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No going back now

The geese, crows and robins are back. 

The sun is up before 6:30 already. 

This morning it rained – a good rain, not a freezing one.

Today the ice went out on the river.

It is definately spring.

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I have begun reading The Genesee Diary  by Henri Nouwen.  The thing that strikes me most about the book is its simplicity.  It is a journal of his daily life.  He lets us in on so many of his feelings, good and bad, frustrating and inspirational. It is striking in its honesty and in the way he expresses his feelings just like I would, not like the saint I sort of expected.


I struggle with the ordinariness of my daily existence.  It is hard to comprehend that this routine life is pleasing to God or that this is how he created us to be.  Well, maybe he intended for our existence to be more “whole”, not so full of messiness, but that is only a distant longing in reality. 


What would my journal be like if I was writing in a way similar to Henri Nouwen?


This morning I got up and spent some time reflecting on Psalm 25. 

Show me the path where I should walk, O LORD;
       point out the right road for me to follow.

Lead me by your truth and teach me,
       for you are the God who saves me.
       All day long I put my hope in you. (vs 4,5)

I wonder if I put that into practice today.  Did I listen for God’s direction?  More likely, I just went about my day as it was programmed, without much thought – other than what to take for my lunch.


I try to pay some attention to the fact that my patients are loved and cared for by God every bit as much as I am. 


God sends me one of my long time patients – a very simple woman.  She tries hard to care for herself but is not very successful at it.  Still, she does much better now than when we first met.  Life has not been easy for her. 


Then there is the guy with the really gross mouth.  It is hard to see the “belovedness” with which God loves him.  


Returning home there is supper to prepare.  I am asked to feed and baby-sit my grandson.  Somehow this task is more easily done – more palatable – at least until I have to go and change the very poopy diaper.


And my evening is spent tidying up the office.  To tell the truth, I have misplaced a paper I need.  After everything is checked through, without finding what I need, I do ask God for help.  I feel like a child who has by their own fault left a job to the last minute so that they have to go to a parent for help.  I guess God understands my dependence and likes me anyway.  And there are the papers.  I feel as if he has just taken care of me – as a father would his child.


And to wrap up my day, I am asked to help straighten hair for Sara.  She is getting ready for her big trip to California over the Easter vacation – going on Calbreak with YFC.  She will have fun.


What have I learned from my day? Looking back over it, it has been good.  Mostly just ordinary and busy but there have been places where I have also seen God. 


Now to bed.  Sorry Fans – no time to scan the paper.  I will try tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be no less busy, no less long.


To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.

I trust in you, my God!  (vs1)

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Moving – Day 7

It all started a while back when things began to get packed up in my Aunt’s suite.  Then it moved into a higher gear last Saturday when several of us got together to pack up and move Auntie’s stuff out of the suite.  Who would have known that one room and a small storage area could contain so  much stuff!  I think we had one semi load of doilies.  I think the count in the room was 42. and we kept adding to the count as we packed.  These were just the ones that were in actual use – under some little nick knack to either set it off or protect the surface under it.  There were more in drawers not being used.  And there were cards – from long ago.  Some read, some still unopened. 

Too much stuff.  She’s a pack rat!

But you know – every little thing was at one time very special to my aunt.  She loved cute little things; still does.  She doesn’t remember who they are all from now but each one represented someone who loved her.  I wonder if for her, throwing things away was too hard because it all meant something – it represented a relationship.  Now we sort these things out, trying to judge on some arbitrary merit system, which pieces are important or suitable to take along for her room at the care home.  We see these things without the attachment to friends and dispose easily of what has to go. 

Today my aunt left the hospital.  We took her to her new place, she met some of the other women who live there too.  She knows many of them already.  That is a good thing.  I think she will be OK.  And she looks out the window and recognizes the area.  She will be living in the building that once was the women’s dorm at Covenant Bible College, where she spent most of her working years.  She looks out the window and some memories come flooding back

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The next couple of weeks are going to be so busy.  I have found that over the last week I have had little time or inspiration for blogging or even for reading some of my favorite blogs. 

Just too much going on.

My Auntie to move and things to do for her.  Children needing my timeand a place to hang out.  Grandchildren needing babysitting.  Committees needing work. 

Sometimes it gets to be almost too much.

Thanks friends who take the time to pray with me and for me.  As witness to the power that God has in providing strength for the day – I am still in one piece.  I still make it to work in the morning and through the day.  I am still sane – I think. 

But I may lay off this blogging for a bit – a week or two.  We will see I guess.  Sometimes this place acts as my stress reliever too.

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Road warnings

Late yesterday afternoon, Sara and I headed down to Saskatoon.  She and I needed to be at a parnet/teen meeting getting ready for her trip to California for the Easter break with Youth For Christ.  Since Sara has been little, visiting Disneyland has been one of her dreams.  Since it was never high on our agenda for vacation spots, I am glad she can finally go.  She has no friends who have decided to go along with her; it’s fairly expensive, but has has been working with this trip in mind.  I think she will do well in the friend making department – she is one of the nicest kids I know.(even if I do say so myself)

Anyway – those roads to Saskatoon!  Not bad from PA to Duck Lake.  Then they became snow and ICE covered for major stretches.  Slow driving – 60 to 80 kph most of the way.  And back over the same roads at night.  I hope it wams up enough to melt that stuff off the roads soon.  Leo drives the same roads today. 

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A long time ago…

Actually 57 years ago today, a bit before this picture was taken, I was born.  I think this picture was taken sometime in the late spring or early summer back in 1949.  I was born in Saskatoon and this picture was taken on my grandparent’s farm north of Prince Albert, I think.  My dad was a student in Saskatoon at the time, at Luther Seminary, I believe.  I am in my mom’s arms, my dad is holding my brother who was just a year old. 

I have been celebrating this birthday since Friday when Leo took me out for supper at Amy’s.  Over the weekend we have done various family things, including the dinner with my aunt on Sunday.  Tonight Sara “cooked” supper.  She ordered Chinese food from Star House.  That is her idea of cooking.  Funny, my boys can all cook.  My girls are best at take out food.  Anyway, we had fun and the food was great.

Some of my special gifts – several books: The Renovare Study Bible, The Genesee Diary by Nouwen and a gift certificate for another book.  Also Iona’s Open Sky CD, chocolate and some ear rings.  And a beautiful  photo of an Orchis rotundifolia (round leaved orchid) from Alberta by Michelle.  I even got a slobbery kiss from my grandson.  A good day except that I ate too much good stuff.

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On rescuing people.

Yesterday it snowed most of the day.  They say that we could get more snow still, but today has been precipitationless pretty much.  Randall has been lamenting the snow and Lauralea has been shovelling far too much.  Since my son’s business usually does the snow clearing, I had a brilliant idea.  I would do Lauralea a favor and ask my son (the one that hung around at my house  yesterday, snowbound – not the one who owns the business) to take the bobcat for a little detour by the Friesen’s when he cleared the church lot.  He went by the church lot and found it has been cleared already – some generous person with large equipment? had gotten there first.  So he got ready to drive the bobcat by the Friesen house. 

On the way the bobcat caught on fire.  No idea what did it but it went up in smoke.  Firetrucks and all!  Toast.  Now dead.

Sorry Lauralea.  I tried. 

A snowblower is rising towards the top of my list of things I would like for Christmas.  A nice one with an electric start.  Not too heavy since in all likelihood it is me that will be pushing it.


We have had enough snow for now. 


Second rescue – we took my aunt out of the hospital for a trip to church.  This is the first time out since she broke her hip.  She is doing remarkably well in physical healing.  She was able to manage in her walker quite well although linoleum floors are easier than even short pile carpet.  Mentally she has lost some ground.  She is not as oriented to place and time as she was before going into hospital.  But she has no trouble remembering the people around her that love her so much.  She had a good time at church.  After, we took her for lunch and fed her non-hospital food.  I think we gave her a good work-out.  She went back to the hospital and was ready for a nap.

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