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Last night

Well, last night was kind of different.  We went to the District Medical Society’s “Christmas” party.  They always hold it in January after the holiday rush is done.  Maybe that just prolongs it in some ways. 

The event was “Love, Ukrainian Style”, an interactive dinner theatre.  If you have lived on the Canadian prairies, you have likely been invited to one of these – but the real thing.  This was constructed to be a bit more funny but was slightly accurate anyway.  Lots of emphasis on booze.  Vodka shots if you got caught with the “Kryska”   The first to get caught was one of the Muslim doctors.  He declined.  I don’t think he’ll let any of his daughters marry Ukrainian boys!

I just had to watch out for this rather good looking character who kept hitting on Leo.

All in good fun. It was good for a few laughs and the meal was good old Ukrainian style.  Cabbage rolls, ham, turkey, little meat balls and a mushroom cream sauce that I haven’t had since one of my professors invited my dental school class over for a special Ukrainian dining experience.

I see that it looks like I am repeating myself.  I thought the Friday post had disappeared – it had disappeared, really.  And then I couldn’t get onto this site for awhile this morning – some glitch that LT corrected for me.  So I had no idea it showed up here so I rewrote this stuff about our night out.

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Wow, here it is Friday already!  The week has gone way too fast.

Today I was in the OR again working on little sleepy kids.  At least during the time while I was working they were quiet.  Then they get sent to recovery and boy what a fight they can fight.  I guess if they were nice and quiet all the time they wouldn’t be in the hospital getting dental work done that way to begin with. 

I mean, really would you want all your fillings done at one time in the space of an hour or so?  Would you wake up just little miss or mr pleasentness and sweetness?  Not likely. 

I just wish we would make a small dent in the backload of kids needing this kind of work.  We do three kids and in the same week add 6 more to our witing list. 

Tonight, Leo and I went to the District Medical Society’s “Christmas” party.  They always hold it in Janurary.  This year it was an interactive dinner theatre.  The show – well we were all in it too.  Love Ukranian Style.  Sort of like a local version of Big Fat Greek Wedding, a la Ukranian community.  The old babuska was the best.  Although Leo was quite taken by a woman in blue – she, being one of the unattached bridesmaids, kept hitting on him.  My eyes never left him. 

The dinner fit right in.  Cabbage rolls, ham and turkey.  Those little ukranian meatballs and mushrooms in some kind of cream sauce that I haven’t had for years. 

It was a good night out with lots of laughs.  But I was glad to drag my man home.


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Just the events of the day

Now that last post was a weird one. 

I am up to my eyeballs in stuff.  The church annual meeting is coming up and I have reports to write.  Also have a board meeting this week to prepare for.  It is at times like this that I wish I had one of those memories – you know the ones where things are stored and actually can be retrieved.

Work was busy today.  One of my assistants had a sick child she needed to stay home with. We did not cancel anyone, just worked a bit harder to keep up.  And we saw everyone plus a guy who we told five years ago that he needed a new bridge.  There was decay under it then.  Well today, he was back.  First of all the white porcelain part fractured off the metal understructure.  It was his front tooth.  We fit him in to see what the problem was but did not have the time to repair the facing just then.  About two hours later we got another call – the whole thing had fallen apart.  Not being really sure just what that meant, we called him back in.  Sure enough, the whole bridge was off.  The tooth on one end had broken.  Now he was without two front teeth. 

Moral of the story – sometimes it pays to listen to the dentist and get the teeth repaired before disaster strikes!

Then right after work – hair cut.  And time to hide the roots of wisdom again.

At 7, worship practice.  We had a good time.  Most of the songs went well.  Our saxophone player is back and it sounds so good.  Now if we can get her to enter the building on a Sunday morning to play with us – we will be able to share those good sounds with everyone. 

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So what is weird about me?  Dixie tagged me and I am supposed to come up with 5 weird things – about me.  Hmmm.  I think I am one of the most unweird people around – totally boring I suppose.  Maybe some of the stuff I think is normal other people think is weird.  So I will try.

1.  I like a peanut butter sandwich plain, on fresh white bread.  I do not want any jam or honey with that, thank you, esxpecially grape jam.

2.  I also like my hamburgers plain.  I do not add ketchup or mayo or mustard or relish.  I want to taste meat when I eat it!  Oh yeah – no pickles or onions on that either. 

3.  It might be weird that I like to be alone, but I don’t think so.  There is nothing better than a long road trip by myself. 

4.  When I find something that I like I will come back to it over and over again.  For me it is savouring the experience or the place or the taste. 

5.  I like the challenge of extracting impacted wisdom teeth.  Well, that is, except when it is just stubborn.  usually it is just setting up the proper cuts, making sure enough bone is removed, tooth sectionned at the right spots and out it comes.  I love it when it goes well.  Mind you, I hate it when it goes badly.

If you really want to know weird things about me, I am probably not the person to ask.  Ask my family.  They will tell you about the laundry incident.  But we won’t get into that!

If you are my friend and you want to tell us weird things about yourself and you have not already been tagged on this one – feel free.  Say I tagged you.

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Basketball Mom

I’m not sure I really qualify for this title.  But I did spend this evening at St Mary High’s tournament – and watched Sara play as her team got soundly beaten by LCBI from Outlook. 

I realized that it has been many years since I have watched basketball.  No, I did watch at least one game last year.  But I think it was a game played more just for fun than for competition last year.  Last year the tournament almost got snowed out.  I can remember almost not making it to the school last year – wouldn’t have except for my four wheel drive.

This year I was volunteering in the canteen as well.  We weren’t very busy tonight.  There is a lot of chili and soup.  I don’t think they will run out.

Sara said that at one little town where they played a couple of weekends ago, the canteen closed down early, nothing was open in the town, so the team which had not eaten before the game had to go hungry.  Not good planning on the part of the organizers.  The one restaurant in the town had on the menu two choices – chicken fingers and fries or a cheeseburger and fries!  Yum.

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Halfway through the first week back

Half way through the first week back at work.  Or pessimistically speaking – half the week to go.

For some reason, I have had a headache since the week began.  I haven’t gotten back into the rhythms of work life yet, I think that is the reason for the nagging headache.  That and the fact that this week has held its share of “interesting” patients. 

One real weird woman.  Wants the impossible, books an appointment for a specific procedure.  Gets in the chair and starts to question what is planned; couldn’t we do this instead.  Then severely overreacts to the slightest discomfort by wincing, jumping and worst of all, by reaching up and grabbing my hand or some instrument.  Almost a guaranteed way to get a penetrating injury!  I can deal with fear in patients but weirdness is so unpredictable!  And maybe the most uncomfortable part – she knows someone I know and so she comes in and addresses me on a first name basis as if I were a long lost friend. 

That is almost as bad as the obnoxious Christian patients who are unreasonably demanding and uncharitable to boot.  I keep hoping that the staff who must cheerfully listen to them whine and complain do not identify their behaviour as typical of all followers of Christ.

Then there are a lot of just difficult cases that can show up in the same week – technically difficult or glitches that have to be worked out, taking more time than planned.  Those can be challenging or simply tiring and this week they may be more tiring just because it is the first week back.  And it was so nice to be off for a full week and a bit!

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A new year begins

Jan 1, 2006 is speeding along towards it’s end and the beginning of another week of work.  Back to normal tomorrow I guess.

Today I was mostly lazy.  I went up to read and found myself falling asleep.  So I did. 

Tomorrow there will be no chance for that!

For sure this year will bring work.  And all the other stuff this year will bring – who knows?  But I am looking forward to seeing what becomes of some of the possibilities. 

Some of the possibilities?
        – studying – I always do some of this since there are minimum continuing ed requirements to keep up with but I am considering something else a bit different.  I need to hear God on this so am waiting for a bit and doing a bunch of praying. 

        – change in our church structure – I wonder if the changes will make enough difference.  I wonder if  we will transition into a form that will call to the hearts of people on the periphery.  Where people at the structural centre will be able to connect to the people out there touching the world around with love and care.  I wonder if we can do it?

The rest of the possibilities?  I think they will unfold as we move along through the year. 

One that I am looking forward to in the next little while is discussing a book that I have almost finished reading – Colossians Remixed, Subverting the Empire by Brian J. Walsh and Sylvia C. Keesmaat.  Susan Arnold has a book discussion blog and this is going to be on the menu.  It is a good book, uses big words but challenged me to resist getting sucked in by the world around me.  Santa came through for me getting the book to me just before his workshop shut down on Christmas Eve.


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