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Meanwhile Christmas is coming

I have been very busy over the past week putting the finishing touches – actually rewriting at least 6 drafts – of an article on postmodernism for our denominations Canadian quarterly paper.  It has been hard work but is work I like and I even like the discipline it requires.  It makes me really sympathize with Becky writing her Master’s paper.  It helps to have a couple of helpful souls around who don’t mind editing.  Thanks Randall and Leo.  Without you two I would be way too verbose.  I wonder how much it will get edited before it is printed. 


I will maybe post the whole thing here even if it is a bit long.  But maybe I’d better wait till it is published in print first.


Meanwhile, Christmas is coming and I have a score of things that were not getting done while I was writing.  Pizza to organize for this Sunday’s church Christmas party, gifts to get for certain people, hampers to help with, and my least favorite – phone calls to make.  I also have to call and make a doctors appointment; another thing I have been putting off way too long.  And our outdoor lights have not even been hooked up yet this year.


This weekend is going to be a bit hectic I think.  Making lemon squares, tourtiere and shortbread.  Housecleaning and wrapping presents.  I need to do so many things.  And then Christmas arrives and I have a week off.  That will be the best – some time to sit and read in front of the fireplace.



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Les evenements du lendemain

Not sure how to get the accents into the title bar – but anyway – yesterdays events, in brief.

We have made it through the weekend of parties and my being on call.  On call for me just means carrying the cell phone and being available.  I am so glad that the hospital staff handle the non-emergency dentistry.  Since we make ourselves available for emergencies in our office throughout the week of call we have almost no evening calls.  Evening we get just the real emergencies – like broken teeth.

The parties were good.  It is good to get to know staff and their spouses in a different place than the office.

Last night we had two functions so went to the Cooperative Health Centre’s party and then to the Carrefour Fransaskois concert.  Had a fabulous meal at the health centre’s party and then went over to the Carrefour’s concert.  if for some strange reason you were listening to Radio Canada or French CBC TV that is the party we were at.  Joe Marchildon was recounting traditions from the old French Canadian communities, old songs were sung.  And we gave Yves a good sendoff as he leaves for Victoria. 

Then home- late enough for me- to babysit.  Kieran is spending the night with us since his mom and dad were having a big party at their house last night.  So we made his little bed on the floor in our room and read a story and called it a night.

You may wonder why I am up so early.  Force of habit I guess.  That and a loudly snoring husband.  After I lay there listening to the loud – very loud – snore for about an hour, I decided to actually get up and do something more fun.  So here I am writing.  And running the dishwasher which was totally forgotten last night.

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Party Time

I think we will get all of our parties out of the way this weekend.  No.  I guess I should rephrase that.  We will get all of our staff parties out of the way.  Mine tonight and Leo’s tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also a farewell for Yves over at the Carrefour.  He has been there for a number of years and now he is moving west – Victoria.  He has had a big influence on the developement of music in the francophone school, encouraging the kids to stay and jam together using the schools instruments, etc.

And then I think time begins to accelerate till we hit Christmas Day.  After that – a week off and sleep.

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Tagging along

Charlie over at anotherthink tagged me for a meme.  Seven questions with seven answers:

Seven things to do before I die:

  1. See my children become self sufficient
  2. Go back to the Congo one more time
  3. Successfully retire from dentistry – practice sold, patients well cared for.
  4. Go on a snorkeling vacation
  5. See the east coast of Canada
  6. Accomplish something artistic – in poetry or painting
  7. Study one more time in a new field

Charlie over at anotherthink tagged me for a meme.  Seven questions with seven answers:

Seven things to do before I die:

  1. See my children become self sufficient
  2. Go back to the Congo one more time
  3. Successfully retire from dentistry – practice sold, patients well cared for.
  4. Go on a snorkeling vacation
  5. See the east coast of Canada
  6. Accomplish something artistic – in poetry or painting
  7. Study one more time in a new field

 Seven things I cannot do:

  1. Get over my fear of heights.
  2. Fly a plane
  3. Crochet
  4. Make pie crust
  5. Do French braids
  6. Take sulfonamides
  7. Ski downhill or on water

 Seven things that attract me to my spouse:

  1. His trustworthiness
  2. The way he treats people with respect
  3. He loves me and I know it
  4. His sense of humor
  5. His competence in his field
  6. His intelligence
  7. The way he supports me in all I do.

 Seven things I say most often:

  1. I don’t know.
  2. Just open up real big and wide.
  3. Hi!
  4. Drive carefully.
  5. And how are you doing?
  6. Open up just a little bit wider. (occupational risk)
  7. Well…

 Seven books I love:

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia by C S Lewis
  2. The Hobbit by J S Tolkein  
  3. Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
  4. Plan B by Anne Lamott
  5. The Bible – New Living Translation, especially the Psalms and the Gospels
  6. A New Kind Of Christian Trilogy by McLaren
  7. Toward Holy Ground by Margaret Guenther

 Seven movies I would watch over and over again:

  1. Love Actually
  2. About Schmidt
  3. Steel Magnolias
  4. A Beautiful Mind
  5. Rainman
  6. Lord of the Rings – all of them
  7. Wit

 Seven people I want to join in too:

  1. Lauralea
  2. Becky
  3. Dixie
  4. Toni
  5. Gavin
  6. Janine
  7. Peg

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Laptops are so nice – and frustrating.  Mine has gotten very slow and I am not knowledgeable enough to have the reason figured out.  So here I am posting from the desktop at home.  It is so nice and fast and free since Leo is away. 

But now I am off to Gatecrashers so my post that I have ready on my laptop will just have to wait.

You might want to check out Gavin’s new site.  Yeah, another blogger!

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We will return to "normal"

Not much blogging has been going on here.  I think things will get back to normal but I have been too exhausted to blog.  I’m usually a very early riser but have found myself sleeping in and still waking up tired.


This week has been full – from preparing for Dad’s funeral at the beginning of the week to attending the funeral of Rev. Cliff Campbell, my sister’s father-in-law in Saturday.  It hasn’t been so much the sadness, since both served God and now have gone to spend eternity with him, but it has been, just the same, a highly emotionally draining week. 


Then Friday was a long day in the operating room.  Our anesthetist, who is really a nice guy and who I hate to complain about since he is very careful and very kind, is sooooo… slow.  So a good part of the day was spent waiting for him to induce a patient or wake them up.  That took over an hour for each case.  We didn’t get out of there and back to the office till 2:30.  An hour late for seeing the afternoon patients.  No lunch hour.  My partner saw four of my patients for me – thank you Roger!  Everyone had ordered food from Boston Pizza for noon.  We came back to cold strombolis and still had a few patients to see.


Then home to get ready for the drive to Alberta for the funeral. 


The drive is pretty in the daylight.  Friday night was dark and moonless.  Fog hung heavily over the hills, coating everything with hoarfrost.  It also made seeing any deer on the roadside almost impossible.  It was good to get as far as Loydminster safely.


Meanwhile back at the church we had prayer week.  The preparation wasn’t too much work since we used resources from the past two years which Randall had saved but there were two extra take downs for the funerals at the church and two extra set ups.  Final take down will be on Sunday which is also the first Sunday in Advent and our family advent program in the afternoon.  Grey Cup parties in the evening.  Not sure we could have packed more things into this week.  I love the prayer week leading up to Advent, the freedom to just go and sit there in the presence of God and the way the stations direct my thoughts and prayers.  I only wish I could have had more time free from all the other stuff that I had to do.  That is life I guess.  And God is there in the midst of all this stuff, the unavoidable busyness of this week.

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I'm making a list

When I make a major faux pas, I feel pretty rotten.  Well, I made one today.  I assumed that Rachelle knew things.  I made her feel bad by not communicating very well at all.  I am at my worst when I am stressed so I could use that as an excuse.  But mostly I am just not the world’s most organized person and I messsed up.  I am glad she accepted my appologies.  I have to remember that communicating dosen’t just involve me thinking something – I have to say or do what has to be done. 

The past few days I haven’t remembered very well who I told what so that didn’t help much.  Lists – I need to make them and use them. 

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