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So this is Saturday

I have just returned from a shopping trip to the mall with my daughter-in-law and my three grandchildren.

Ahhh… the joys of shopping with children. They were pretty good actually but I have gotten used to hunting around in shops at my leisure. We spent time in the play area. That’s not an area I usually visit.

But I did find a pair of dressy shoes that fit my wide, wide feet. Now I’m set for the gala event I am attending this evening with the purpose of meeting up with a dental student I wll be mentoring over this coming year. And I’ll get to visit with our past summer student and his wife as well as visit with Sara and her dental student boyfriend.

Then I turn around and drive home – I think. Unless it is just too late and I’m too tired. My kids always seem to allow me to sleep over if I need to.


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Grandmother stuff


Last week, as I spent time with Kieran and Nea, my understanding of a most wonderful truth about being a grandmother grew. It is OK to play. It is more than OK actually – it is almost a requirement and in fact it is fun.

This kind of playing belongs mostly to grandparents I think. I suppose a really silly parent can get by doing the same things but most parents take the importance of their high role too seriously. A grandparent can get away with being really silly or simple and no one is likely to judge you for being a poor grandparent because of it. They will probably watch you down on the ground picking up stones, examining them carefully with a five year old and marvel at the joy you still find in life.

This summer, as I drove out to Vancouver, I gathered a few treasures along the way. Rocks.


My excuse was that they were for Kieran. But maybe it is the repressed child in me. I always gathered rocks on my summer vacations as a child. Why not do it again now? This will perhaps be the last period of my life when I will be able to gather them. And a grandmother needs no better reason than that I will be able to sit with my grandson and admire their shapes and colour.


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One of my goals for today was to upload some of my pictures to Flikr and get some sets of my vacation and on my newest granddaughter.  This stuff seems to take a lot of time but some of the pictures are up and can be seen here (Kadyn) IMG_1407


and here (vacation). 


The vacation set will see some additions as the week goes on.  I have a  lot of pictures to go through. 


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A Day With Friends

We spent the day up at Waskesiu with our good friends the Kents yesterday.  The weather was perfect – hot and sunny – perfect lake weather. 


Waskesiu has become quite the vacation hot spot in this area.  A few years ago there was little development.  Now new and very expensive cabins are going up where there used to be tiny little cabins and shack tents.  In fact there is a “historical” display of these old structures by the administrative centre.  It is indicative of my age, I guess, that this is history I remember – like yesterday.

Anyway, pictures are worth more than words so here are a couple of shots from our day.  There are more over at Flikr.





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Off to Chicago

I am up early this morning that we leave for Chicago. I rarely seem to sleep in anymore. I probably need a long holiday to let myself totally relax. Sort of need to reset the old biological clock with a long rest and no alarms.

But today we leave for Chicago and a week long course at our denominational seminary, North Park.

The course will be good; right down our alley, so to speak. The Theology of Caring and Health. And since the paper I needed to have completed before the course is done, I am beginning to anticipate this week eagerly.

We also will get to spend time with old friends from the Congo as well as see friends from my spiritual direction course. And then on our way back Rachelle and Ronin will come out to see us for a couple of hours at the airport in Toronto.

So, now I’d better go and do all those last minute packing things and close up the suitcase. You may hear from me in Chicago. I guess that depends on computer availability but I will try.



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On a less stressful note

It is my hubby and best friend’s birthday today.  He joins me now in my old age. 


Sixty years suits him well I think.  He gets to become a doting grandfather and having lost well over 100 lbs in the last year, he has more energy to invest in life.  In fact, he was off to play golf at 6 am today to begin his birthday celebrations.

Looking forward to the next batch of years we have together.



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I Think

That this was one of the best Mother’s Days ever for me.  I think I may have said that before.  Maybe it just keeps getting better each year. 

I was preaching in the morning service at church and so of course what other topic was there that made more sense to speak on than women and how we are created in the image of God.  God has used brave and intelligent women in his story throughout history and he wants us to experience the fullness of who he created us to be.

And I got to preach to my children.  What mother can pass that up?  🙂

Then home to a good family barbeque.


Eric was in command on the barbeque cooking up his bacon wrapped venison filet mignon, corn on the cob and a lake trout that Sara caught last summer.  Delicious! I even splurged in celebration of the day and had some of the dessert provided by Grace.  Plus ice cream. 

The kids got me some lovely gifts too.  A garden rake – and then Patrick raked the back yard.  A hanging basket of flowers that it is still too cold to put outside.  And a gift certificate so I can buy some more books.

The afternoon was beautiful and we spent a lot of time out on the back deck in the sun.  Kimia was toddling around and got her exercise going up and down the stairs – both inside and out.  Then she ran into a wall and got a big goose egg!  But that was after these cute pictures.



Perhaps what made the day so great was just having my family around.  And that includes the two Conngolese guys that we welcome as part of us. And the kids farther away called and it was so good to chat with them.

I am so blessed.



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