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This waiting time

Waiting for an exam at Christmas time is not a good way to prepare for the coming of Christmas.

Or is it?

It means that every moment of my day has to be thought out. Can I get some good studying done? Should I take a break now and put up some decorations? How much of my time should I give to my kids who need babysitting so they can get some important things done?

What are my priorities when it really comes down to how I use my time? I guess this has been the question foremost in my mind these days. What are the most important priorities when I am living out my life stressed by too many demands on my time and at the same time trying to walk through life as a follower of Jesus?

Just trying to live out my relationship with God as I take care of my family, myself and my work. Trying to maintain some sort of balance and sanity. Besides studying and passing a midterm. Thus not much blogging or deep thoughts.

I will be so glad when I have a short break from work between Christmas and New Years.

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Things a Grandmother should not have to do

Among other things – sedate and do dental work on a grandchild.  He  did not like it at all.  He drank the juice fine but from the time we got him to the dental chair and started the work it was downhill.  We had to hold him down and then the cavity was deep enough to need a nerve treatment.  So much for a small and easy job.

One more of those sessions to go.

When he came to the office this morning he asked his mom why he couldn’t visit Grandma at her house rather than her office.

I guess I will survive.  As long as he forgets the fight to get the work done and as long as he still likes coming to my house.

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Zaka’s Party

This Friday I got a call at noon just as I was sitting down to dinner out with the School Dental Program staff, I got a call to tell me that Zaka was having a daycare Christmas programme at 3.  Luckily for me, we had finished up at both schools early and I was free for the afternoon. 

So, I got to attend my first school programme for one of my grandchildren.  The kids were ready when I got there and they had to wait for the parents to arrive to sing their songs.  They were getting restless and Zaka ended up having to sit off to the side away from the friend he was pushing off the chair.  And then he kept peeking in through the door of the room behind him where I suspect a bag of toys was being assembled. 

There were a few tears – par for the course at a preschool programme and then some very enthusiastic singing as they got into things.



And the highlight was a visit from Santa of course.


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Caging the Beasts Otherwise known as Babysitting

Last night we were babysitting for Kimia so her parents could go to the law society’s Christmas event.  We enjoy this and thought we’d share some babysitting wisdom with you.

How to keep the kids out of trouble –


keep them in the pet kennel.  And send in a friend to play with.


(actually, keeping them out once they discovered it was impossible.)

And then you wear them out so they insist on getting their coat and shoes on and stand by the door until they are too tired to stand and just pass out on the rug.


What a girl Kimia is.  She is going to give her parents a few challenges I think.


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I spent part of this weekend doing dental things – a trade show where I succumbed to the temptation to purchase a air/electric highspeed handpiece that has the ability to maintain an even torque.  Now that might not mean much to most of you but it means my drill won’t stall out when the going gets tough.  Also picked up some stuff to help motivate young people with braces to brush better through self assessment of their oral health status – in other words are their teeth covered with yuck or not. 

Then we interviewed a person since we need a second hygienist and ate lunch at Earls.  The salad I had was delicious.

But the best part of the weekend so far was eating pancakes and bacon prepared by my son and eaten with his family and shopping with David, Annette and kids.  It is hard to find truly meaningful gifts for the kids and grandkids.  They do not need more junk.  Neither do I.

But then we stopped at the World Vision Kiosk and my son’s family signed up to support a child from the Congo, finding a boy about the same age as Kieran so they would be able to write to each other.  Kieran thought he would like to give some of his chore money towards supporting him.  That is one of the best gifts they have given me and they are probably not even aware that it blessed me so much to be there as they chose to do that. And one little boy and his village will be blessed and perhaps will understand some of the wonder of love offered across the huge span of distance that separates them; the wonder of what Christ really came to set in motion at Christmas.

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I still have so much to figure out.

I am thinking through – or trying to – my personal theology of work and daily life (my understanding of God’s relationship to my world). Trying to figure out and appreciate the activity of God in the daily parts of living; you know, my relationship with Leo, the family, visitors, the grandkids, study and work and how my faith mixes with all these things; where God is in this ordinary daily stuff and what he wants from me.

I do not have it all sorted out. So this might just sound confused or extremely boring and I really do not want to bore you. So skip this if you want to read someone who has it all put together.

Sixty years and I still have so much to figure out. Continue reading


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The activity of Halloween has been going on for about three hours so far.  The count for trick or treaters is standing at less than 30.  I should know that this is the number I should plan for by now but I always over anticipate the numbers of kids that will show up.  I think I would like it if more came – little kids anyway.  They are cute and creative and having fun.


This is Kieran.  A scarecrow.  However by the crow perched on his shoulder I’m not sure how effective he has been at scaring away the birds.  But the costume won him the first prize for costumes in Grade one at his school.  He was pretty proud of that.  The missing teeth are very authentic – three gone so far.


And Nea is a pretty cute flower too, don’t you think?


And the other grandkids should be by sometime tonight.  So there may be more pictures later. 

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