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A lot can happen in a week or so…

Spring has come.  It comes so fast. Each year I plan on getting out into the country to pick pussy willows and see the crocuses come up.  And for the past few years I have missed all of that.  It happens and then is gone. This year I am going. Today should be quiet enough for me to maybe pack up some of the grandkids and go pussy willow hunting. 

Linea spring coming 001

The fuzzy little creatures are already appearing in the trees next to my office.  The sun is shining and the weather should be perfect.

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Of KFC and Sunday School Curriculum

Today has been full of busy work.  Good stuff to do but the day seems too short by the end – Bread ministry, staff meeting, School volunteering, picking up grandkids, another meeting tonight. 

The longest part of the day may have been the half hour wait to pick up some KFC.  I had the kids with me and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Till we had waited over half an hour by the time we got to the window to pay and pick up food only to be informed that if we wanted to we could wait another 15 minutes and then our order might be ready.  Seemed a bit much so I declined and headed over to another chicken joint where we got our chicken and were home within 15 minutes.  May be the last time I line up at KFC.  Meanwhile the kids were super about the long wait in the car and were happily playing with each other.  They were very hungry though when we did sit down to eat.  Cleaned up their plates in no time.

At the meeting tonight we took on cleaning out a cupboard at the church.  Sent a lot of really outdated Sunday School material to the recycle bin.  Chucked a few vinyl records of someone telling stories and singing the choruses to go with the lessons.  Really dated stuff.  But there is some good stuff there too.  We just do not have the number of kids of all ages to use the material but if anyone could use it – I would love to pack it up and ship it off to someone who would use it.  We have some stuff by Groups, Hands on Bible Curriculum. 1997 that is still very usable.  Curriculum plus learning labs full of active things to do.  From toddler to Grades 5/6.  Say the word, give me an address to ship it to and it is yours!  It is not getting any younger!

We also have a couple of sets of curriculum for use with mentally challenged adults – very good stuff.  We don’t have a need for this right now and would love to share it with anyone who needs this.

And that has been my day.  Tomorrow I will be trying to put together a power point presentation to use at our church’s mortgage burning banquet on Dec. 5.  Why didn’t people take more pictures back then?   I may have to get creative and take random pictures of construction sites!


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We really did make it home

…but it has been a busy couple of days.  We spent Sunday in Toronto with Rachelle and Asen celebrating Ronin’s third birthday.  It was a party!  We crossed over to the island on the ferry and had a picnic in the park, went swimming, ate cake, opened lots and lots of presents, and rode rides.



Then the next day – back to Prince Albert.  We still have a bit of catching up from jet lag (as you might be able to tell since I am up at 4 am.) but Leo is already back into the midst of work.  I have a few more days off – yipee! 

My first day back, I spent most of it at the hospital with Auntie F. She will need to get some pins out of an old hip fracture since she is having quite a lot of pain and there are lots of tests in preparation for this surgery that we had to complete.  I was exhausted by the end of the visit.  She was totally wiped out!

Today, I acquired a new hairdo (radical change for me) and ran errands.  I have also been reinstalling programs on my laptop.  I was having a problem using one of my usb ports – everything would shut down – so the operating system was reinstalled.  I’ve spent a lot of time putting things back on and retrieving stuff from the back up.  It is mostly done now, I think. 

Last night I began working on some of our photos and will work some more on that today.  The best ones, I’ll post in sets on Flikr.  Watch for them.

Now, maybe I should try and get some more sleep.


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This is a test

Just seeing if I can upload video.

And I think I’ve got it. 

If so I will upload some videos we take while on vacation.  Hopefully quality will improve as we go.

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Back to the routines

First day back at work. Twas a very good full day too. And I am tired.

And a day of waiting for news about a friend’s surgery – and that did indeed go well. He had a lot of folks praying for him and we’ll keep that up till he’s backup on his feet again and then some as he recuperates and maybe does some cardiac rehab.

Had a visit after supper from the great Zaka. He had to come and pick up the things Grandma brought him from Chicago. And have supper. And ice cream. Then the boys discovered the hammock in the back yard and had a ball.

Then I recommenced my evening bike rides. Two weeks in Chicago did nothing form my weight loss program. Riding the Rotary Trail is so nice in the evening. The deer were out on the far side of the river too, coming down for their evening drinks I suppose. I love watching to see what wildlife will show up.


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Visiting TO

Here I am sitting in Ronin’s room.  He is asleep on the couch.  The flight arrived on time but of course it is two hours later here than home so it is now past midnight. 

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the beach.  It may rain but I think we are going anyway.  It is so humid here that I’m not sure a little rain will be noticeable.

I have a whole day to spend with this branch of my family and I will savour every minute of it.

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Well, it seems I have acquired a new friend.  A little friend about five years old. 

On the weekend when I was outside with Zaka attempting to interest him in some prolonged pedaling on his little bike – at least not to stop pedaling when he got it started – one of our new neighbours came over to see what was up.  J is 5 and since Zaka is 41/2 they hit it off and had a good time.  J especially liked the strawberries and ice cream that I dished out to all the grandkids and also to him.  That afternoon the kids ran around and played cars and rode a bit on the bikes and watched some TV together.

Tonight, my doorbell rang.  There stood J at the door.  I explained that Zaka wasn’t here today, that he was at his house but assured J that I would call him over to play the next time that Zaka came for a visit.

J must have been bored or just very curious.  He first wanted me to come outside and play then instead of Zaka. I told him that I was busy cooking supper and just couldn’t come out.  So then he decided that our cat really needed to be petted and could he come in and pet the cat please. 

You really have to see J to fully understand how helpless an adult can be trying to refuse the request of a little guy with extremely thick glasses with speech somewhat garbled from his missing front teeth. 

Our doorbell rang three times during supper.  In he came to check out the landscaping activity in the backyard but especially to pet the cat who willing snuggled up to him as if this was a very special kid that needed to be loved.

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