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Shaking my head

You really have got to wonder what goes through a person’s mind when they call the office to cancel an appointment because they broke their leg … but then manage to come in to an appointment which they themselves call back to book later – for the next day. They come in with no signs of any leg problems. Not even a limp. Same patient.

There are some things that just leave me shaking my head.

I would at least choose an illness that is less visible.

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So now I am forever indebted to …


He has just finished doing Z’s fillings in the OR.  Sedation did not go  very well the other day.  And since it would be pushing what is considered ethical I could not do him in the OR myself. And I felt the cavities were just too significant to leave for a year or more till Z is big enough to tolerate Grandma working on him. 

He is out of recovery now and it appears to have gone well. 

Z and I will spend the afternoon together so his mom can get back to her studies this afternoon. 

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Still here

Just tired and swamped by demands of study and normal family stuff.  Keeping my head above water – just. Becoming more and more appreciative of the effects of caffeine.

Still haven’t loaded any pictures from the weekend.

But here I am at work, sedating another grandson today. Last one for a long while I hope.

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That was hard work

Another grandchild that I had to sedate and do some work for – Ronin this time.  Thank God it was just a small filling.  I was able to do it without local anaesthetic so it was done in just a few minutes of holding him down to get it done.  A sedated child is not necessarily a cooperative child – just one that will not remember that his grandmother did such a horrible thing to him. 

Actually Ronin was quite a happy tipsy little guy.  He would rather have played.

But that is done and I am VERY glad.  I do not really like having to do this for my grandchildren.  But the alternatives are more than my kids can afford right now.

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A lost boy or just a loser?

Thank God that my children are not total idiots like the young guy I saw today. He was squeezed into my full schedule as an emergency. Got in a fight Saturday in Edmonton. Says proudly that, yeah, he threw the first punch and the taxi driver is charging him. But he won – so he says.

Except he has a front tooth pushed back a few millimetres so that now he can’t really close his teeth together. And that tooth is (surprise, surprise) dead and needs a root canal and braces to realign it – or it will need to come out. Oh, yeah and a black eye.

His idea of winning is totally lost on me.

Sounds to me as if he is one big loser – or at least horribly lost.

Can’t help reflecting that this guy is so far from the kind of human being that I believe God intended any person to be. Evil comes in different forms but causing such human waste is part of how I see evil at work.

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The Night Before The Night Before

Last day of work today for a week and a bit.  We finished off the day with a couple of emergencies that walked in to the office at the very last moment.  One fellow I could not help.  My sore hand had been working hard on some fillings and I just did not think it was wise to start an extraction that I might not be able to finish.

So the end of the day was spent catching up on all the last minute shopping, some gifts, some groceries, filled the car with gas and printed off some pictures I need for gifts.  Then I realized that I no longer had my VISA card.  It was not in its customary slot in my wallet. 

I don’t think there is a feeling that is much worse.  I need that card when I travel in January.  There would barely be time to replace it and there are all those accounts set up that I would have to remember to change.  So, my mind began backtracking the events of my afternoon – when had I used it last, etc.  And I realized I had l left it in the chipreader following one of my purchases.  What were the chances of it still being there two hours later?  I almost gave up before returning to the store.  But, I thought I’d better at least give it a try. 

So glad I did!  The person minding the till was still on duty and there was my card.  Wonder of wonders!  Thank God it was safe.  Made my day! 

So, now there are just gifts to wrap, food to cook and a bit of relaxing to do. 

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The Staff Party

I work with a great staff and so our annual office party is always fun.  This year we decided to do something a little bit different so we arranged for a van to take us up to one of the lakes north of town where they have a great restaurant for our festive meal together. 

We also arranged to rent a chalet and have a sled dog presentation to help entertain us for the afternoon. 


The chalet was cozy and of course allowed us to bring our own booze and have a campfire to enjoy outside.  The weather was really great so we all had a good time.


We learned a lot of interesting things about the sled dogs too, including how hard they have to work!


Unfortunately, I tripped and fell, landing on my right thumb.  It is swollen and bruised.  Only sprained I think but that is my working hand.  Tomorrow may be interesting.  😦

The meal was as good as promised – way more food than we could eat! 


And my partner and fellow dentist was in fine form – not as fine as last year – he was able to get up this morning for church.  He does keep us entertained. 🙂


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