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Second lesson

Had my second string bass lesson today.  It is fun.  Imagine that from a person who long ago persuaded her parents to let her stop taking piano lessons.  What a difference it makes when you really want to learn and when you are old enough to pay for your own lessons!

I think I am figuring out what those guitar chords all mean too.  I am actually going to understand some stuff by the time I learn to play this thing.  And I will be able to play some songs, I think, without having to read all the notes.  I still will be learning them too but it is more of a challenge reading the bass clef than the treble one at this point.  In other words, I read them very slowly so I would have to play very slow songs at this point.

So, anyway, it is fun. 

The end of this week is the deadline for the book reviews for the Spiritual Direction summer intensive course.  I have one review to go.  I got a long spell today where I had no patients so got a fair amount of work done.  I think I will make it.  Then I can start reading for the next class which is going on already.  This one is a journaling practicum.  Since I have been blogging, it is a familiar exercise for me and enjoyable.  The biggest challenge of this course is that since I have started it a million little things have started demanding my time.  The course demands time and deserves my good and alert time if I want to let God shape me through it. 

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The Last Bit of Vacation

Today was the first of two days off.  The last bit of my summer holidays that I had deferred for reasons that have since changed, not the least of which is that the retreat we considered holding this weekend became impossible.  I seem to have already filled these two days up so that the time will be gone way too fast. 

Today Massa, Yaunde and I went down to the multicultural centre to arrange for an interpreter for the written driver’s test.  That took a whole lot longer than I had planned.  The woman filling out the forms was soooo slow – she could have done the hunt and peck technique on an old typewriter in the Congo faster than she filled the forms out by hand.  But it is all arranged.  Now the guys are studying like crazy!

A good part of this day has been spent doing homework.  Finished one more book review.  Posted my first journaling exercise.  Worked on some more stuff.  There will not be enough time in just two days I’m afraid!  Well, I have till Oct.1st.  Time goes more quickly than it should when there is homework to be done.  I had forgotten that fact since school days.

I did get my hair done today – nothing unusual or radically different.  Just less grey and a bit less hair.  Tomorrow I get the eye’s checked.  Will see if my ptosis is severe enough to warrant getting my eyelids lifted from where they hang over my eyes.  I wonder if my old eyes are still changing.  Some days I get very frustrated by my forced dependance on glasses. 

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The last few days seem to have had an abundance of birthdays.  I was just counting up the people I know and in the last four days there have been at least five and this next weekend will be my Aunt’s birthday as well. 

Yesterday we celebrated some important ones – Birdie’s eightieth and Massa’s thirty-fourth. 

A thirty-fourth usually doesn’t rate a big party but in actual fact this was the first birthday party ever thrown for Massa.  We got a big cake – way too big for us to finish in one eating.  Since there are leftovers, you would be more than welcome to stop by for a taste. 

Massa loves music so the gifts he received kind of centered around that – a CD player and a years worth of guitar lessons. 

So, tonight the lesson’s begin. 

I will admit to some ulterior motives – I start taking lessons on the string bass tonight at the same time.  It will be handy having someone to help me manipulate my bass from house to car, in to lessons and back to home again.


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Hugs and Kisses

There is really nothing sweeter than hugs and kisses from a grandson.  Zaka loves to give them out to me and of course I love to get them.  He lays his little head down on my shoulder when he gives hugs.  And he puckers up his little mouth and gives out kisses.

The only thing is that he loves to give kisses to the cat and dog even better than he loves to give them to grandma!  I think he likes the softness of their fur.  He certainly has no fear of them whatsoever.

I should be having a visit from my other grandson tomorrow.  Grandmothering is really a pleasure.

Tonight was my debut in the strings orchestra.  Am I ever a rank amateur!  I have so much practicing to do to even begin!  I know the D Major and the G scales but these people actually played music rapidly with those notes and changed keys and …  well I was fairly lost.  But the other two women playing bass assured me that it was fine, that I should keep on coming out and trying and that it would get better.  I am sure it will get better.  I can’t get much worse!  I have absolutely nothing to lose so I will keep on.  As long as they let me stay.

And when I got home, I think I realized where I know one of the other woman from.  I will see when I go for coffee at the Bison next.  If she is who I think she is, I will see her there someday.

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Got to be careful!

Had a near miss with a truck this morning on the way down the hill.  He seemed to come out of nowhere and I was just pulling into the traffic lane to make a left turn into the office.   

Mishap was avoided but maybe it is not safe to ride a bike when fatiqued. 

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It seems that the last month has been one of the busiest that I can remember.  Work keeps me busy from 7:30 till 5 or so and then I get home to start my evening job.  Supper is usually ready by 6(or later) then clean up which I sometimes stick around for and sometimes have evening commitments that require me to be out of the house by 6:30 or 7.  My house is full of people.  All the beds are full and sometimes the couch and someone is on the floor.  I love having all my kids around but I am sorely missing some peace and quiet and space. 

This morning I came down to my favorite quiet spot.  No one was sleeping on the couch so that was good.  Things looked promising for spending some quality time with God.  I had my usual devotional readings and stuff but I am finding it very difficult to quiet my mind and “be” with God. 

I am hungry for some time alone with him not worrying about when everyone else will start moving around, when I need to grab my few minutes in the shower, just thinking about the inevitable needs of the day, making lists of the things I need to do today. 

This weekend will see the rest of my kids around my house.  I want them to come but I have homework for my course to do and need some alone time too.  Last week I didn’t even get my Saturday grocery shopping done so that will need a couple hours of my time this weekend too.

As a result I haven’t been blogging much.  What I have had to say has not been very profound for sure.  I will survive but I would rather live than just survive!

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Reading together

Tonight the group of women that I have been meeting with for the past few years began our season of reading together again.  One newcomer to the group makes it extra good. 

This year we are reading The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren.   I chose the book because I really liked what I read of it so far.  The book provokes me to think and I like to be made to think.  I guess we all did because we sat and talked for a long time.  I think it’s going to be a good read. 

The greatest benefit of meeting together still is always the talking together.  And the prayers for each other.  I have learned to depend on them.

This is one part of starting up the fall schedule that I look forward to with a lot of anticipation.  I don’t twist anyone’s arm to come or to participate and believe me that is a relief! 

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