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A lost boy or just a loser?

Thank God that my children are not total idiots like the young guy I saw today. He was squeezed into my full schedule as an emergency. Got in a fight Saturday in Edmonton. Says proudly that, yeah, he threw the first punch and the taxi driver is charging him. But he won – so he says.

Except he has a front tooth pushed back a few millimetres so that now he can’t really close his teeth together. And that tooth is (surprise, surprise) dead and needs a root canal and braces to realign it – or it will need to come out. Oh, yeah and a black eye.

His idea of winning is totally lost on me.

Sounds to me as if he is one big loser – or at least horribly lost.

Can’t help reflecting that this guy is so far from the kind of human being that I believe God intended any person to be. Evil comes in different forms but causing such human waste is part of how I see evil at work.

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I am still here

Things are getting a bit crazy but I am still here – up in my little study.  Studying.

There has not been a lot of time for anything else although I am speaking this morning.  Fortunately when one takes a seminary class, it provides lots of stuff to speak about.  At least in this case when the class is about the missional church.

The class I start tomorrow may not – Old Testament I.  It will be heavy on history and I am not a historian.  However I have my own personal historian on site and I think he will like me asking him all sorts of questions.

I am also working to finish up my Greek class as quickly as possible to get it off my back.  Three classes at once since I am still needing to write my term paper for the class I took in January.  

I may not post very often.  I won’t likely do anything much but study and work I guess.


On the bright side, Leo and I booked our flights for Europe this July.  We are going.  Belgium, Portugal, Spain, England.  Hope we can do it all in 6 weeks. Toronto is on the list to visit as well on the way back.

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Pushed to efficiency – but no rest in sight

It seems as if a strange phenomenon happens to me – when I get busier, I become more efficient.  Therefore, I suppose I should look on the unexpected events of this week so much as an inconvenient imposition on my time maybe but more as a helpful impetus to efficiency.

One week from today I should be on my way to Chicago to take a J-Term intensive class at my denominations seminary.  The class material looks good and the professor is an old colleague from the Congo. Well, actually, he is probably not “old” at least not exactly older than me but we have known each other for a considerable time.  The class is entitled Pastoring the Missional Church.  Even though I’m not likely to ever pastor a church in an institutional setting the material speaks of a subject that I feel a connection to – how to interact with the culture in which I find myself in ways that are consistent with the teachings of Christ; how to live out my faith in ways that demonstrate God’s love and care for the people I interact with.  This I know is something I am called to even if the setting for me is uncertain now.

So, anyway, I have a lot of reading to do to get ready for the class and a couple of short papers to write reviewing the books. 

On top of this, I have a Greek quiz to get done this weekend.  So, this evening or tomorrow afternoon that is one thing I will be doing.

And then circumstances threw another big change into my schedule. Got a call on Tuesday that a space had opened up in a very nice home for my aunt but that we should either move her there on Thursday (New Years Eve) or next week.  Since next week I have a full slate of patients and since this kind of a move involves a huge amount of time for paperwork and packing not available when I am working, I chose to get the move done this week.  So far, the past three afternoons have been entirely taken up with this move and I expect today will be no different.  But today should finish the move.  I hope.

I have found that in spite of the full schedule things are getting accomplished.  I don’t have a lot of time to just relax though and very little time to enjoy the outdoors like I was anticipating.  But –37 C is a little cold for outdoor activities anyway, eh?

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The Staff Party

I work with a great staff and so our annual office party is always fun.  This year we decided to do something a little bit different so we arranged for a van to take us up to one of the lakes north of town where they have a great restaurant for our festive meal together. 

We also arranged to rent a chalet and have a sled dog presentation to help entertain us for the afternoon. 


The chalet was cozy and of course allowed us to bring our own booze and have a campfire to enjoy outside.  The weather was really great so we all had a good time.


We learned a lot of interesting things about the sled dogs too, including how hard they have to work!


Unfortunately, I tripped and fell, landing on my right thumb.  It is swollen and bruised.  Only sprained I think but that is my working hand.  Tomorrow may be interesting.  😦

The meal was as good as promised – way more food than we could eat! 


And my partner and fellow dentist was in fine form – not as fine as last year – he was able to get up this morning for church.  He does keep us entertained. 🙂


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This waiting time

Waiting for an exam at Christmas time is not a good way to prepare for the coming of Christmas.

Or is it?

It means that every moment of my day has to be thought out. Can I get some good studying done? Should I take a break now and put up some decorations? How much of my time should I give to my kids who need babysitting so they can get some important things done?

What are my priorities when it really comes down to how I use my time? I guess this has been the question foremost in my mind these days. What are the most important priorities when I am living out my life stressed by too many demands on my time and at the same time trying to walk through life as a follower of Jesus?

Just trying to live out my relationship with God as I take care of my family, myself and my work. Trying to maintain some sort of balance and sanity. Besides studying and passing a midterm. Thus not much blogging or deep thoughts.

I will be so glad when I have a short break from work between Christmas and New Years.

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Seeming endless

Today was one of those days that just seemed to have no clear starting point.  Yesterday went on late into the night as I drove back from Saskatoon and the endodontic course, arriving back at my house around midnight, some 18 hours after my morning alarm woke me to start the day.

Then, tired but still alert from coffee on the road, I finally was settling into sleep when Leo’s phone rang.  He is on call but of course did not hear the phone – I did.  Back to sleep again.  At least I think I had fallen asleep when the phone rang again – 2:30 am.  This time it is the security people that monitor my office. Dragged myself out to check the office out.  It was fine and I was back into bed within half an hour.  But I was not asleep again – that took a lot longer. 

I had the sense to set the wake up time on the alarm back a couple of hours and didn’t wake till it rang at 7. 

Today was a very busy day at the school dental program.  I saw 40 kids and stayed alert enough to do that, have an interview at noon and participate in a staff meeting after school ended. 

But now my eyes feel like lead and I doubt that I will do anything productive.  So I shall try and sleep – till my kids and grandkids arrive from Saskatoon around 8. 

Tomorrow is another day.  Less demanding I hope.

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The Lake Sings

It was such a beautiful day today that I just had to get out of this place – out into a place with trees and water and sky.  So, in spite of the CFL big game which I do enjoy watching, I went for a drive to Anglin Lake.


The lake is frozen quite solid.  But it was singing to me.  Honestly.  I’ve never heard the ice sing like that before.  A strange haunted noise as if something were trapped in the lake below the frozen surface. I wonder how the sound is produced.


I am glad I went. My spirit needed some fresh air and clear skies.

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