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This morning during my private talk with God in the quiet of my living room, I told him about this patient that I was dreading. Last time he was so arrogant, called me “girl” as if I was of no importance at all. The world revolved around him after all and I was just a female figure that he would use to get what he wanted – which was a new crown for his broken one – at my expense, I think. I believe he was trying to intimidate and manipulate me so that if I responded out of sympathy for his situation, he could then disappear and have his crown for free.

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These days

This preaching gig (if one can call it a gig) has its rewards.  It seems that if I speak my family lets me off from noon meal responsibilities.  And lets me nap in the afternoon.  Not bad.  They don’t let me take a long nap or cook my meals after doing a good wisdom tooth extraction at the office.

Today we had a most delicious stew prepared by Rachelle.  Venison, vegies and potatoes in a tomato based sauce.  Very very good. 

And a good nap is – well, always good.  And after partying with my staff last night doubly good.


Yesterday we went on a sleigh ride with real horses in the absolutely freezing cold.  We were all bundled up to an almost unrecognizable state.  I am sorry I have no pictures of that! 

I loved the smell of horse and the out of doors.  It brought back memories of my dad.  It was just the sort of thing he would have done and enjoyed.  Funny how memories are triggered by smells and places. 

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Overheard in my office

A patient brought it to our attention that maybe his upper denture needed relining.  The reason – He stated that he was a “preacher of the Gospel”  and that if he was preaching for about 45 minutes he sometimes would cough and they would come loose. 

In the back of my mind I am thinking – ahhh – God has his ways of getting a preacher to shut up.  Should I interfere with that?

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The "Murder House"


That’s how he described it.  No kidding.  That was the place they sent you to get your dental work done back when he was a kid in school in New Zealand.  That’s what all the kids called it.

And he says he can’t remember them ever using local anaesthetic to numb the pain.  Figures they were trying to save money since it was a government program.

But then he admitted that he didn’t really know for sure if that was true.  The “Murder house” was across the school yard.  He had to cross an open field to get there when they sent for him.  The open field was a perfect opportunity to escape.


And to think that I admired this program when it was touted as the example of a wonderful public school delivered dental program. 

I expect his memory of it is a bit colored by fear.  But his story provided us with an occasion to laugh this morning and that was good.

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Maybe I should just go to bed

I guess this is just one of those weeks  that seems endless and terribly busy.  It’s Wednesday already so half the work week is gone.

Before I know it Christmas will be here and I am in no way ready for that big event.  It is a  big family event and it is good but for some reason it makes me feel tired this year.  I am very glad  that Rachelle is coming home for a few weeks.  I hope she will help  me make some goodies, decorate the tree and help make the tourtiere. 

I am on call this week too so maybe that is part of the busyness at work.  There have been a lot of emergencies added to our regular schedule.  Emergencies are always such an unknown.  There is always a certain amount of paperwork so if they are late at all, some of the appointment time is gone.  Then I have to figure out what their emergency is.  Sometimes it is not an emergency at all but some vague pain in the tooth stimulated their brains to equate any sort of discomfort with toothache and thus to the patient it is an emergency.  Therefore, being a diligent dentist with diligent staff, they are fit into the schedule – somewhere. 

Add to that a weekend  that had no breaks for me, a council meeting last night, trying to meet a deadline that I set for my next quiz in Greek in order to keep up and meet my goal of when I want to complete the course, too many late nights combined with waking up too often in the middle of the night or too early in the morning – and I am becoming so very tired. 

Oh, yeah, and I am trying to practice hard at the Christmas carols the orchestra is playing for our local Festival of Trees. 

I guess my tiredness is well earned. 


Maybe I should just go to bed.

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It seems that I have made the front page of the paper.  That’s right.  Me and not my usually newsworthy husband. 

Prince Albert Daily Herald – front page – Top Story

Not like I am bragging or anything.  This is more likely to get me in trouble with the people at my college who might see it as a form of advertising than to cause a rise to fame. 

Its a good story about a work that I have been involved with from its start-up here in PA and it tells the story of what we do pretty well.  It is a work I love to do. 

But when I told the reporter that I do this work because I like children and that I do this because it fits with how I practice and who I am, how on earth did this get translated into a  phrase like “affinity” for children?  Maybe it is just too big a word for me.

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Today I survived

a compressor malfunction at the office.  Dentists can’t do much without compressed air these days.  So we ran way behind and had some people a bit irritated with us at the end of the day.

Also had some extractions that took waaaaay too long, due to one tooth shattering each time we moved it and other teeth not wanting to get numb.  That was tiring.  Good patient but tiring work. 

Now, I am done.  In more ways than one.  Have to go home now and start the night job.  I have no idea what to cook for supper.  I wish I could just eat a sandwich on the couch with my feet up.  Wonder if I can convince others that this is a good idea?

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