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Looking up words

Every now an then I have to look up a word I am attempting to use, so I google it.  This time my search for curmudgeonly led me to the most wonderful blog.  If you are a mom, you will feel a kinship with her especially if your children, behaving just like children, sometimes draw looks of disapproval from proper folks without the joy of companionship. 

I would recommend this blog for a little cheer you up.  Enjoy.  Curmudgeonry.

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I am still here, I think

I have just sent off the first essay to my instructor in Old Testament II. It seems as if this will have to be a weekly occurrence and since this comes on top of responding to some on-line questions and several lectures plus readings in our assigned texts, this is going to be a fairly heavy class.

Such is the student’s life I guess. Self inflicted punishment in my case.

Besides this class, I am also taking a class in Ethics and finishing up my research project for my January Covenant History intensive class.

This has been a pretty crazy week. On top of all these classes, which I think I have mostly been able to keep up with, has been all the work of arranging the funeral for Auntie Florence.


And it was a glorious funeral. Glorious in the sense that glory was given to God for her life – as her life itself had been one of following God and service to him. I will post her eulogy under the pages section of this blog. Click here and a link should take you there.

This week will be busy with wrapping up her affairs plus the ongoing classes and preparing a sermon for Sunday.

After that I will continue on with my on-line classes on the beaches of Costa Rica. I can hardly wait. Maybe the time there will give me some moments to relax and finally process all that has happened over the past weeks.

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Florence Dice

My much loved Auntie has finished this part of her life. At the end it was simply a fading away in the midst of pretty much constant pain and the fog induced by pain control. I would sit and hold her hand, play her some music, try to give her some water to drink. She seemed to enjoy the last visit oh her great, great niece Kimia even though I think it may have frightened Kimia a little. Now she is free of all that painful end of life stuff and with Christ who was her life’s friend.

Until we meet again Auntie.


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tourtieres made and meat for the eighth ready.  I am short one pie shell. 

Tomorrow – last minute shopping and pick up some groceries.

Do some housecleaning and make a trip to Salvation Army or Value Village for a drop off.

Reading.  Much, much reading needs to be done for my January class.  And then there is the prep for preaching on Jan. 2.

It will be a busy day,

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The first Seven Kilos

I bought our Christmas turkey today.  The flyer advertized the price at $0.99 a pound.  The fine print says the turkeys weigh 5 to 7 Kilos.

5 to 7 Kilos.  At seven kgs I would have had to buy at least two.  There was also a whopping big bird in the chest.  Almost 12 kgs.  About the right size for the hordes that will descend on our home Christmas Eve – especially since I supplement it with a ham and tourtiere. 

I will not have room to cook two birds in my oven at once.  Definitely not.  So, I put the big bird in the cart and proceeded to finish my shopping.  The price at the till was not what I expected – closer to $5 a kilo!  But it will feed us all so I looked on the bright side and pay the birds weight in gold.  I think that to be fair they should at least discount the first 7 kilos of the bird.  Or maybe I should read the fine print in the flyer more closely before I go shopping.

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It’s been a bit of a long day

and now it seems as if  sleep eludes me.  So here I sit at the computer fiddling with my header and such.

First news this morning was that oldest son had rolled his vehicle on his way to a town about 4 hours from PA.  Made me very concerned for him as well as for my own travels home from Alberta. 

But he is OK, spending the night in hospital though.  I guess it is prudent for a hospital to make sure the young lawyer is adequately observed so as to avoid any pesky questions later.  He does have a broken collarbone and I guess is pretty sore. 

My trip home was uneventful.  There were some slippery sections along the way but nothing my trusty tires couldn’t handle.  And I really did not want to put them to the test so I was careful.

Made it back in good time for tonight’s council meeting.  Maybe that is what left me sleepless – not that it wasn’t good but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed at the things there are that must be done.  Oh, volunteers, where are you?

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Today was a long day of waiting. 

First of all, I woke up way too early and was lying in bed waiting for the numbers on the clock to tell me I could get up.  Finally, I gave up on them and just got up.  4:30 am.

Then, though I knew that I did not need to arrive at the hospital before my aunt at 10 am, that time between waking and going seemed such an in between unproductive sort of time.  Oh, I guess I did get things done.  Suitcase is still open on the bed for the trip to Charlottetown tomorrow partly packed at least. In my rush to not be late, I arrived at the hospital a good 20 minutes before my aunt so had to wait till the ambulance brought her.  Then the real wait began.  It was very quiet.  Aunty was medicated and pretty much out of it.  Her bedside tray able became my computer desk and I began my essay. 

What a time to delve into the Chalcedonian definition.  Sitting beside a frail, failing human body that holds such a sweet person and not being able to avoid wondering at God’s choice to become fully human like us.  This is probably bordering on blasphemy but I wondered what would have happened if Jesus had become old.  Then I remembered the older woman all stooped and crippled that he healed and the woman with the haemorrhage – and then I realized that Jesus did not have the time to grow old but still he knew all the pain we suffer with age.

They took Auntie in before my thoughts got way too too far off topic and I took a  break and went home for a few hours. Unless a person wants to watch 3 hours of TV, there is not much to do in a day surgery waiting room.

Surgery seems to have gone well.  My prayers for my aunt are that the pain she was  having is reduced by the procedure.  It is hard to see her in such pain on one hand or too medicated to communicate on the other. 

The final waiting process – for healing – real healing, is likely still a ways into the future.  She is as tough and stubborn as any Dice.


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