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The calm of the morning

I‘m up early this morning.  Funny how when I can sleep in, the biological alarm kicks in and wakes me every time.  But this way I do get to enjoy the peace and beauty of a calm sunny morning without the inevitable obligations of the day encroaching on this space.

Today is Leo’s birthday.  Our spare beds are full of family up for the weekend – just what Leo wanted I think.  And it seems that everyone is still sound asleep, even the baby.  Later on there will be lots of activity. 

A whole bunch of yard work is going to be going on around here this weekend as well as birthday celebrations. We need to take out a couple of dead trees, build a new section of fence and the back gate and put in some paving stone and maybe even my little pond that I’ve been hoping for.  Other trees and shrubs need trimming and I need to get some things planted. It is still pretty cool at night but I think it might be safe to go ahead and plant.

So, here I am appreciating the quiet in preparation for a busy day ahead.  May your long weekend be as blest as I’m sure mine is going to be.

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What kind of weather?

I will not put up any pictures of snow.  I will pretend this is not happening and maybe it will go away?

The roads around Saskatoon are just about impassable from what we heard from an employee on her way to Moose Jaw for a night at the spa.  Last we talked to her she was on the side of the road somewhere south of Dundurn.  And yet the roads are clear at Davidson.  And the roads here are not that bad either. 

Leo was scheduled to go star gazing with the mother-in-law this evening.  The Astronomical Society puts on a weekend but not tonight I guess.  The stars did not show up. 

But I will still curl up in a cozy corner and read or see what is on TV.  My head does not really feel like reading OT tonight.  I am hoping that by the end of this weekend I will have fought off this cold.

Oh, yeah, I got my final mark in Greek back today.  I did well and I am glad that it is done for now.

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A Happy Easter to all

Christ has risen. We spent the day celebrating from the sunrise service to church to home and a big family gathering.

Now I am sitting here listening to the kids banter about the Amazing Race in the living room while outside the grandboys and grandtomboy are playing in the yard. The baby is babbling away in her mom’s arms. The contented aftermath of a good Easter spent together, too much good food and good family times.

We had another guy join our table today too, Miquel from Columbia. He was invited to join us at church this morning by Yaounde and when he was about to protest that he couldn’t come and interrupt our family dinner, Massa told him that they wanted him to come, that we were his family and he wanted him to feel welcome. And we found that Miquel doesn’t have a lot of friends that he hangs out with. I’m glad he joined us. I do love having a full table.

And Christian made it home in time to eat leftovers. He spent the last day in Provost. If you look up the history of that place you may discover why it was less than a good time. I guess they had guys in white sheets not so far in the past in that town and he ran across some interesting comments that mostly made him confine his time to his room. They probably won’t play that town again.

But now I am rather tired. I’ve eaten enough that I should go for about a four hour walk but have no energy left.


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Holy Saturday

Today has been a busy day, full of good things and sad things and not much studying.

Since the midterm is done and I have almost caught up on my reading for the Old Testament class it feels as if I have gotten some of my life back this weekend. So today was filled instead with grandkids, some yard work, a memorial service, the never ending grocery shopping and a visit to my Aunt up at Mt. St. Joes.

Sara is home for the weekend too and I hear her down in the kitchen mixing up some carrot cake cupcakes. I will need to get the house organized for tomorrow’s Sunrise service on the river bank tonight too. The sun is up early – 6:30 am. I will get out of bed and make coffee and then the service will begin.

So, I suppose I should get a move on. Watched Julie and Julia last night. Better not let blogging take over although there is not much risk of this becoming a book.

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Big Day Tomorrow

Today was the day in between.  Yesterday was the second birthday of a Lanoie princess. 


Tomorrow – well I’m not sure what that makes me but for sure I’m no longer a princess.  But the princess’ grandmother turns a year older too.

So we are having a little party.  It should be nice enough to have do some burgers on the barbeque.  Burgers and junk food.  Cake and such. 

It will be a good day to celebrate our lives and family.

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So here I am

Made it to Toronto last night about midnight their time. The flight was good – not full, so I shared a seat with myself.  Every introverts dream seating.

I watched a good Canadian made movie about a single mom from Palestine moving to the US – the challenges of moving to a new place with racial and religious prejudice.  That helped the 3 hours pass faster.  I also read one of the books I need to be up on for my course.

And my book promised for delivery by Jan 8 did not arrive by Jan 8, so I am short on the required reading.  The joys of living in the boonies. 

But anyway, I am sitting here in Rachelle and Asen’s living room while Ronin watches his new DVD and plays with his cars.  He’s a good kid – let me sleep in his room last night on his comfy bed.  It is fun to see him and his mom and dad too.  This afternoon I will let Rachelle do a pedicure and manicure and all sorts of esthetic wonders on me as I visit her at work.

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Pushed to efficiency – but no rest in sight

It seems as if a strange phenomenon happens to me – when I get busier, I become more efficient.  Therefore, I suppose I should look on the unexpected events of this week so much as an inconvenient imposition on my time maybe but more as a helpful impetus to efficiency.

One week from today I should be on my way to Chicago to take a J-Term intensive class at my denominations seminary.  The class material looks good and the professor is an old colleague from the Congo. Well, actually, he is probably not “old” at least not exactly older than me but we have known each other for a considerable time.  The class is entitled Pastoring the Missional Church.  Even though I’m not likely to ever pastor a church in an institutional setting the material speaks of a subject that I feel a connection to – how to interact with the culture in which I find myself in ways that are consistent with the teachings of Christ; how to live out my faith in ways that demonstrate God’s love and care for the people I interact with.  This I know is something I am called to even if the setting for me is uncertain now.

So, anyway, I have a lot of reading to do to get ready for the class and a couple of short papers to write reviewing the books. 

On top of this, I have a Greek quiz to get done this weekend.  So, this evening or tomorrow afternoon that is one thing I will be doing.

And then circumstances threw another big change into my schedule. Got a call on Tuesday that a space had opened up in a very nice home for my aunt but that we should either move her there on Thursday (New Years Eve) or next week.  Since next week I have a full slate of patients and since this kind of a move involves a huge amount of time for paperwork and packing not available when I am working, I chose to get the move done this week.  So far, the past three afternoons have been entirely taken up with this move and I expect today will be no different.  But today should finish the move.  I hope.

I have found that in spite of the full schedule things are getting accomplished.  I don’t have a lot of time to just relax though and very little time to enjoy the outdoors like I was anticipating.  But –37 C is a little cold for outdoor activities anyway, eh?

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