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I just caught myself napping. 

I said good bye to the departing children and grandkids and sat down and dozed off.  Maybe I’ll catch my second wind and get something done before bed – or maybe not.

It was a full day.  I got up early to get a lasagne put together and set the oven to go by 4:30 so things would be cooking when I got home, had a shower and left to do a bit of praying up  at the church before work, had an occupational health and safety meeting at lunch and worked most of the day.  A couple of patients failed to show up so I printed off some pictures and did some other paper work at the office before heading home at 5.  Had to swing by the store to get garlic bread and a couple other things and got caught in the slowest check out line up ever.  Didn’t get home till almost 6. Crazy!  At least the lasagne was ready.

And then the party began.  Grace is 22 today today was the big day we were officially introduced to the boyfriend.  So it was quite an evening.  He seems a nice guy and Zaka seems to like him too which is a good sign. And I think he survived the zoo that our house can be when it is full of brothers and sisters and children.

It was a good day even if it was a bit crazy. 

Now, I’d better run through my music for tomorrow’s practice and then get some sleep.

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So this is Saturday

I have just returned from a shopping trip to the mall with my daughter-in-law and my three grandchildren.

Ahhh… the joys of shopping with children. They were pretty good actually but I have gotten used to hunting around in shops at my leisure. We spent time in the play area. That’s not an area I usually visit.

But I did find a pair of dressy shoes that fit my wide, wide feet. Now I’m set for the gala event I am attending this evening with the purpose of meeting up with a dental student I wll be mentoring over this coming year. And I’ll get to visit with our past summer student and his wife as well as visit with Sara and her dental student boyfriend.

Then I turn around and drive home – I think. Unless it is just too late and I’m too tired. My kids always seem to allow me to sleep over if I need to.

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Wisdom teeth

Well, I think that as of today all my children have had their impacted wisdom teeth dealt with.  Most of them I have taken care of myself but Grace’s were way beyond what I wanted to tackle.  So the oral surgeon removed all four of them this morning and she is sleeping off the effects of some major sedatives in her sister’s apartment. 

Poor Sara.  She missed her first class today to help her sister out.  The procedure took a little longer than expected I guess. 

Grace is feeling no pain right now but I suspect that situation will have changed by the time I pick her up at Sara’s this evening. 

And since we had budgeted to pay for these and had them done as professional courtesy, we can put that cash to use in other ways.  (But don’t tell that to any of my kids or they will have plans for it immediately!)

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Grandmother stuff


Last week, as I spent time with Kieran and Nea, my understanding of a most wonderful truth about being a grandmother grew. It is OK to play. It is more than OK actually – it is almost a requirement and in fact it is fun.

This kind of playing belongs mostly to grandparents I think. I suppose a really silly parent can get by doing the same things but most parents take the importance of their high role too seriously. A grandparent can get away with being really silly or simple and no one is likely to judge you for being a poor grandparent because of it. They will probably watch you down on the ground picking up stones, examining them carefully with a five year old and marvel at the joy you still find in life.

This summer, as I drove out to Vancouver, I gathered a few treasures along the way. Rocks.


My excuse was that they were for Kieran. But maybe it is the repressed child in me. I always gathered rocks on my summer vacations as a child. Why not do it again now? This will perhaps be the last period of my life when I will be able to gather them. And a grandmother needs no better reason than that I will be able to sit with my grandson and admire their shapes and colour.

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Welcome to the world, Kayden

Small correction – I spelled the name wrong. Correctly it is Kadyn.

Grand daughter number three and grandchild number six was born today. Mom and baby are doing fine.

Kieran is getting more and more anxious to get home. So, we should be in Saskatoon by tomorrow night before visiting hours close at the hospital. Then we will get our first peek at the new little addition to the family.

I think I’ll finish off a wonderful vacation by spending a day or two in Saskatoon doting on my grandchildren – and maybe washing up all of Kieran’s dirty clothes. Annette doesn’t need to face doing that when she gets home!

And then I will need to get my Greek lesson finished and a quiz done before the weekend so I will see what kind of progress I can make on that while at Dave and Annette’s. I must be back in PA to choose some paint colors too since the living/dining room is going to be painted.

And then life gets back to normal, whatever that looks like.


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The GPS Thingy

So, I was in Red Deer and my friends there had a GPS thing.  It so impressed me that I decided that it was a necessity and that I must get one for Leo for our just past anniversary and try it out, sort of break it in for him and all on my trip to Vancouver. 

Best investment I’ve made in electronic devices I’ve made since my i-pod which I am listening to right now on the hotel room I-pod speakers. 

I used it to find a specific winery in Summerland – took me right there.  Amazing!

Today it took me both to my cousin’s place and then way over here to this hotel.  I love the way it corrects my mistakes(if I make any)  and gives me directions to get back on track.  And, yeah, I’ve actually tried that feature out.  Great.

So, here I am at the hotel waiting for Leo and Kieran to arrive.  They did arrive at the airport but not here to the hotel yet.  Then I need to eat.

I had a wonderful trip wandering around in Alberta and BC.  Memories of places I grew up were stirred again.  That is good.  Visits with friends – exceptionally good.  Beautiful country to drive through and camp in. 

I will post pictures but tonight I need to sleep in a real bed.  Tomorrow the cruise begins.  I think I will find an internet connection on board at least a couple of times.

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Reunion review

This family reunion was very relaxed, pretty unstructured, but seemed to come together to make a meaningful weekend. This was also a first – commemorating the fact that the ancestors, Joseph and Exilda, moved to Saskatchewan 100 years ago.

There was lots of time to sit and talk. The Lanoie’s are exceptionally fine talkers and story tellers so you can just imagine.

We met at a little regional park – Sylvan Valley Regional Park, very close to the tiny community of St Victor.IMG_0105

Aside from being the site of a big biker rally, I doubt that many people find the valley that is home to the park.


It is a beautiful valley with trees hidden in the midst of the surrounding prairie hills and fields. And near it is a site attempting to preserve some early petroglyphs which you can make out faintly in the sandstone rocky outcrop.


The badlands are full of surprises, hidden from most of us city folk who never venture out to these wild places of grass, wind and sun. There really are no attractive beaches nearby, no city to shop in, and only a primitive museum and attempts by the community to preserve this part of history along with that of the early people who travelled out here to settle and try to farm.

But in this country, the Lanoie’s are well known. They have lived here and farmed here for a hundred years.

The weather was great, the food was good and the drink did not run out (well, except for the rum. There are a lot of rum drinkers among this bunch.) The people are salt of the earth kinds of people, even if they can be a bit rough around the edges. Most still live around those parts but others came from as far as Connecticut. IMG_0064 IMG_0086

We had fun. I hope the children will continue to gather the clan together in the future, remembering their roots, holding onto shared values and even the faith that we celebrated on Sunday morning.

More pictures will be posted over on Flikr and a link set up as soon as I get this done.


Update – sorry but the distorted pictures at a larger size just bothered me too much, hence small but undistorted. I’m sure there is a way around this but I have still to figure that out.


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