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Now it's too hot

It really is too hot to sit here in this hot office and write.  Our overhead fan was killed by water running into it’s motor from a leak somewhere in our roof – we have been unsuccessful in finding it.  We did install windows that open finally but there is no breeze. 

So we have quit complaining about the incessant rain.  Now we can complain about the unbearable heat!  For today anyway.  I guess if the bedroom were airconditioned I would be happier, oh yeah, and the office. 

The day was actually beautiful.  The second day of summer.  Sky was clear and blue.  Now there are some big old thunderheads in the distance with flashing lightning. 

I just got a call to pick up my Sara.  She is an escort for grad this weekend at St Mary’s.  Her boyfriend is graduating.  She is having fun – doing the whole bit; nails, (fingers tonight done by her sister-in-law), hair and even a pedicure sometime before Saturday.  She likes this kind of stuff.  Drives me crazy just the thought of having long nails!

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What a Party!

One step better than blogfriends in cyberspace are blogfriends that become real live face to face friends.  Becky is one of those real live face to face friends that I would never have met if it weren’t for blogging and meet ups and places like the Worship Freehouse.

So it was a real treat to be invited to Becky and Jerry’s party – a Wedding reception so those of us that were not at the event four months ago could celebrate with them.   Just looking at them you can see they are in love!

Pictures are posted here.

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Back Again

I just arrived home again from Strathmore AB   where I attended a weekend retreat.  It was small, very intimate.  It was more than I expected.  I know that it will take a bit of processing to understand the significance of everything that I experienced.  God seems to meet me most vividly when my sense of need is greatest and I spend time with him in solitude and prayer.

One of the experiences for me was walking the Labyrinth for the first time.  It was for me an experience – hard to describe – but one that was more significant than I expected. 

And travelling with a friend – for both of us that was a good thing.

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It just stopped.

The kids car that is.  We now have one dead car parked outside my front window.  So why today?  It seems as if all things are conspiring to make my departure for a weekend prayer retreat (Centerpoint at Covenant Bible College) more problematic.  Sara was going to use it to get to her soccer games on Sat and Sun and of course there is school to get to on Friday.  I think the main user of the car needs to be more sensitive to the signs of an ailing vehicle.  I suspect something has not been well for a while.  Well this may be a good lesson for her.  I think they may be vehicleless for awhile.  Worst part of that is the borrowing of my car then.  And it is quite possible that this weekend they will have no access to a vehicle.  They will just have to get creative – maybe walk?

The other challenge I have in getting prepared to leave is the presece of a lot of conflict right now between my daughter and I.  It seems that whatever I do or say causes her to react negatively and vice versa.  So the last day has been so hard.  We had a big argument last night when I came home tired to find her sleeping on the couch in front of the TV.  My enquiry into the state of her health revealed that she was not ill but when I asked her to help with supper and the response was “Don’t yell at me”  then I really did yell. 

The extent of our talking since then was a few moments ago when I asked her what happened to the car.

That coupled with stress at work has made the week pretty tough so far.

I really need to go to that prayer retreat.  I really, really need to go.

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Wendy tagged me!

So I will try to do some counting.

Number of books I own:
It is hard to sort out the books that collectively and exclusively are mine but I think that it is somewhere around 400.  Many are just sort of “ours” as in belong to anyone in the family who wants to read them.  Some are exclusively mine – even Leo does not want to read them and vice versa.  Most of these are not books for our reading enjoyment – more like reading for our work. 

Last book I bought:
I bought three last time I ordered from Amazon.
A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren
The Out Of Bounds Church by Steve Taylor
The Last Word and The Word After That by Brian McLaren

I haven’t had time to read any of these yet.

Latest books I am reading:
I read more than one book at a time.  Some can’t just be read through fast – you know.
Plan B by Anne Lamott
The World According to Chuck by Chuck Sigars
Finding God in Unexpected Places by Philip Yancey
Knowing God by J I Packer
Devotional Classics by Richard Foster

And of course one that I am sure you will want to rush out and purchase right away – Systemized Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics by McLaughlin, Bennett and Trevisi.

Last book I read(and have finished):
Keep Sweet by Debbie Palmer.  I just finished this one – a gift from the author.  It is her story of growing up as a cult member and victim of abuse in Bountiful, BC. 

Five Books that mean a lot to me:
Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller  I’ve read this once on my own, once with a study group.  I liked it so much I gave a few copies away.

Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller  I guess I just like his writing style besides the message he wants to get across in this book.

Seal Up The Thunder by Erin Noteboom.  I enjoy her poetry and check out her blog regularly.  These poems have their origins in Biblical literature.  I think one of my favorites is her “Revelation” that starts the book off.

The Sacred Way by Tony Jones.  It is a good resource for me on the spiritual practices – practical advice as well as the history behind the practices.

Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning.  I read this book recently and learned from it at a time when I am very much needing to trust.

Tag Five More:
Brad Boydston
Cathy Johnson
Marc Vandersluys

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I hope that when I am old…

I will still keep music in my brain.  Tucked away somewhere, maybe some of the stuff I really enjoy playing now, so that when all else is obscure, I can recall the tunes.  Maybe even the words will be stored in there to be taken out when the music plays. 

This afternoon, I went up to visit my dad.  Sharon has a little bitty keyboard and she brought along dad’s violin – the one that before it was his was played by his father.  I brought my recorder.  For a solid hour we played.  We just sat and played some of the old songs.  Some Sharon and I did a fair job with – we had the music.  Dad played from memory.  Sharon would tell him the key and the note we started on.  He took it from there.  And, yeah, there were a few mistakes and his violin slipped a bit as he got tired, but he did not want to quit.  If his supper had not been waiting – who knows. 

What an amazing thing the mind is.  The memories come and go.  Some days it is good and others the talk is fairly tangled up and makes no sense at all.  But the music?  It lasts.

That was worship.  As much as was the morning service which was very good. 

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The weekend is coming

This week has been long and busy.  Therefore not much posting has been done.  And here it is Friday already.

Tonight I am off to Waskesiu.  Leo usually attends a continuing education even up there on one of these early June weekends.  It is fun, relaxing and the food is good.  Leo wouldn’t miss the weekend of golf.  They do have lots of good teaching too. 

This weekend is also the church wind down picnic before the summer hiatus.  Well, it marks the end of classes pretty much and then so many people are away in the summer.  The annual ball game will be held and the old folks will whip the ….. of the kids – I think that is how it goes.  Then back to the church for a barbecue.  Being out at the lake, I am not sure how much of this I will take in.  Maybe will be back in time for the barbecue. 

Leighton has a post about why he likes being involved in a house church so much.  I guess the small groups I am involved in are the thing most like that for me.  But I don’t think I would want to give up meeting with the congregation I am a part of to worship together.  Maybe being part of a small church and some smaller groups offers the best of both worlds. 

I may post my reasons for enjoying church in a small institutional church.  But that means sitting and thinking and I haven’t had much time for that this week. 

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