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Another day ended

I’m thinking I need to be adding a few more hours to my day.  Then I could become truly exhausted.  Which is probably all that more hours would add – unless of course they were sleeping hours.

Today it was hard to get up knowing that most of my day would be spent doing this garage sale we have been gearing up for around here.  This morning by 8:30 I was about ready to quit this mothering job(which includes telling your fundraising children that you will “help” them with a garage sale) and call in a large dump truck to haul all the stuff away.  By 9 when the sale was to start we were finally ready and the people started to come.

It wasn’t a huge success as far as making scads of cash off the stuff but we got rid of a lot of my aunt’s items – hankies and doilies, towels and trinkets.  I think it was enough work with a small enough return that I won’t be talked into doing one again.  The memory of all the time and work expended will fade slowly.  I hope.

The rest of the day – more flat tires – this time Grace’s car in our driveway.  Leo got the assignment of looking after that job and of picking up my repaired tire from yesterday.  Only problem was that the tire place I took my tire in to was closed.  Good thing the Hondas have a full sized spare. 

Then the best part of the day.  We spent time with a friend at her home at the lake for a barbecue.  Good food, lots of laughs.  A long day ended well. 

Well it hasn’t quite ended yet, I guess.  But my chicken curry for the church potluck is in the slow cooker and I am off to bed. 

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And it went like this

The day started out early.  Leo had a meeting in Saskatoon at 9 am so he was up early.  Actually, I forgot to turn the alarm on but my built in alarm went off at 6 am so there was no problem.  He said to me after he put on his socks and was sitting on the bed, “If I am on the road by 7 I will have lots of time at this rate.”  Then he sat there for what seemed to me an endless amount of time – just sat there, contemplating who knows what.  So I replied, “At this rate you will still be sitting here at 9!”  Men!  Leo moves slowly in the morning.

I have a day off from work today so have made all sorts of plans in my head for what I will get accomplished.  There is a lot of office stuff to do with Yaunde – SIN #, open bank account, visit Randall to get introduced, visit Francophone school for intros, shop for toiletries, etc. 

Coming out of the gov’t building, task accomplished, SIN number in hand, we see that my vehicle has a flat front tire.  This should be no problem.  I have all the necessary parts in the back of the car, an instruction manual plus a guy who has done lots and lots of mechanical type work in tow.  Why bother CAA, right?  An hour later, the job is finally done and the CAA tow truck departs.  The jack supplied with my Honda and the slant of the pavement somehow are not compatible with changing a tire.  We could not raise the car high enough to get the tire off.  The CAA guy had to do the job.  He had a block of wood.

So now, half a day later, Yaunde and I have made it back home.  Missions accomplished.  As we have travelled around today, I could see that he was getting more and more uncomfortable.  His nasal passages are not used to this dry air.  Our last stop was to purchase saline spray and nasal jelly.  But by the time we got home his nose started to bleed. 

I assured him that if he didn’t die from the nose bleed he would get better. 

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Bugs add flavour to a ride.

This summer has been one of the nicest I can remember, as far as weather goes, for a long time.  Tonight I went out for a ride just before sundown.  The temperature was just right, the sky was a gorgeous orangy pink.  A jet stream reflected gold in the west.  And the number of gulls gathering to migrate was simply incredible.

And there were clouds of little black insects.  I wasn’t too bad off on a bike but everyone I passed was swatting wildly.  I just kept my mouth closed!

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The end of a busy day

Tonight I rode home from work.  The 5 minute bike ride is hardly a big physical effort but it is better than nothing.  I like the ride, especially the part on the river bank.  The geese, ducks and gulls are gathering.  a sure sign that the seasons are changing.  leaves are also starting to fall and today with a strong wind there were almost as many branches as leaves on the path. 

I had a roast in the oven cause I had no idea if I would be having 7, 8 or 10 for supper.  I had green beans that I picked up at the farmers market on Saturday and I wanted to cook them as well as some more of the corn on the cob.  We ended up having a pretty substantial meal.  The last of the stragglers came home and ate around 9. 

Massa wrote his drivers test today for the second time but was again unsuccessful.  I know he knows the signs well.  I suspect it is the way questions are asked that is hardest for him.  I guess we will have to work harder with him on this.  I imagine he is more disappointed than he lets on.

I had time to run up to the church to help set things in order for the funeral tomorrow.  Then back home to clean up from supper. 

And then Sara needed to discuss the assignment she has – to write down her philosophy of life. 

Right now my philosophy is to get off my aching foot and into bed.  Tomorrow will be another day. 

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A male multitasker?

Tonight driving home from dinner out, we passed a young man walking along the road.  We all looked at him and then looked a second time.  His ears were plugged into an MP3 player or discman and as he walked he was not looking at the road at all.  He was reading a book. 

I guess he could multi-task! 

I am pretty sure that I would not be able to concentrate on a book well enough to enjoy it and walk at the same time, and then to listen to music at the same time!

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I did it!

I have been toying with starting a new adventure.  In the Spring I attended a music event, actually a dance performance by a local group.  As part of the evening they also featured several musicians, obviously not higly experienced, but pretty good.  One of the musicians is a patient of mine so I commented on the performance the next time she was in to see me.  To my surprise, I found out that she had only begun to play the cello recently and was part of a group that got together to play strings for fun and to learn.  I was intriqued.  I love the low tones in music best and have sort of wanted to try something new so I asked about joining the group.  I am going to try learning the double bass.  Yeah.  Those great big things. 


On Tuesday I got in contact with the leader of the strings orchestra and rented a half size double bass.  I have been plucking away at it since then.  It will be a challenge but fun.  I think there will be two adults in the beginner group – but I really don’t care.  I just want to learn how to play this beautiful instrument. And as the saleswoman stated when I told her I really was a rank beginner, “One really nice thing about the double bass is that it does not screach when you play it.”

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Please – Just two more weeks off?

My vacation is about finished.  Tomorrow it is back to work. This morning I dragged myself out of bed at about 8:30.  That is very late for me and if I do that tomorrow, I will miss about two patients.  I was a patient myself again today and so I had a look at the schedule.  It looks absolutely crazy!  I may have to remind them that I will be back in the next day too so I don’t  have to see everyone the first day back!

The vacation has gone by way too fast.

I think I need another two weeks. 

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