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Just a few women

Last night I spent time with some very good friends.  It was fun hearing how the summer went for each of us. 

Then talk shifted from vacation adventures to things we have been hearing from God.  Sometimes we hear through our speakers on Sunday – as we did this week.  Meg talked to us about how God delights in us.  She shared how she learned this lesson from God.  It was a delightful lesson.  It is a lesson we need to learn, I think, if we are going to experience joy and the security that comes from being loved.  One of the important reasons we need to experience God’s love is so that we can be used by God to bring his love into the world we exist in.

So now we women are thinking about this new season coming up – sort of the beginning of the new church year.  Where is God taking us as a group?  How does he want us to be active in our community?  How can we become a safe place for new friends just beginning to check out what it means to follow Christ?  It is exciting to look forward to the year ahead. 

I guess the big challenge is taking our dreams to make a difference in our community – with those hurting and really needing help – and putting those dreams into some kind of practice.  There may be places in our community where we can plug into things already in place.  I don’t think that we have to form a “Christian” organization to do these things.  In fact that would likely just be a lot of work and we don’t need to spend all our energy and time on organizing some program.  I think we need to sort of infiltrate the organizations that already exist and, because we have been changed by God, bring his blessing to the people around us by genuinely loving and caring for them.  I guess in some cases we don’t have to look too far – we all have neighbors and colleagues at work that have needs. 

Our city seems to have some deep needs that are permeating it making it a troubled place.  We seem to be more aware right now of our need to pray for our city as well as to become active outside of our church walls to work for change.  

Well, I guess we will see what God will do.  We are just a few women.

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One more day

It is hard to think about going back to work on Monday.  One day left. 

I have enjoyed my vacation – for the most part.  The theft incident in Vancouver was no fun but life seems to be continuing in spite of it.  I still have to download and organise my photos.  When that is done I will post the best on Flikr and share them with you. 

Now getting ready for the routines of the work and school schedules is beginning to look like a good thing.  I think I need the kind of order that these kind of routines give me.  I probably get more accomplished when I am too busy and have no time than when have all the time I need but no motivation.  And I think I sleep better when I get back into my routines and I can sure use better sleep than I have been getting over the last few days.

And aside from my frustration with my kids for their domestic failures (very little grocery shopping or laundry or cleaning happens when I am away) I think we have accomplished a lot in the last two days.  We have one kid almost packed up to leave for University.  He has a definate place to live and a roomate and plans for moving stuff down to Saskatoon.  His room is now navigable so we can paint.  Today I painted a dresser and spackled all the holes in the wall.  Definate progress!

And tomorrow?  It will be my fisrt Sunday worship with my church family in a month.  I have really missed it.  Church has happened along the way in different ways – sharing with old and new friends, praying together, renewing and starting relationships, meeting fellow bloggers for the first time.  But the people in this church know me and love me in ways that are tangible and I have missed them.  I want to know how God has been working in them over the summer too.  I want to worship God with them and get back to playing my recorder as part of that worship. 

Fall is in many ways as much a time of new beginnings as spring.  I am anxious to see what God will do with us this year at Gateway.  I’m wondering what God has in store for me this year too – where and how does he want me to spend my time and energy.  Our family has new beginnings going on too and soon that little grandchild will be here – October.  That will bring some huge changes for all of us.

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Yesterday after my course I came back out to the parkade where I had parked my vehicle.  Back window had been smashed.  So bye, bye laptop.  I had taken the camera and my other electronic gadgets but the laptop was heavy enough that I didn’t take it.  I guess out of province cars are good targets!

Anyway – I was glad we were staying with friends last night.  Tomorrow bright and early we have to get the window repaired. 

At least I am OK.  Leo commented that somewhere is Vancouver there is probably one clean drug addict.  I lost all my toiletries and a couple changes of clothes and some shoes too.  My contribution to the homeless of Vancouver I guess. 

You may not hear from me for awhile – I won’t be sure to have a computer till I get back home in a bit more than a week.

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Ready to go

Tomorrow morning I head out on my vacation voyage.  Just me and my CRV, lots of good music, some books on tape and CD’s, a few snacks and of course lots of books and my laptop.  I’m just about packed and ready to go.

Just one little glitch.  It seems as if PK must have been distracted a bit when he left Saskatoon last night.  He seems to have returned here without my camping gear which I had already stowed in the back.  I guess he used my car to move some stuff over to his new lodgings for the fall and took everything out for more room.  And left it all in Eric’s garage.  So— I’m not sure but I may have to take a slight (2hr) detour in the morning to pick it up.  Hard to do a camping trip without the tent!

I hope to find a few places to hook into some wifi and post occaisionally along the way.


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Morning – Not yet!

Why does it seem to work this way?  I am enjoying my first morning of vacation.  I am wide awake at 4:30am !! 

Praying for friends – but my mind wanders.  And sleep does not come again. 

Finally decided that I might as well get up. 

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Episodes from today's action packed events.

The day started with Gatecrashers.  We have lots of empty spaces in our circle these days.  Too many holidaying pray-ers.  And still it is soooo good to go in the early morning and meet God, talk to him and listen to him too.  Praying together for mutual friends and members of our congregation is a good way to start the day.

Then off to work.  Today was dead.  A big empty hole in the middle of my day.  Six people in a row cancel.  Not good for running an office with all the usual expenses.  Not sure what makes a toothache disappear the day after a person phones for an emergency appointment.  Making a dental appointment has to be the best remedy for this type of pain.  Cures it completely by the next day.  Maybe we should be able to charge for such miracle cures!!

With lots of down time, I have managed to finish re-reading The Hobbit and am starting on The Fellowship of the Ring.  It has been years since I read them.  And I picked the series up – brand new – from Wiebe’s garage sale for cheap.  Not sure whether to continue reading them on my vacation or return to them later when I get back from vacation. I hate stopping in the middle of a series but I have so many other books I have been saving for vacation that I haven’t read once yet.

Tonight a few of us from our small group went to Shananigans for coffee(or whatever) and conversation.  The frozen cappuccino is always good.  And Meg and Lauralea are fun to visit with. 

Looking forward to my last day of work tomorrow.  Then a long holiday weekend before I take off on my journey west.

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35 down and hopefully more to go

This was our big day – thirty five years ago.  I’ve had enough weddings this summer to appreciate the fact that we did things more simply back in those days.  I guess we could have had a princess style wedding but we didn’t.  Couldn’t afford one of those.  And back then if we asked a friend to be a bridesmaid, we also were saying to them – I will provide the dress.  That doesn’t seem to be the case these days.  Times have changed.

Anyway, 35 years ago was a pretty exciting day.  And I am glad that we made a lasting commitment to each other then intending it to last.  And it has.  And there is a whole lot more love, a lot deeper kind of love now than when we first started out.

This afternoon at work I received flowers – in addition to the book I bought for myself last weekend that was supposed to be my gift to myself from him.  And in addition to that beautiful little laptop – which was a total surprise. 

Tonight we went out for supper.  Ate too much.  We tried out a different restaurant – Sopranos.  The food was good but our steak was definitely not medium rare.  It is hard to uncook a steak but they offered to try again and got it done very nicely the second time.  Leo had a small incident with his glass of wine.  One shouldn’t reach over a wine glass to retrieve a dish for the waiter! 

Now early to bed.

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