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Way to go kid!

It is very encouraging when a four year old who we treated in the OR comes back in for a 3 month post-OR check with shiny clean teeth, no new decay and a totally changed attitude.

He told his mom that he never wanted t have to go to the hospital again to have his teeth fixed and that from now on he wanted to sit in the “big boy” chair.

He made my day!


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Some Crying Going On

Little kids stumbling around in a daze.  Staggering.  Some crying because they are here.  Some crying because they do not want to go home. 

It’s another sedation morning.  Mostly went fine except for the kid who had not come for a year.  His work is so extensive now that he has to have it done under general anaesthetic. 

Great way to start Wednesday morning.


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She wants the day off!

Just took out two wisdom teeth on a good friend.

I hope she heals up quickly and with no complications.  I hate complainers and since she works here, I will have to sympathize and listen to her.  :)  Of course she is not the complaining type – at all.  So maybe our friendship will remain intact.  It did after the last two wisdom teeth.  I really do love my friends and hate to hurt them.


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Wonders Never Cease – or The case of the parking lot microwave

I got a call from the security company that monitors the alarm at my office early this morning. Back door(staff door) sensor had gone off and should they dispatch the police. I said “no” that I would go and check on it. Although it was only 4:45 am I was up and moving. (Leo had to leave for Lloydminster early this morning.)

I arrived at the parking lot to see a microwave sitting there with the light on, plugged in to one of our parking lot plugs. No door left, broken glass plate beside the sidewalk.

I immediately thought that I had misjudged this call, that in spite of
-35 temperatures someone had been wandering around or had entered our office and done some vandalism. But the doors were both locked and as I gingerly opened the back door I could see no evidence that we had had a break in. I walked through the clinic and nothing was out of place. Our microwaves were both in their places down in the staff room.

So, I have no idea who was out cooking in the parking lot last night. It will likely remain an unsolved mystery. Maybe we will have to turn off the outside power at night to prevent late night snacking at the office in the parking lot.


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My weekend

This has been one of those weekends when I will be glad that my stint of being on call is over.  The cases that kept me occupied were bona fide emergencies and I don’t regret that I was called out to help.  but it disrupts the days – and nights.  Saturday, after getting a fitful sleep waiting to be called in the middle of the night, I was tired all day.  I probably would have been no more tired if the Dr in Emerg had called me at 2 am.  But he was kind and was able to handle the bleeding patient without my presence.

Last night I did go in around 11 PM.  A young girl playing had slipped and pushed her front teeth backwards so that she could no longer could close her teeth well and had lacerated her gums so badly that stitches were needed.  I got home around 12:30 this morning and then was wide awake.  I had to settle a bit, before crawling into bed half an hour later.  It wasn’t that I was upset, more on a sort of high that comes with doing a good thing and feeling pleased.

Then this morning, we were victims of the time change in Ontario.  Rachelle actually woke us up when she called at 7 our time thinking she had better catch us before we left for church.

Tonight my day wraps up reading Scot McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet with the superintelligent group of women that I call  friends.  We have a good time together and it is good to read, study, talk and pray together.

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Preserving the door.

This morning when I got to work, I was met with the fact that our outside door had come unhinged.

That’s right. Had completely come off its hinges.

Its a big glass door and as the staff opened up this morning, it kind of came off in their hands. And of course the frame of it is metal. Metal that gets very very cold when it is -33 outside. T and K grabbed it with bare hands. Now they have little spots of frostbite where they had to hold on to it.

How does a boss thank those two for such dedication to door preservation?

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In the middle

I like doing a preparation for a crown like this. It is in the middle of the mouth(not at the far distant reaches of the mouth), on top(no tongue in the way), mouth is clean and healthy(gums are not bleeding all over the place), and the patient is pleasant.

We are about half way into the procedure; at one of those spots where I let my assistant take over for a few minutes. That lets me have coffee or blog you see.

But I like these procedures that demand precision and finesse and let me use my “artist” side, matching shades and hues to get a beautiful crown; using my handpiece more like an artist’s pen than a cutting tool. I’m happy and the patient is happy.

It is just a good way to end the week.

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