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Today was a long day of waiting. 

First of all, I woke up way too early and was lying in bed waiting for the numbers on the clock to tell me I could get up.  Finally, I gave up on them and just got up.  4:30 am.

Then, though I knew that I did not need to arrive at the hospital before my aunt at 10 am, that time between waking and going seemed such an in between unproductive sort of time.  Oh, I guess I did get things done.  Suitcase is still open on the bed for the trip to Charlottetown tomorrow partly packed at least. In my rush to not be late, I arrived at the hospital a good 20 minutes before my aunt so had to wait till the ambulance brought her.  Then the real wait began.  It was very quiet.  Aunty was medicated and pretty much out of it.  Her bedside tray able became my computer desk and I began my essay. 

What a time to delve into the Chalcedonian definition.  Sitting beside a frail, failing human body that holds such a sweet person and not being able to avoid wondering at God’s choice to become fully human like us.  This is probably bordering on blasphemy but I wondered what would have happened if Jesus had become old.  Then I remembered the older woman all stooped and crippled that he healed and the woman with the haemorrhage – and then I realized that Jesus did not have the time to grow old but still he knew all the pain we suffer with age.

They took Auntie in before my thoughts got way too too far off topic and I took a  break and went home for a few hours. Unless a person wants to watch 3 hours of TV, there is not much to do in a day surgery waiting room.

Surgery seems to have gone well.  My prayers for my aunt are that the pain she was  having is reduced by the procedure.  It is hard to see her in such pain on one hand or too medicated to communicate on the other. 

The final waiting process – for healing – real healing, is likely still a ways into the future.  She is as tough and stubborn as any Dice.


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It is funny

or not.  How loneliness just kind of creeps in making one wish for a good long talk.  Not sure just what about.

I do know that no one around here is awake enough to talk about anything after midnight.

Maybe it is just the excess coffee acting up.  I should have known better but it seemed like a good idea to drink two cups while the meeting was going on and I was yawning non-stop.  A retrospective look at life does not do much for the current moment.  I will be more prudent next time.  Famous last words.


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We learned the news tonight that a good friend died suddenly on Sunday night. Keith Fullerton was a spiritual father to Leo and I.  He was our pastor in Saskatoon when we were students learning about life and faith and he was the pastor that sent us off to the Congo.  You can read more about him here.

It has been good to keep in touch over the years, visiting when the occasion permitted.  I guess it is a few years past now since we spent some time together in their home in Surrey.  They gave my car with the broken window a safe place to sleep while we waited for the glass people to open on a Monday morning.

Keith was retired but not really. He was always busy serving in some capacity. I last saw him at Alive this fall.  He continued to be down to earth, loving life and people and keeping up with current issues in theology.  The term pastor suited him well.

Funerals never fall at convenient times and this next week is full of travel and study for me and travel and work for Leo so I doubt we will  be able to go and celebrate his life with friends.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.  We will all miss him but we will meet again.

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Pushed to efficiency – but no rest in sight

It seems as if a strange phenomenon happens to me – when I get busier, I become more efficient.  Therefore, I suppose I should look on the unexpected events of this week so much as an inconvenient imposition on my time maybe but more as a helpful impetus to efficiency.

One week from today I should be on my way to Chicago to take a J-Term intensive class at my denominations seminary.  The class material looks good and the professor is an old colleague from the Congo. Well, actually, he is probably not “old” at least not exactly older than me but we have known each other for a considerable time.  The class is entitled Pastoring the Missional Church.  Even though I’m not likely to ever pastor a church in an institutional setting the material speaks of a subject that I feel a connection to – how to interact with the culture in which I find myself in ways that are consistent with the teachings of Christ; how to live out my faith in ways that demonstrate God’s love and care for the people I interact with.  This I know is something I am called to even if the setting for me is uncertain now.

So, anyway, I have a lot of reading to do to get ready for the class and a couple of short papers to write reviewing the books. 

On top of this, I have a Greek quiz to get done this weekend.  So, this evening or tomorrow afternoon that is one thing I will be doing.

And then circumstances threw another big change into my schedule. Got a call on Tuesday that a space had opened up in a very nice home for my aunt but that we should either move her there on Thursday (New Years Eve) or next week.  Since next week I have a full slate of patients and since this kind of a move involves a huge amount of time for paperwork and packing not available when I am working, I chose to get the move done this week.  So far, the past three afternoons have been entirely taken up with this move and I expect today will be no different.  But today should finish the move.  I hope.

I have found that in spite of the full schedule things are getting accomplished.  I don’t have a lot of time to just relax though and very little time to enjoy the outdoors like I was anticipating.  But –37 C is a little cold for outdoor activities anyway, eh?


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The Night Before The Night Before

Last day of work today for a week and a bit.  We finished off the day with a couple of emergencies that walked in to the office at the very last moment.  One fellow I could not help.  My sore hand had been working hard on some fillings and I just did not think it was wise to start an extraction that I might not be able to finish.

So the end of the day was spent catching up on all the last minute shopping, some gifts, some groceries, filled the car with gas and printed off some pictures I need for gifts.  Then I realized that I no longer had my VISA card.  It was not in its customary slot in my wallet. 

I don’t think there is a feeling that is much worse.  I need that card when I travel in January.  There would barely be time to replace it and there are all those accounts set up that I would have to remember to change.  So, my mind began backtracking the events of my afternoon – when had I used it last, etc.  And I realized I had l left it in the chipreader following one of my purchases.  What were the chances of it still being there two hours later?  I almost gave up before returning to the store.  But, I thought I’d better at least give it a try. 

So glad I did!  The person minding the till was still on duty and there was my card.  Wonder of wonders!  Thank God it was safe.  Made my day! 

So, now there are just gifts to wrap, food to cook and a bit of relaxing to do. 

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So it ends

I made a decision last night to end my participation in the local orchestra.

“End my participation” sounds so much better than “drop out of”, eh?

We were playing last night at one of the care homes; what Dean calls an open rehearsal. I have been trying very hard to find some practicing time over the past two weeks and thought I was not doing too badly but last night it was just too obvious that if I can’t practice more, I can’t contribute much to the orchestra. I’m still an early stage learner not an accomplished bassist who can take the simple songs we have and play them well without a lot of practice. I came home very frustrated and disappointed with myself after our rehearsal since even for the songs I thought I had prepared fairly well, I played way too slow to keep up.

So, I guess that’s it for now. For this year. For the bass.

I now will use the practice and orchestra time to work a bit harder on my Greek and see if that extra time helps me out there. Christmas is always a busy time for family so the extra freedom to enjoy the kids and grandkids will be good too. And then in January I go to Chicago for another class and start an online class in February. So, I will not be bored with nothing to do.

I’m the kind of person who adds things to my schedule with enthusiasm but lets go of things with reluctance. But there comes a point when reason prevails.

I will miss playing my bass with the orchestra. Very much.

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Right after work tonight, I hit the road and head for Saskatoon to board a plane to Calgary then drive again to Canmore. I hope to make it to my hotel there by 10:30 or so. We’ll see. Last time I estimated the time it would take to get up to Kingsfold, I underestimated by a good hour. Of course I got lost and it was snowing and raining so hard it was easy to miss my turn off.

So, I guess we will see. I will get there when I get there.

I am attending Alive,an adult retreat (which usually means over 50, you young things that do not fit the description) Ruth Hill is speaking and since we did time together in the Congo, we always have lots to talk about.

And I am now waiting for the School Dental Program people to arrive so that I can finish a job that ended up being a bit too complicated for them. I do not want to have to speed too fast on the way to Saskatoon and my meeting scheduled for there at 6 before my plane leaves.

Such a hectic life I lead. Sometimes it seems as if the crazyiness comes totally unbidden and unplanned putting an end to all my nicely timed out schedule.

Life. Is Too Full Some Days.

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