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The little things

This is cool. 

Massa wants to learn how to do all the little things that he will need to know, like washing dishes and other stuff that people learn and don’t think about teaching a new immigrant. 

Today he had a lesson in barbecuing.  We did buffalo steaks for dinner and he had to do some well done and some medium rare.  They were good!

Now since my dishwasher is broken, he is having a lesson in how to wash dishes.  The lesson will be given by my daughter-in-law so I do not even have to get my hands wet.  I showed him how we put away leftovers – in plastic containers with lids so the food doesn’t dry out. 

It is a bit like having an extra son in the house but this one wants to learn all these things that most parents have to fight with their kids to do.

This is really cool.

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A Bit of Quiet

Finally my house is quiet and I have a bit of space to myself in this busy weekend.  Today, Leo’s brother is up for a visit and seems to be sick.  That is not so good but Leo has gotten him some meds and hopefully all will be well. As well, a cousin of Leo’s was over for the afternoon.  And Massa and Eric and Michelle.  The house gets full and I get uncomfortable.  I get to feeling like I can’t move.  And of course I still can and I hate being like that cause I get very grouchy. 

My feelings make me think of the “I do what I do not want to do” passage in the Bible.  I wish I could just relax and enjoy having people around.  I mostly do when I plan it but when people interfere with my plans and are just sort of there and I need to do other stuff then I am – well, I don’t like myself.

Anyway, the busyness seems to have died down and Massa and Patrick are sitting and playing a few tunes on the guitar.  Music calms me and it was good to hear them.  Amazingly, for a while the TV was off and it was quiet – just the music , all sort of peaceful. 

I am waiting for Zakariya to wake up so he can take a bath, eat and go to bed for the night.  Last night he slept pretty well, from about 10:30 till 4:30, drank a bottle and slept again till 8:30.  I wonder what tonight will bring.

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A Busy Week

In this very busy week hope has changed to actuality for all of us.  Masa has arrived from Africa; from the Congo via Cameroon where he and his friend have been waiting as refugees for 7 ½ years.  Hope is hard to maintain when nothing seems to be moving towards the hoped for goal.  Then bang, boom, things moved and he was here within months.  Strange timeframes as we look at things.  God works in ways and on a schedule we seem to have no clue about.  But his ways and his timing is always good – as we are bound to see somewhere down the road. 


And his friend, Yaounde, still waits in Yaoundé.


So this week has been full of preparations.  Emptying out a room packed full of craft supplies and stuff (I won’t call my own strange collection of stuff junk).  Preparing to paint the room (thanks to Eric And Michelle), painting (thanks to Tom and Mary Jane), carpet cleaning (Oh my back hurts).


At the same time as all these preparations are going on, Grace had two major projects due at school.  I was needed to help with Zakariya; a job I like but have to admit is non-stop while he is awake.  He is a pretty good baby and of course I love him.  Now Grace is off to dance in Calgary again this weekend so I will be looking after him again.  As well as being on call.  DO NOT BREAK A TOOTH THIS WEEKEND, PLEASE!


In spite of all the cleaning we have done in the past week, the house seems as messy as ever.  The dishwasher is still broken down.  There are baby toys everywhere.  Masa moves in tonight, so supper may be a large group – who knows – I’ll just cook lots and see who shows up.


Tomorrow we have many people over for a get-to-know Masa evening.  Burgers and smokies on the barbeque.  It is supposed to be a nice day.  We will have the firepit going too for the ones who get chilly and maybe for the kids who want to roast hot dogs. 


Next week will be quieter??

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There is a limit…

I guess, to how much one person can handle.  These days I am feeling like I am pretty much there.  On top of my usual stuff – work, home and church – I have a cold that is making me lose most of my energy.  The dishwasher is on the fritz.  And I have my craft and general junk holding room to clean out this weekend.  Some Mother’s Day!

Maybe I will give blogging a little break

Sometimes it feels as if the head will explode.  That would not be pretty – especially with a head full of mucous and such right now.

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Got myself a bike

I just got home from Saskatoon.  The day started really early, the sun rising as we got to Saskatoon.  I dropped Grace at the airport, watched her pass through security, and then went over to Dave and Annette’s so I could sleep on their sofa till Kieran woke up to play with his Grandma.  Went out for a late breakfast at Jerry’s Food Emporium – I’d never been there before.  They have a good play area.  Kieran ate a bit and played a lot.  Then we took in some garage sales.  Kieran knows what that is all about.  We found some good stuff for him and managed to get away without buying all the toys. 

Then over to a great little bike shop – City Park Cycle where Eric met me.  He knows the guys who  run the shop.  I came away with a beautiful new bike – a Jamis Commuter.  I am not about to risk my life and limbs mountain biking for real.  This will do me just fine.  A nice cushy bigger seat for the sensitive areas and more upright handle bars.  Had fenders and a kickstand put on.  Picked up a helmet to protect these amazing brains of mine.  Now I will try to ride to work daily to get in a bit better shape.

While waiting for the bike to get the finishing touches, I went to Eric’s and spent most of the afternoon sitting in his back yard trying to read.  But honestly, he talks way too much for that, so we actually visited and talked and I relaxed.

Picked up my bike then went to visit Rachelle.  She was enjoying her backyard too after working all day while her boyfriend, Asen, made supper. 

It was a fun day.  It has been long but good.  A breather in the midst of my busyness.  I thought it would just be a tiring day but it turned out to be soooo good.

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Time seems to have ways of speeding up in little bursts – like anticipating a speed bump but instead of slowing down to make things smooth, taking off at wilder and wilder speeds till at full speed I go flying.  I think I’ve been hitting one lately.  It is partly just the kids coming home, encroaching on my private space.  I love them coming but my routines change and I get thrown off.   There is something in me that needs solitude and time to reflect.  Quiet times feed my spirit. 

Anyway, tomorrow won’t bring a lot of rest.  I will be leaving here about 4 am to get to the airport in time for Grace to catch a flight at 6 something.  Hopefully, I will catch a few winks of sleep before visiting with my grandson and doing some bike shopping.  Then back home to finish up all the million jobs a mother has waiting.  Yeah, I guess I will never finish them up – they reoccur without failure – laundry, shopping, housecleaning.

One of these days I will find some quiet and put my head back together.

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The mother rock

I wonder if there is some kind of innate side to side sway ingrained in mothers to soothe babies.  I have been babysitting Zaka for the past hour – as he cried.  Grace came home and took him from me, still crying. 
There we stood talking and I realized we were rocking from side to side in perfect time as Zaka settled down in his mom’s arms.

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