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What a day

I have discovered that it is less tiring to go away to work in an office where you work for 8 or 9 hours at a stretch than to be semi-retired. 

For one thing, you have a neat(more or less) schedule to follow at work and you don’t fit in more than it is possible to do in those 8 or 9 hours.  When one is doing a bit of this and then a bit of that and then taking the grandkids for a spell before rushing off to a meeting in the evening there is barely time to squeeze in the required assignment that has to be posted by the next day for the on-line class.   

And I do not have a receptionist to tell me when the day ends.

Ahh, the life of a pastor wanna be.

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It is 7 am and I sit here listening to the steady rain falling, that has been falling since yesterday morning.  After only two weeks back in rainy Saskatchewan after six weeks of steady sun and heat in dry Europe, I am rapidly losing my once in a lifetime tan and am feeling need for some sun.  Maybe my Vitamin D levels are dropping.  I have had enough of rain.


Just thought I’d voice my complaint.

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I feel exhausted

And I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. 

At 11pm last night I left the office leaving one little girl more comfortable and happier.  I moved a very displaced tooth back to where it should have been before she crashed on her rollerblades.  The tooth beside it had, unfortunately, departed permanently – no one knew where.

Came home to my son and family who were watching a movie.  I was beat so went to bed.  A few hours later my sleep was interrupted by the phone.  I was in a deep deep sleep and woke up thinking that the phone was just ringing.  But was it just a dream?  By the time I was conscious it had stopped but I knew that being on call, it probably was not just a bad dream. So, I got up and just as I was checking the messages Eric called.

Auntie had fallen again and was on her way back to the hospital by ambulance.  Waited up a bit and checked with Emergency – all was under control till morning and if not they would call.

This morning before church I spent some time with her, made it to church, Kieran’s seventh birthday party and then back up to the hospital. 

Sat with my aunt who was mostly dozing – in and out of sleep – me  as well as I sat waiting for some word.  Finally – good news.  Nothing appeared to have broken again.  She was going back to the nursing home – this was around 6 pm.  One last trip up to My St Joes to see her safely tucked back into her own bed. 

Now I feel I am ready for sleep myself but it is only 8:30 and guests are still here.  Chinese food has just arrived.  Who knows when everyone will head back to their own homes.  I think I’ll grab some food and go chill out in a quiet corner with my feet up.

Thanks to all who are keeping my auntie in their prayers.  It seems a bit of a wonder that she did not break anything new.  I was so anxious for her and for our own travel plans only a week away.  Wondering what to do in a worst case scenario has sort of been tearing me apart on top of my fatigue.  I hope this night is quiet.

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Canada Day till now.

I am so glad that Canada Day showed up in the middle of the week this year! We had decided a long time ago to close the office on Friday giving us all a nice long weekend in the middle of summer.

I haven’t had time to relax like I have this weekend for a long time. I decided sort of at the last minute to drive out to Alberta to see the Friesen’s in The Field. Best decision I could have made. Good friends, good times and long stretches of quiet.

And see – I planted Lauralea’s garden.  I think there is more gravel than top soil.  We’ll see what grows.


It’s never too late? Hope the tomato plants survive. They were still looking a bit droopy this afternoon.

I also watched the cross raising.


Good use for an old fire truck. You could tell they are farmers though – no safety harnesses.

Mostly I read and rested.

My soul may have actually caught up with the rest of me. The winter months have had so much time devoted to studying. I’ve crammed lots of things into my brain but my soul sort of went a bit dry I think. I am feeling a bit like I can go back home now and give the last two weeks of work my best, finish organizing the travel in Europe and pack my bags for the Big Trip.

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Reflecting on an ordinary day

It was just an ordinary day at work.  The morning was fine so I rode to work.  It really is hardly far enough to count as exercise but I guess anything is better than nothing.  So 6 minutes ride there and 6 minutes to get home.  That left me with a good 45 minutes needed and not done.  Finished that off on the exercise bike tonight since there was a huge storm this evening.

Well, maybe not so huge a storm in comparison to what I hear is brewing down in the south over the Gulf of Mexico.  But here the sky was wild with clouds and it always makes me wonder if someplace near got hit hard by wind or hail. 

Work really was quite ordinary today.  No great crises.  No emergencies or disasters.  There are many times when I think I am not thankful enough for the ordinary days that I have. 

It seems every day that I am letting someone know that in the fall I will only be in the office two days a week.  I think that I am booking way into October for long procedures.  I guess the time is coming to sit and evaluate what things I will give up doing.  Our new associate is great to have around.  I think he will do well and we’ll feel quite confident to move patients over to his care. 

Well, now, it is time to get to bed.  I could not get to sleep last night so I am super tired tonight.  I am hoping for a peaceful and quiet night with a good rest.

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Back to the routines

First day back at work. Twas a very good full day too. And I am tired.

And a day of waiting for news about a friend’s surgery – and that did indeed go well. He had a lot of folks praying for him and we’ll keep that up till he’s backup on his feet again and then some as he recuperates and maybe does some cardiac rehab.

Had a visit after supper from the great Zaka. He had to come and pick up the things Grandma brought him from Chicago. And have supper. And ice cream. Then the boys discovered the hammock in the back yard and had a ball.

Then I recommenced my evening bike rides. Two weeks in Chicago did nothing form my weight loss program. Riding the Rotary Trail is so nice in the evening. The deer were out on the far side of the river too, coming down for their evening drinks I suppose. I love watching to see what wildlife will show up.


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Well, it seems I have acquired a new friend.  A little friend about five years old. 

On the weekend when I was outside with Zaka attempting to interest him in some prolonged pedaling on his little bike – at least not to stop pedaling when he got it started – one of our new neighbours came over to see what was up.  J is 5 and since Zaka is 41/2 they hit it off and had a good time.  J especially liked the strawberries and ice cream that I dished out to all the grandkids and also to him.  That afternoon the kids ran around and played cars and rode a bit on the bikes and watched some TV together.

Tonight, my doorbell rang.  There stood J at the door.  I explained that Zaka wasn’t here today, that he was at his house but assured J that I would call him over to play the next time that Zaka came for a visit.

J must have been bored or just very curious.  He first wanted me to come outside and play then instead of Zaka. I told him that I was busy cooking supper and just couldn’t come out.  So then he decided that our cat really needed to be petted and could he come in and pet the cat please. 

You really have to see J to fully understand how helpless an adult can be trying to refuse the request of a little guy with extremely thick glasses with speech somewhat garbled from his missing front teeth. 

Our doorbell rang three times during supper.  In he came to check out the landscaping activity in the backyard but especially to pet the cat who willing snuggled up to him as if this was a very special kid that needed to be loved.

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