it is a few years past now since we spent some time together in their home in Surrey.  They gave my car with the broken window a safe place to sleep while we waited for the glass people to open on a Monday morning.

Keith was retired but not really. He was always busy serving in some capacity. I last saw him at Alive this fall.  He continued to be down to earth, loving life and people and keeping up with current issues in theology.  The term pastor suited him well.

Funerals never fall at convenient times and this next week is full of travel and study for me and travel and work for Leo so I doubt we will  be able to go and celebrate his life with friends.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.  We will all miss him but we will meet again.

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Seems to me this is sort of Kingdom work – making our world a safer place by our willingness to risk for others.  I wonder…  God is certainly at work here even if the participants are unaware.

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Plane crashes

Tragic accident in Kamsack – plane crash kills Saskatoon eye surgeon.

The story is here.

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More good news for coffee lovers.

This is news I am glad to hear.



Now, if I was only a mouse.

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Power is really only temporary

Just got news that a person important in the little corner of the Congo where we used to live, has died in Brussels.  Bemba Saolona. 

If you read French, you can catch the story here.

Leo played tennis with him and his son, Jean-Pierre at Karawa a couple of times. 

He owned businesses and an airline and many plantations while we lived there.  His son is now going to trial for war crimes.  How the mighty are fallen!

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What will change Africa?

A friend from my missionary days in the Congo posted this link on Facebook.  Very insightful, considering the writer professes to be an atheist.  I think he recognized the heart of what we believe, what we hope shows in spite of our failures – that following Christ makes a difference. 

I would contend that this may be more visible to him in Africa but it should be no less true here, in North America.

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It seems that I have made the front page of the paper.  That’s right.  Me and not my usually newsworthy husband. 

Prince Albert Daily Herald – front page – Top Story

Not like I am bragging or anything.  This is more likely to get me in trouble with the people at my college who might see it as a form of advertising than to cause a rise to fame. 

Its a good story about a work that I have been involved with from its start-up here in PA and it tells the story of what we do pretty well.  It is a work I love to do. 

But when I told the reporter that I do this work because I like children and that I do this because it fits with how I practice and who I am, how on earth did this get translated into a  phrase like “affinity” for children?  Maybe it is just too big a word for me.

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